Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UN Reports Steady Rise of Refugees: Just wait, along with the hungry it will get much worse

UN Reports Steady Rise of Refugees: The United Nations refugee agency said Monday that as of last year, 43.7 million people around the globe had been forcibly displaced from their homes by conflict or persecution, the highest number in 15 years. Eighty percent of refugees were being sheltered in the world’s poorest countries, and the agency warned that they could not continue to shoulder the burden alone.

Poor countries bear the brunt of refugees: Four-fifths of the world's 15.4 million refugees are hosted in poor countries, where their prospects for citizenship are slim and economic opportunities are limited, according to a UN report released Monday. More than a quarter are in just three nations: Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

In 2 years we have added more than 8 million to the worlds refugee ranks and along with the hungry it will get much worse: 2 years ago we discussed the 2 million permanent nomads Bush created in his Iraq success and the numbers would get worse as the "success spread throughout the middle east! What about them? What about what we have created in Afghanistan?

Well, it is spreading! 3 years ago I pointed out: The International Committee of the Red Cross, in a report titled "Iraq: No Let-up in the Humanitarian Crisis," writes, "Despite limited improvements in security in some areas, armed violence is still having a disastrous impact. Civilians continue to be killed in the hostilities. "The injured often do not receive adequate medical care. Millions of people have been forced to rely on insufficient supplies of poor-quality water as water and sewage systems suffer from a lack of maintenance and a shortage of engineers."

Both Amnesty and the Red Cross slam the Iraqi government for failing to grapple with the critical needs of their populations. The two reports cite a litany of concerns, including severe widespread poverty, a lack of food and water, and broken families left to scrounge for whatever they can find to get by. Both reports describe a situation that shows no sign of clear improvement. Many women "have been forced to wear Islamic dress or targeted for abduction, rape or killing. That is not to speak of the more than 2 million permanent nomads because of Bush's success.

Millions of Iraqis still don’t have clean water and medical care, thousands are jobless, the government is still dragging its feet on important reforms like an oil sharing law. That was a year ago and I have not heard of any substantial change in the situation Bush created to get in the middle east with the promise of spreading the situation throughout the entire middle east!

Today I woke to hear warnings of a growing refugee crisis in Gaza because of Israel but I first want to say I think it is because of Hamas. According to the United Nations, about 30,000 people are living in schools it sponsors and an estimated 60,000 have fled to the houses of relatives. The figures still represent a small part of Gaza’s 1.5 million population but have doubled and probably quadrupled by now, United Nations officials said, raising concerns about the humanitarian impact of a broader war. While Israel is being criticized Hamas is being commended by Palestine in essence for killing its own people needlessly and creating these refugees!

I was remembering that Tens of thousands of Afghan people have fled their homes in central and southern Afghanistan since the resurgence of the Taliban and the associated flare-up in fighting began in 2006 and it is worsening daily. I never hear them mentioned!

I thought of the Tens of thousands of people who have been killed in Sudan's Darfur region. Over 240,000 fled across the border to Chad. Millions more are homeless. Most are women and children, terrified while the fighting continues.

It made me revisit something I have discussed in the past and the growing refugee crisis around the world as we seek "peace" I am reminded that Nearly 35 million people around the world are uprooted from their homes and communities by persecution and armed conflict. The quest for "peace" is going to be the death of us all.

* God forbid! I would never minimize killing one person, uprooting one person, starting any conflict. Man around the world must learn to live with what they have or we are screwed. You know what that means! In this instance I merely want to point out we have a growing crisis around the world that will get much worse and focusing on Israel "agree with it or not" and the 60,000 refugees in Gaza is commendable but is inconsequential to the rapidly growing numbers around the world as the world fights to gain a foot in a world that very likely will not be able to support them at the very least!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

An importante issue indeed Jim, and Good Morning! One of the thing's I been focusing on, or paying atencion to, is the mass migration change's that we are going to see in the near future ... not just because of repression, conflict's, etc ... but because also of global warming as well as these financial bubble/ bust's that we are going to see rise with uncertainty in region's/ market's, etc ... this is why in all my posting's a describe this as simply a transitional storm (which will pass, it IS NOT the end time's) which will hit hard, and being that ... for many young American's who look at America for instance in the traditional sense of being land of the free, milk and honey, the place to be, or any of the other nonsensical cliche's one may roll off at ... fact is, that in the very near future, if you are a young professional, entrepreneur, etc ... this America will be more toward's the bottom of the list's of place's you will want to be, if you want opportunity, let's say. But enough on that, I wrote too much about that as well. But Thanx for the posting Jim.

an average patriot said...

Hi RC! Yes there are many reasons and all which will get worse. The economy is one that will get much worse and is and will further change demographics.