Saturday, July 09, 2011

NATO has killed another top Haqqani Commander so Pakistan stopped us from using strategic drone Base

Nato 'kills top Afghan militant': BBC correspondents say he is a leading commander in the Haqqani network, which is linked to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Pakistan ends U.S. use of base for drones: Pakistan has stopped the United States from using an air base in the southwest of the country to launch drone strikes against militant groups , the defense minister was quoted as saying, as ties remain strained between the two countries. Pakistan has long publicly opposed the ...

Since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the number of Predator attacks from Shamsi has accelerated, resulting in the deaths of 20 of the 30 most wanted Al-Qaeda leaders hiding in Pakistan's tribal northwest. That is why we are being kicked off the shamsi air base and not because we killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan as our so called leaders surmise!

American drones more routinely target Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants in the neighboring North Waziristan district, where Pakistan has been accused of giving the Haqqani leadership and its 4,000 fighters a de facto safe haven. You mean they have refused to attack there because some in the ISI are complicit with them and other so called Islamists.

Washington has called Pakistan's semi-autonomous northwest tribal region the global headquarters of Al-Qaeda, where Taliban and other Al-Qaeda-linked networks need to be defeated if the 10-year war in Afghanistan is ever to end. FFF'ing A if you want it done and if you want it done right do it yourself period!

Two separate US drone strikes destroyed a vehicle travelling through the Kharh Dhand area of Kurram, which borders Afghanistan's eastern province of Paktia. Then minutes later, a nearby compound was hit, local officials said. Pakistani security officials said six Afghan militants were killed. Makes you wonder how they knew about it so quick doesn't it?

"All those killed in both strikes were Afghan fighters and were Haqqani's men," a Pakistani official told AFP, adding that the Haqqani militants had been hiding out in the surrounding mountains for "several months". We are really on the tail of the Haqqani network as you know. Pakistan just continues to prove they are complicit with the Haqqani's, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban in the actions they have increasingly taken since we killed UBL not because we embarrassed them but because we are closing in on and killing their friends. Kicking us off Shamsi airbase will make it more difficult but we will get them.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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