Friday, July 22, 2011

Israeli gas finds lead to border rows with Lebanon / war with Gaza

I am as disgusted with Israel as I am the US and the rest of the so called civilized world: Israeli gas finds lead to border rows with Lebanon / war with Gaza. Scary thought is some offshore field discoveries were pre 9/11. Think!

It took the Bush/Cheney misadministration to make me realize absolutely everything was about oil and other energies and natural resources. It might be the purist in me but I firmly believe that until 9/11 and the illegal war with Iraq we fought wars for the age old reason of dominating and capturing new territories.

That is no longer the case! I have long said that like it or not countries must be happy with what they have or we are in serious trouble as we jockey for position to progress successfully through the 21st century. In man and the planets Life's cycles we are in the final stages! (I wrote this 4 year's ago)The nurturing stage is where man should be in its and the planets Life Cycle! However as the current unfolding middle east and world situation is proving, man is attempting to turn the clock back and nature works only in one direction, forward. We are acting like we are in the infantile stage and it will not work!

* The Nurturing Stage – This is mans mature stage. This is mans preservation period. The time is now. This period marks mans awakening as to the realization of mans negative impact on the life sustaining life cycle of the planet as a whole. This period marks the awakening of man as to the as to the necessity of revitalizing Natures life sustaining ecosystems.

This period marks the necessity for an end to all out war. We must come to the realization that as a world we must destroy all advanced weaponry and their systems throughout the world. This is an absolute necessity for the survival of man and the planet. We must form a world board to ensure compliance by the entire world. It is for the benefit and survival of mankind and the planet. We now know the fragility of our planet and our negative role in it. As a world we must act responsibly, be held accountable, and act accordingly. Life's cycle, the final stages It is short but important please give it a read.
Anyway by now I would hope the entire world was familiar with the fine work done at Global research.

* 2 and 3 years ago I discussed The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields by Michel Chossudovsky hoping it would get out to someone to who the truth mattered and they were consequential enough to make a difference but it to date has not happened. What Michel writes about the Gaza gas fields being discovered in 2000 and political changes to go after the gas fields occurred in 2001 along with new oil fields and the war on Lebanon in 2006 must be read

Knowing from day one we discussed that 9/11 was allowed to happen not to go after Afghanistan but as an excuse to get the power through the Patriot Act to attack Iraq to get into the middle east and help Israel, finding out that These offshore gas fields also occurred at the same time really make one think.

I use to think that at least Israel was righteous and fought only for pure Religion and survival of their Jewish State. Global Research made me realize I was wrong and Israel was no better than the rest of the so called civilized world. Everything is now about dominance and energy as they too jockey for position for the 21st century and beyond.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet. “Our goal,” he said, “is to determine Israel’s position regarding its maritime border, in keeping with the principles of international maritime law.” Israel’s line stakes out more territory for itself than one that Lebanon drew and submitted to the United Nations a few months ago. Between the gas fields off Gaza and the gas fields off Lebanon you have to first rethink the wars and realize Israel would become an exporter of gas. To guess who? The US I would presume. Rival Claims to Sea Territory Made by Israel and Lebanon What do you think about all this?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Jolly Roger said...

The upcoming water wars are going to be much more vicious. Theoretically, we can find a way to live without oil. Just try to do that without water.

an average patriot said...

Hi JR! Theoretically but it is going to be a war for everything called survival over the basic needs of man. It has started in some places.

I am stunned people do not realize China's obsession with Tibet has nothing to do with Tibet pulling away.

It is all about owning the Himalaya's, China and all of Asia's main water source. We have hell coming in our future period, just add everything all up together and it is not good.