Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is behind China controlling Tibet? Water not Religion or unity!

What's behind China's Tibetan unrest?: Beijing appears determined to contain the volatile situation in an ethnically Tibetan region of southwestern China by sending in thousands of extra security forces.The move comes against a backdrop of anger and despair over Chinese rule, culminating in a growing number of protests and clashes with police, as well as a string of acts of self-immolation by Tibetans.

What is the dispute about?
I'll tell you what it is about and it is not Religion. It is all about controlling their and Asia's water source the Himalayas!

China's obsession with Tibet is all about controlling Asia's water source for the future. China will "smash" any plan to undermine Tibet's place within China because the Himalaya's are China and Asia's water supply. Control that and you control Asia or start a war?

China stands firm against Tibet separatism: The man destined to take over the leadership of China said he will "smash" any plan to undermine Tibet's place within China. Xi Jinping made the statement during a major trip to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, where he and his entourage of nearly 60 senior central government ... China will "smash" any plan to undermine Tibet's place within China because the Himalaya's are China and Asia's water supply. Control that and you control Asia or start a war? We first discussed it 4 years ago

Droughts and water shortages already been driving conflict around the globe: The potential for conflict is more than theoretical. Turkey, Syria and Iraq bristle over the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt trade threats over the Nile. The United Nations has said water scarcity is behind the bloody wars in Sudan’s Darfur region. In Somalia, drought has spawned warlords and armies. Already, the World Health Organization says, 1 billion people lack access to potable water. In northern China, retreating glaciers and shrinking wetlands that feed the Yangtze River prompted researchers to warn that water supplies for hundreds of millions of people may be at risk. Water wars will worsen

Water has emerged as a key issue that could determine if Asia is headed toward cooperation or competition. No country would influence that direction more than China, which controls the Tibetan plateau, the source of most major rivers of Asia. Tibet's vast glaciers and high altitude have endowed it with the world's greatest river systems. Its rivers are a lifeline to the world's two most-populous states - China and India - as well as to Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. These countries make up 47 percent of the global population.

Yet Asia is a water-deficient continent. Although home to more than half of the human population, Asia has less fresh water - 3,920 cubic meters per person - than any continent other than the Antarctica and China is taking it. The looming struggle over water resources in Asia has been underscored by the spread of irrigated farming, water-intensive industries and a growing middle class that wants high water-consuming comforts like washing machines and dishwashers. Household water consumption in Asia is rising rapidly, although several major economies there are acutely water-stressed.

The specter of water wars in Asia is also being highlighted by climate change and environmental degradation in the form of shrinking forests and swamps that foster a cycle of chronic flooding and droughts. The Himalayan snow melt that feeds Asia's great rivers could be accelerated by global warming. Man am I naive! I couldn't understand China's wanting to control Tibet, the Himalaya's, and the Dali Lama, now I know. Asia's water wars It is all about the water period!

This is a crisis that will only worsen every day around the world . Tens of millions of Americans have or are migrating to the southern and western states where there are many areas of chronic water shortages (duh). Remember when then Governor Bill Richardson fired the first shot, suggesting a national water policy, which is shorthand for stealing water from the Great Lakes. Rust belters were outraged, some suggesting we sell Richardson water at $80.00 a barrel.

Vegas, probably the fastest growing area in the country, is sucking as much from the Colorado as it can, and will still have major shortages, perhaps within months. The Great Lakes are in a low cycle and any diversion would probably be an ecological disaster. I was looking at the links that follow and the Great lakes are being fought over as we speak and America is already experiencing water wars as well as much of the world. Please look at the overwhelming amount of stories on The worlds water wars

The world is already at war with our shrinking changing environment. A war we are bound to lose. I cannot comprehend the world racing to another world war that will only serve to seal all of their demise even sooner. What is wrong with us?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This isn't quite new. Eritrea and Ethiopia have damed up the water going into Sudan making their life miserable.

We had one of those bottled water companies wanting to buy our publicly owned water supply. We told the to get lost.

Demeur said...

Another shot across the bow of intelligent thinking. Canadian government suppressing scientific information because they're afraid it might cause a panic. Article also relating to climate change:

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah and it will get a lot worse. Not just Asia and Africa will be fighting over their water sources.

an average patriot said...

If everything was let out we'd all be freaking out. Hiding the awful climatic truth is even Government sanctioned here too. I remember the scientists rebelling against it under Bush. Thanks for the link my friend.

an average patriot said...

Article also relating to climate change