Saturday, February 25, 2012

Croatia Votes 'Yes' to EU Membership: Why would anyone want to join the European Union?

Croatia Votes 'Yes' to EU Membership: Croatians voted Sunday in favor of joining the European Union despite a poor turnout for the referendum — a sign of how much the debt-stricken 27-nation bloc has lost its appeal within countries aspiring to join. Why on gods green earth would anyone join the EU at this point? It is like boarding a sinking ship.

Russia's Putin Says Eurasian Union May Be Created In 2015: Putin called for the creation of a Eurasian union to be built on the base of the existing Customs Union, a Russia-led trade group that also includes Belarus and Kazakhstan, in an article published in a Russian newspaper earlier this month. The call marked yet another step in Moscow's drive to rebuild economic ties among former Soviet republics.

Heads of the Russian, Belarus and Kazakh governments discussed the declaration endorsing the creation the union on Wednesday. Putin said he expected the declaration to be signed in December. Putin said in the article other countries were welcome to join the Eurasian union, which will aim to more closely coordinate the economic and currency policies of its member states. The talk of creation the Eurasian union isn't about "the recreation of the U.S.S.R.," but of building a connection between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, Putin said

Turkey wants to join the EU and I am more concerned for Turkey than the EU. Turkey will strengthen the EU and garner badly needed points from the Muslim world but there would be great negatives too for both the EU and Turkey.Turkey must join EU, says UK PM I agree Turkey will strengthen the EU and garner badly needed points from the Muslim world but I think there would be great negatives too and for both the EU and Turkey.

I find it very disconcerting for many reasons. The European Union is bigger than the United States and that is not a concern for many reasons not needing explaining. However I find it troubling that Russia and other USSR countries want to join with the EU knowing the fragile condition of Greece and other countries and announces other countries are welcome to join. Is this an open invitation to China? or is it to not just compete with the US but for a two fold benefit?

Of late Russia has been rebounding and has expressed more than an interest in reclaiming her former glory as has China with her reunification efforts. We remember her former glory when she tried to militarily defeat Europe. Knowing China is more than raucous in expressing her desire to rule Asia without a US presence so she can through military force impress her desires for all the uncaptured natural resources in the South and East China sea's plus all the Islands long in contention.

Russia too has her interests in this regard. What are we to think? You know, I talk often as to how concerned I am as the big three Russia, the United States, and China, jockey for position to dominate as we move through the 21st century which will only lead to war and destruction instead of jockeying for a position of peace and prosperity for all as we must if we are to avoid WW3 which we and the planet can not survive and be life sustaining as we know it as our weapons are too plentiful and deadly. What is really up here?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Only reason I can think of it that those leaders have discovered a way to profit from this scam.