Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO pullout: File under Duh!

Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO pullout: The U.S. military said in a secret report the Taliban, backed by Pakistan, are set to retake control of Afghanistan after NATO-led forces withdraw from the country, raising the prospect of a major failure of western policy after a costly war. The Taliban retaking control is a given even to the Jaded but almost no one knows why and what Pakistan is up to.

Ultimately Pakistan wants Afghanistan back and knowing the US is leaving some in Pakistan are lusting for Afghanistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai confronted Pakistan saying a militant group based there was behind a suicide bombing at a Shiite shrine in Kabul that killed 56 people during commemorations of a holy day.Already under U.S. pressure to do more to battle extremism, Pakistan countered by demanding that Karzai provide evidence to back up his claim.

The Afghan leader has become increasingly bold in recent months in his criticism of Pakistan, which has a long history of backing insurgents in Afghanistan and trying to influence Afghan affairs from across the border.

Ultimately Pakistan wants Afghanistan back as does India that is why Pakistan is arming and training the Taliban to defeat NATO and Afghanistan and angry we are killing them

Taliban commanders say Pakistan intelligence helps them: According to a commander using the name Mullah Azizullah, the experts running the training are either members of the ISI or have close links to it."They are all the ISI's men. They are the ones who run the training. First they train us about bombs; then they give us practical guidance," he said.

AL QAEDA TALENT SPOTTING: Another Taliban fighter, known as Commander Najib, said al Qaeda trainers also operated in the camps, talent spotting possible suicide bombers. It gets much deeper!

NATO says an estimated 200 insurgents were killed or captured in two military operations that just ended in eastern Afghanistan. They were aimed at disrupting militant groups, including the al-Qaeda and Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network.The forces also seized more than 400 kilograms of explosives, weapons, munitions and computers.

NATO choppers violated air space: Pakistan officials: Pakistani officials accused NATO helicopters of violating Pakistan's air space over the Taliban and Haqqani stronghold of North Waziristan, along the Afghan border. If Pakistan wants the incursions to stop they know where the Haqqani's are either kill them or make them come to the bargaining table between the US, Pakistan, and the Haqqani's.

The United States now believes that for the last 10 years Pakistan has been playing a double game, publicly acting as America’s ally, while secretly training and arming the Taliban in its war against the US in Afghanistan.In a prison cell on the outskirts of Kabul, the Afghan Intelligence Service is holding a young man who alleges he was recruited earlier this year by Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI.

He says the Pakistanis trained him to be a suicide bomber, to be used in the Taliban’s intensifying military campaign against the Western coalition forces. “For a fighter there are two important things – supplies and a place to hide,” According to one Taliban commander, who fights under the name Mullah Qaseem:. Pakistan plays a significant role. First they support us by providing a place to hide which is really important. Secondly, they provide us with weapons.”

Another commander, Najib, describes how, following the American troop surge introduced by President Obama in Afghanistan in 2009, the Pakistanis responded in kind. “Because Obama put more troops into Afghanistan and increased operations here, so Pakistan’s support for us increased as well. It increased a great deal.” The Taliban commander describes the remarkable contents of a single supply truck he claims the Pakistanis delivered to his group, “500 landmines with remote controls, 20 Rocket propelled grenade launchers with 2000 to 3000 grenades. They brought AK47s, machine guns and rockets.”

The Americans have responded by taking matters into their own hands as you know. In President Obama’s first year in office, there were an estimated 53 drone strikes inside Pakistan on Taliban camps or key figures in the insurgency – more than the previous five years combined. Read the entire article it is very telling and short! Pakistani ISI is fuming because we took them out of the link and have been increasingly successful in killing the Haqqani's and the other Taliban and Al Qaeda militants the ISI has been giving intelligence and weapons to in order to create chaos in Afghanistan.

The ISI ultimately want to regain control of Afghanistan. Watch this video on historical Pakistan and Afghanistan's relationship. If the people do not want Taliban rule it is up to them to wake up right now and fight while we are there to help them.

I do not believe they care because in their words one ruthless corruptive Government is the same as the next. We better get out when we said we would because Afghanistan is going to instantly fall back under the control of the Taliban and Pakistan as any idiot should have known from the outset. It is Karzai that better worry and start taking his role seriously or get out of the way now.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think the expression is we've been "hoisted by our own petard". Did we not install the Taliban into power when the Russians left? And did we not back Saddam until he wanted to take a more favorable position with the Russians?
And here's an unusual turn of events. It seems we are now on the same side as Al Qaeda as their number two man now in charge Zawarhi announced they support the freedom fighters in Syria. Talk about a real mess.

Dave Dubya said...

For the US it doesn't matter who is on who's side. or who is right or wrong. It is about profit and power.

an average patriot said...

LMAO Demeur, I was preparing a story based on us being on the same side as Al Qaeda and what will that mean for the future. For some reason I am drained today and just milled around.

You know, every frigging time we interfere with another Government it bites us in the ass but we never frigging learn. WTF?

an average patriot said...

Yep, who ever will give us what we want Dave and it sucks. Nice to see you by the way!