Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Haqqani's were hit again as 80 more insurgents killed in 3 days, there is a reason why

80 insurgents killed in Afghan Paktika province: official: A total of 80 anti-government insurgents have been killed in Paktika province 155 km east of Afghan capital Kabul ove three days, a statement released by provincial administration said. Taliban leaders fighting Afghan and NATO forces in Paktika Province have had no comment. Hm?

The insurgents killed in the NATO attack were affiliated with the Haqqani group, a particularly effective and brutal militant faction based around a family originally from neighboring Paktia Province, according to a NATO statement on the attack. For several years the Haqqanis have been headquartered in Miran Shah in north Waziristan, one of Pakistan’s tribal areas, which explains why many of the fighters appear to have been drawn from there rather than from the Afghan side of the border.

On 6/11 we discussed that Taking down the Haqqani network was more important than Killing Osama Bin Laden to Afghanistan

With the death of Osama Bin Laden we were asked what his death would mean for the war in Afghanistan. Like the so called war on terror which includes the Taliban, Al Qaeda of every creed, and extremists of every ilk looking to carry on Osama's vendetta against the west, it will serve to fuel their cause. His death should mean just the opposite and it does to all true Muslims.UBL "Osama Bin Laden, betrayed Islam!

The Haqqani's are most important to the war on extremists in Afghanistan. Eradicating them is of utmost importance to our ability to succeed and go home as we hopefully really are in the process of right now. There is good reason why we are having increasing success but first, the Haqqani's and their legendary stature are holding the so called terrorists force together. Their stature is legendary and hard earned.

The Haqqani network and their increasingly foreign fighters have become the main focus after 9 years of fighting. The Haqqani Network's North Waziristan leadership -- usually called the Miram Shah Shura consists of a number of Haqqani family members and closely associated long-serving commanders.

At the top of the network is Sirajuddin Haqqani, who oversees the group's political and military activities and is the main liaison to the Mullah Muhammad Omar led Quetta Shura Taliban, the Taliban's leadership body (named for the capital of Pakistan's Baluchistan province). He is also one of the network's liaisons to Pakistani Taliban figures and al-Qaeda.

He travels regularly into Afghanistan to coordinate with field commanders and occasionally to Peshawar and South Waziristan to connect with militants there. Remember Bowe Bergdahl? There are many field commanders in Afghanistan, but turnover is high because many get killed or captured. The most prominent is Mullah Sangin, who is believed to be holding Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl a captured U.S. soldier and Zakim Shah the movement's shadow governor of Khost province. Inside the Haqqani network

Jalaluddin Haqqani legendary leader who fought the Soviets and his son, Sirajuddin who directs operations are increasingly the targets of drones and now manned NATO aircraft in Pakistan as the Pakistani's have been leery to go in the area for whatever reason. Many are being killed, I heard over 80 in a week with no civilian casualties.

Anyway now we have killed 80 more in one encounter at a so called "secret camp" Bad days and bad times for the Taliban, they are being decimated There is a reason for this success as I said!

The Taliban think they are getting away with something but they are being watched closely by JSOC ready to pounce and take them out when given the command. I say give it now and save lives. My guess is the command has been given. The network is important but I think "they" should take out the Haqqani's first. I wish we would quickly kill the Haqqani's, both Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin and leave the rest to Pakistan.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Nothing is going to change until we get out. If it isn't the Haqqani then it will be another group. You can't have an invasion force in a country and expect peace any more than if Mexico were to occupy and try and change the U.S. For us to rout the Taliba in the first place took paying off many of the tribes of the North. Remember that?

an average patriot said...

Yeah Demeur I remember that as well as paying off the Taliban not to attack our convoys.

You are right we have to get the hell out but as long as we are stupid enough to stay there killing the Haqqani's and their group is job one.

Ranch Chimp said...

The real kick in the ass that American's are not seeing yet ... is "so what" if we take out Taliban or al Qaeda headquarter's in Afghanistan or anywhere's else for that matter ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... what I wrote a few year's ago ... was to expect the terror's to come as being a battle that even our top militaries will have a difficult time with, especially the new splinter group's that are popping up all over. Folk's were acting a few year's back like we can actually win a battle in the traditional sense, but what they fail to see ... is this IS NOT the territorial target's and battle's that we traditionally fought, such as the Germans, Jap's, etc ... which is the sole reason why it will drag out ... our enemies are NOT TERRITORIAL as some force/ military ... but a NETWORK globally and scattered ... and this "network" know's one of the best wayz to destroy capitalist's of the west, is to destroy their capital and drive them bankrupt in the process ... so that is why I posted them ... only my opinion Guy ... I dont have the military experience though.

Ranch Chimp said...

Frankly I wont pay off shit Jim, but I reckon when it's NOT your money, it's easy to recklessly and stupidly squander ... which our gvmnt does. I wont pay ... period, whether it's a school bully or anyone else. To me that's just a pussy approach ... go do time and do that ... you'll be getting f'd in your ass daily.

Dave Dubya said...

Too bad we can't just take Pakistan's nukes away from them. Then it wouldn't matter so much how messed up they are.

an average patriot said...

Damn Dave you know what you just said? Son of a bitch that could be the answer to everything if we had anyone in control with any intelligence.

The Taliban want them and of course Pakistan wants them if for nothing else for India. Pk should say to the Taliban and Al Qaeda right now, stop all this crap right now and com3e in line or we will be forced to ask the US to defend the nukes or take them away.

That would force the people to get more active to as the country looks at the nukes as a source of pride. Of course it'll never happen.