Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It is time to replace Capitalism with Democracy

For years because of Bush's fascist agenda many of us said this is not a Democracy. A Democracy only in name to facilitate a hidden agenda. Now we hear from Republicans that this is no longer a Democracy because of Obama and the socialist agenda he inherited from Bush. Anyway you look at it this is not a Democracy!

Is it supposed to be a Democracy just because they make you leave your pen once every couple of years to go out and vote for those with the money to buy their position to force the agenda that keeps those corporations in control that really run this country? Is it Democracy that allows the top 1% to own more than the bottom 95% combined?

Would a Democracy allow their fellow citizens to go without the basic needs of any human being let alone right here in the USA, Food Shelter and clothing? Homes are still being foreclosed at a rate of 1 every 7.5 seconds. This is a Democracy in action? Is the health insurance Industry spending 1.5 million dollars a day to control Congress and kill health care reform so they can keep control over you Democracy in action?

No! It is capitalism run amok, Capitalism is controlling our Democracy. This is not a Democracy. Democracy is a system of government in which either the actual governing is carried out by the people governed or the power to do so is granted by them. There are two principles that any definition of democracy includes, equality and freedom.

Would not equality dictate that the top 1% take care of those who are in trouble? Or is it because Capitalism rules Democracy that they have the "freedom" to ignore Equality and Democracy? Democracy

Capitalism as a system developed incrementally from the 16th century in Europe. Capitalism typically refers to an economic and social system in which the means of production are privately controlled. Controlling it is is a matter of politics and policy. Capitalism

Politics and Democracy are supposed to be controlling Capitalism. Capitalism is not supposed to be controlling Democracy! Capitalism has run amok and as you know is controlling Democracy. Our Government just bailed out Capitalism and there was nothing Democratic about it. Capitalism owns our Democracy and our Government.We the people have been left to our own demise. It is time to control Capitalism with Democracy so for once we are all equal!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Sad but true.

Unregulated capitalism and the resulting corporatocracy is the foundation of the new American fascism.

If only the Democratic Party were more pro-democracy instead of the me-too corporatists they often prove to be.

Demeur said...

We are at present witnessing the gradual deconstruction of our constitution. This is most disheartening seeing as how Obama is a constitutional scholar.

an average patriot said...

Sucks actually! Did you guys see this from injun Mike in Maine? Senator Snowe (GOP moderate) not seeking re-election and abandoning her campaign. Alludes to inability to effect change due to GOP/TPA lack of ability to engage in compromise under any circumstances.

TPA is using out of state money to tear her down as 'ineffective' due to her 'moderate stances'. TV ads all over, most TPA, but GOP refusing to back her as she's not effective and constantly tries to work with Democrats and WH. THEIR WORDS EXACTLY!

A real shame the idiocrats of TPA & far right GOP (all now it seems) are destroying any value the GOP once had.

A real loss of a REAL CONSERVATIVE and one of the few GOP voices of reason left. Killed off by her own side it would seem. BE OBSTINATE, RADICAL, OBSTRUCTIVE, and VERY AFRAID wins again!! Mike

Grung_e_Gene said...

American "Capitalism" is Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses... As long as you are Rich.

If you happen to be middle class or poor well, then you get the full force of the "free market" and cutthroat Capitalism.