Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It will be a fight to the death as Syria given a license to kill by Russia and China in their created civil war

Syrian veto a 'licence to kill': Russia and China have handed Syria's government a "licence to kill", say opposition activists, after the two countries vetoed a UN resolution. The Syrian National Council, an opposition umbrella group, urged Moscow and Beijing to change their minds.The veto caused anger among Western diplomats. Activists earlier attacked Syrian embassies across the world.

Syria violence grows after U.N. resolution vetoed: The death toll from fighting between Syrian government forces and civilians rose Sunday, a day after the United Nations Security Council failed to approve a plan seeking to halt the violence. The Arab League said Sunday it would continue to work with the Syrian government and opposition to stop the killing despite the Security Council vote, and it urged the government to "heed the people's demands."

Arab League Secretary-General Nabil el-Araby insisted that despite the developments in the Security Council, the Arab League and the international community will continue to seek a resolution to the crisis, according to an Arab League official who could not be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media."The Arab League aims to avoid military intervention in Syria and continues to probe for an Arab solution to the Syrian crisis," el-Araby said, according to the official.

Chief Army Defector Promises Fight to Free Syria: the double-veto at the Security Council outraged the U.S. and its European allies as well as Arab leaders, and intensified fears among regime opponents that Assad will now unleash even greater violence to crush protesters, feeling that he has protection by his top ally Moscow. The commander of a force of rebel Syrian soldiers says they have no choice now but to fight to free the country of President Bashar Assad's regime after Russia and China vetoed a U.N. resolution aimed at resolving the crisis.
Col. Riad al-Asaad, commander of the Free Syrian Army, tells The Associated Press that "there is no other road" except military action by his fighters to topple Assad. Speaking on Sunday by telephone from Turkey, al-Asaad said Russia and China's veto of the measure was a "strike against the Syrian people," not just the opposition.

Man I reiterate: Those people are on their own even though Iran is helping Syria and at least Russia And China are sanctioning murder and at least Russia is sending tons of arms and ammunition to Syria to be used in killing fellow Syrians. The civil war Russia keeps warning will be the result of UN intervention is here. Russia China, Iran, they are all responsible for creating this civil war. They made armed intervention by the protesters necessary because the peaceful protesters were labeled as terrorists and being slaughtered.

So far 25,000 soldiers have defected to help the protesters. I said when soldiers first defected that it would take the whole army as they are fighting the IRG too even though for now it is denied. We have heard for a while now that Arab observers are pulling out and staying. I have to believe Russia up to no good saying they want more observers knowing Syria is using the observers to kill as many people as possible.

In fact knowing what Russia is suggesting a few weeks ago we suggested, swell the numbers of Observers and the next time they are dragged into this by being fired on let them take up arms, claim self defense, and they are in against Syrian forces. The war and the breakdown will be out in the open.

Syria, Iran and Bashar Al-Assad appear to be the masters. From the beginning of the chaos in Syria we have been saying that Iran more specifically the IRG (Iran Revolutionary Guard) was in Syria helping if not leading the way in trying to quell the uprising. You know Bashar's only friend Iran is dictating that this slaughter is a necessity though Syria knows how to brutalize its people all to well. Iran will not allow a Democracy at her door step further isolating her.

That in itself defies logic because Iran is Shiite and Bashar and the ruling minority is Sunni like Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia who we said would come to the aid of the citizens who are largely Shiite. It is all very confusing. Al Qaeda would not destroy Sunni security offices killing Sunni forces or would they?

However Bashar has already proven capable of killing his own to blame it on protesters and further his cause. He is also flat out lying saying protesters have killed 2000 of his security forces, a number pulled out of the air in order to kill and quell those against him. This Bashar created civil war is barely starting unless he leaves and he will not. As long as Russia keeps the 60 ton deliveries of arms and ammunition coming Syria will be all right. Iran will never allow Syria to fall to Democracy.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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