Wednesday, July 06, 2011

NATO's real plan for Libya plus real alternatives Gaddafi will ignore as he looks for guarantee's

Qaddafi Seeks Security Guarantees to Relinquish Rule, Russian Envoy Says: “Qaddafi will be interested in getting guarantees about his personal security,”

Moammar Khadafy to NATO: Leave Libya alone or we'll attack Europe like 'locusts'

Kaddafi urges supporters to recover arms France gave rebels

Libya's rebel chief told Reuters on Sunday Muammar Gaddafi was welcome to retire on Libyan soil as long as he resigns formally and agrees to international supervision of his movements. Libyan rebels and their Western allies have rejected any solution to the conflict that does not include Gaddafi's resignation, saying he must quit before any peace talks can begin.Gaddafi has fiercely resisted all international calls on him to go, vowing to fight to the end. I have not heard anything yet but this should be acceptable by everyone but Gaddafi.

The Transitional National Council said it was the first time the AU had recognized the people's aspirations for democracy and human rights in Libya. The talks offer was agreed at an AU summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. The AU also told members not to execute an arrest warrant for Col Gaddafi from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Once again I have not heard anything yet but this should be acceptable by everyone but Gaddafi.With a hybrid of the two plans I believe we can make a deal is Gaddafi was looking for a deal but there is no way in hell he is.

Nato's real plan for Libya: Whose side are they really on?

Leaders of Libya’s rebel forces say they are ready to launch an offensive toward Tripoli, the capital city controlled by embattled leader Muammar Qaddafi, from an enclave southwest of the capital.The announcement came after NATO intensified air strikes in the west of the country and as the African Union (AU) put forward a plan for peace negotiations and urged its member states not to honor an International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant for Colonel Qaddafi.

The rebels are doing their damnedest with the help of increased NATO attacks to persuade Gaddafi to take an offer to leave but once again there is no way in hell he is going to. I was listening to Saif on CNN and he is more defiant than ever, they are going nowhere.

Whatever happens we have to get out of there and let the rebels now see if they can do this themselves. They now have the weapons they kept saying they needed. If we want to kill Gaddafi as I heard John McCain said was the goal and a must if NATO was to survive we must use bunker busters and do it in a mass attack of every site he may be at whether he is shielded by civilians or not. If they are stupid enough to be around Gaddafi they have made themselves targets.

I just want to end our commitment and head home where we should be. We have enough to do and Yemen and the Gulf of Aden the next front in the so called war on terror are heating up as we speak and getting ready to explode.

Women are now volunteering to fight for Gaddafi, they "the forces loyal to Gaddafi" are not going to relent period. We can not get any deeper than we are so I am happy to see the rebels making gains but leery with Gaddafi forces encroaching on Tunisia and attempting to widen this war or whatever you want to call it.

Gaddafi and his son Saif will never leave their Libya while they are alive so fulfill Gaddafi and Saif's desire to die on Libyan soil though the rebels do not want that as originally said they do not want Libyan soil polluted but at any rate that would barely be a start to the cleansing that will be necessary but by the rebels not us. So sad especially when you look at the large picture of our future.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

I dont know as much as you about this Jim ... but try to think like Mudflap (Ghadaffi ... I call him "mudflap" as a Texas version for Mommar)) for a minute ... I mean ... this guy seem's to be a determined warrior (of course a dictator too) ... but would you settle for ... say ... a life where you retire and get to stay on home turf/ soil ... and have to be monitored as if your on goddamn parole/ probation by a bunch of outside nation's? ... I mean ... c'mon Guy ... sure ... it's an option ... but hard for me to swallow that a man like him, in power for so long, headstrong, etc ... is just going to throw in the towel like that, especially at his age, and say ... "well, I reckon I'll just retire and barbeque with the familia, etc" I mean ... a MF like that is in the trenches when push come's to shove and the action is the juice and lifeforce ... retiring without a fight, especially to them condition's is like a cop out (and frankly too cowardly, if you bhave any self dignity or pride at all), and he know's his dayz of natural life are limited ... does he want to go out like a retired loser holding a white flag with/ under ... ankle bracelet monitor like condition's? That's just my opinion Guy ...

Have a good un Pardna ....

an average patriot said...

RC that guy has always scared me. Years and years ago it was obvious the guy was a mad ,man. Look at his frigging eyes.

An idiot knew from day one he was going nowhere. Listening to his son Saif is downright scary.

Gaddafi according to Russia may step aside if rule is given to Saif but he is the frigging son of Frankenstein.

No this is just beginning. Rebels are closing in on Tripoli and Gqaddafi has opened the arms rooms to his loyal followers and issued men women and children AK's.

This has more than the potential to dwarf Iraq and Afghanistan combined. You remember WW2, the desert fox Egypt, El Alimein, the final battles in Libya?

It is a humongous desert and here we go again. History is always doomed to repeat itself until.. because man is one fff'd up species.