Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ahmad (Ahmed) Wali Karzai Karzai's brother shot dead because of politics or drugs?

Afghan president's brother, Ahmad Wali Karzai, killed as head of the Kandahar Provincial Council, he was a staunch ally of US and allied forces in Afghanistan - to the extent that they turned a blind eye to accusations he was involved in drug-trafficking.

I remember Hamid Karzai telling us to stop unforewarned night raids and my first thought was "yeah we must be interrupting the family drug business. I knew we were turning our backs on Ahmad's illicit drug and other dealings because he was working with us and trying to turn the locals onto our side. He was supposedly a great asset and his death is a great blow to our efforts but I really don't think so. The illicit actions will just switch hands good or bad.

Just last November a NATO drug raid carried out by United States and Russia without Karzai's permission raised his ire and we said Great, they were probably his! The raid netted more than a ton of heroin and morphine worth $US250 million ($256.1 million), as well as equipment, Viktor Ivanov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.The report said Afghan interior ministry officials had been involved in the operation. This is huge and in the past Russia frequently criticized what it describes as the inadequate anti-drug policies of United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan, leading to an increased flow of drugs into Russia through Central Asia.

I think this was great and despite Karzai's anger at the raid saying he was not informed and we had no right performing a unilateral attack on drug labs without his permission, this Russian US cooperation was perfect and I love it. Hell Karzai is upset because those drugs and labs most likely were his, his brothers, families and friends. He couldn't warn them and spoil the raid, boo hoo!

Remember discussing this exactly a year ago: It was terrible finding out Ahmed Wali Karzai a brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a CIA agent.It was bad enough knowing he is a Drug Lord and frauded the election for his brother but finding out he is in bed with the CIA raised many questions.Remember the chopper that crashed killing DEA agents returning from a mission? I suspected foul play. I am sure of it as Karzai knew of this in advance and this time he did not. Hmm go figure!

Knowing how illicit Ahmed's activities were I was a bit surprised to find out he has been working with the CIA since day one. Have they been turning their backs on his poppy growing and drug trafficking? In exchange for what? There has certainly been no real accomplishments in Afghanistan since day one despite our soldiers heroic efforts.

Ahmed runs the National Protective Program amongst numerous other things. Ahmad (Ahmed) Wali Karzai News - The New York Times Quite interesting! I do not know what you thought about Ahmad working for the CIA or "rumors" of him being a Drug Lord but think about this!

First hearing he was a drug lord made me wonder what was being discussed in all the pictures I see of him visiting towns and conversing with tribal leaders. Being a a prominent political figure in the southern region of the country with regular visits makes for a lucrative convenient position in the opium world. I refuse to believe it can be ignored though Ahmed denies any involvement. Yeah like the million rigged ballots he didn't rig.

Okay! Ahmed was a drug lord. Him and his profits were probably helping to fund the war against us. Think about it! It gets worse. Remember this While returning from a successful mission searching a compound for drugs the helicopter crashed killing 7 troops and as we now know, 3 DEA agents. In the fight after the crash 12 "insurgents" were killed. They were just returning from a successful mission cleaning out opium interests in Ahmad's region. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Poor Karzai's! Go Russia and US cooperation! Okay we're still in the drug business because of the rest of the Karzai family until we leave Afghanistan!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Well considering Afghanistan has no other major industries and no infrastructure to get to the mineral wealth how else can there be even the smallest of a wealthy class? And it seems no country can develop the mining industry without an entire army to protect such a venture.

an average patriot said...

Corruption man, that is the accepted and growing concern. That is why they do not care who is President. One Corruption is as good as the next!

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the posting on the trade in that region of the world, not too familiar with it there ... I would like to get my hand's on that bloody stash the Iranian Gvmnt so called intercepted of opium ... geeezzz ... you ought to see it (I seen it in pic's) ... well I mean "like to" if I was in the trade today and of course, if it was "legal". It's a big business brother in high demand, and frankly put's food on the table for many familia's too, not just kingpin's, I knew alot of good familia folk's who were in the trade, year's back (over a decade back, thus protected by statute limitation's) Corruption? ... yeah ... quite a bit my man ... that's how it is unfortunately. Folk's in the trade know the flip dide/ down side, pro's and con's, etc. But the posting was enlightening Jim, Thanx

an average patriot said...

You're funny RC!

I just happened to run into this, what do they do just have everything included comments changed to their language? It's mine in Spanish

Ranch Chimp said...

I prefer your blog in English Jim ... but thanx ... most the bloody ad's ddor hanger's shit stuck under my windshield daily, stuck on my back gate, and everything else in my neighborhood is spanish! Yet most the Mexicano's I now speak English 90% of the time!