Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Assad urged to leave to Russia, asylum offered in Tunisia, Islam confused

Syrian envoy denounces UN talks, walks out [Video]

Syria claims 90% of voters backed reforms in referendum: Syria claimed that a constitutional referendum held on Sunday was approved by close to 90% of voters, even as international reaction to its ongoing crackdown intensified with the European Union announcing fresh sanctions against key regime figures. Bloodshed continued in restive parts of the country on Monday, with around 30 people killed the day after a ballot which had been hailed as a showpiece of reform in the rigidly controlled state.

The Baba Amr district of the country's third city, Homs, was again the worst affected, with violence in the neighborhood accounting for much of the nationwide death toll.
That is not hard to believe when you take into account that Assad supporters were the only ones that felt safe enough to venture out and vote their mind.

70 dead as Asaad urged to leave to Russia: The President of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki has proposed to the Syrian President to go to Russia with his family into exile. In a speech at the first meeting of the Friends of Syria, which was held in Tunis, he said the Assad family should be guaranteed immunity.
"The justice will not be served, but the life of the Syrians is more important than justice," he said. Such a solution along the lines of the Yemen road plan is better than a military intervention or the arming of deserters, the Tunisian leader stressed.

Hamas PM salutes 'heroic' Syrians: Gaza premier Ismail Haniya on Friday hailed the "heroic" Syrian struggle for democracy during a rally in Cairo, in the first expression of support of the uprising by a Hamas leader. "I salute all the people of the Arab Spring, or rather the Islamic Winter," Haniya told thousands of cheering people during the demonstration of support for Palestinians and Syrians at Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque.
"I salute the heroic Syrian people, who are striving for freedom, democracy and reform," he added. "No Iran, no Hezbollah. Syria is Islamic," chanted the protesters, in an apparent reference to the Syrian regime's Shiite Muslim supporters.

Iran angry at Hamas abandoning Al-Assad

Syria conflict worries Beirut, reopens divisions: People in the Lebanese capital Beirut are watching anxiously as the increasingly bloody conflict in neighbouring Syria unfolds, fearing it could spill over the border and bring a return of the violence that tore their own country apart for so long.

Indonesia urges all parties in Syria to end violence: "Principally, we agreed that violence must be stopped now. Now, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because enough blood has been shed, there have been enough people who have suffered," said Natalegawa.

The Minister said in the press conference after met Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan Ali Ahmed Karti at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta on Friday, Feb 24. Natalegawa also said that Indonesia has signed an agreement with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to support peace in the Middle-East.
"It is very unfortunate that UN has failed to take a stance about conflict in Syria, therefore we have to push more the diplomatic effort," he said.

7500 dead in Syria as Assad offered asylum in Tunisia: Tunisian President Mouncef Marzouki offered the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad a political asylum. Tunisia was willing to host Assad and his family, the Tunisian leader told the local newspaper of "La Presse". On Friday, Tunisia hosted a conference called the "Friends of Syria" in his speech there, Marzouki offered Assad to step down in exchange for legal immunity.

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an average patriot said...

Detailed plans developed to carry out military action against Syria have been drawn up by the Pentagon and could be implemented upon orders by President Barack Obama, CNN, quoting a senior U.S. official, has reported.

attack plans

Demeur said...

I've read a couple of good articles on Syria and Egypt of late and will email you the links. Which email do you use now AOL or Verizon?

On average 100+ Syrians are being killed each day including women and children. As long as Russia and China standing in the way I see nothing happening any time soon.

an average patriot said... I thought it was in here. A Syrian official vowed Baba Amr would be "cleansed" within hours. But an activist in the district told VOA via Skype that rebel lines have held.

The activist, who uses the pseudonym Abo Emad, said he had witnessed 16 government soldiers and six tank crews defect to the opposition Wednesday morning. He said rebel army sources told him more desertions were taking place as troops enter the city and blend in with the local population.