Friday, June 10, 2011

Karzai warned NATO that Afghans will be forced to take unilateral action: Please kick us out

NATO: Arrests made in deadly north Afghan: NATO and Afghan forces captured a man they believe took part in a bomb attack that killed two prominent Afghan police officials and wounded the German general who commands troops in northern Afghanistan, the coalition said Wednesday. A night raid Monday carried out by Afghan forces under NATO led to the arrest

Karzai Warns NATO Against Air Attacks on Afghan Homes: President Hamid Karzai warned NATO on Tuesday that Afghans will no longer tolerate air strikes that result in civilian casualties. If they continue, he said, “we will be forced to take unilateral action in this regard.” Please do us a favor and kick us out. We can go home and monitor Afghanistan with drones taking out targets as necessary as we should have done in the first place. We could have saved thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Please send us home where we should be!

I think we should give Karzai what he wants and stop night raids under a precondition. Asking us to stop drone attacks and now to stop night attacks and attacks on homes where the Taliban are hiding behind civilians is asking us to fail. Fine, we are not wanted there and are in the wrong country anyway. We should pull out of the cities and see what Karzai can do for a start or should I say the beginning of the end for him.

While we are at it we should stop giving the master of corruption the Billion dollars a day we are giving him and see how he does with his drug money. I have not heard anything about the pullout that was supposed to start this month and culminate in 2014. Give Karzai what he wants, give the Taliban what they want and speed the pullout up. That will work for me if they would cooperate and stop raising hell until we lift and then blow open Afghanistan as will be the case whether we stay or leave.

Our soldiers did their jobs there meritoriously! Get them out now with their heads held high instead of hung low for joining unnecessarily Afghanistan's graveyard of nations. We are kind of stuck but we should give Karzai supplies to feed and arm his fighting forces otherwise let him use his families drug money, we should make a quicker exit by leaving most of our trucks and supplies behind but hell the Taliban will get them as well as the country anyway.

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place and it was unnecessary. We could have used drones exclusively and stayed out of Afghanistan in the first place. We are on the Pakistan Afghanistan border right where the Taliban want us, give a quick look at "the Taliban get their first wish We have due to our arrogance and ignorance I would have to assume walked or should I say flew right into their trap at this point I am not sure we have a realistic choice..

Many Muslims believe that ancient Khorasan which covers parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan is the promised land from where they will secure the first victory in the end-of-time battle in which the final round, according to their beliefs, will be fought in Palestine-Lebanon-Syria. They are not desperate they are giddy this is finally under way!

Because of our secret plans to grab and secure Pakistan's mobile nuclear weapons I long ago came to the conclusion that securing them and the plan along the Afghanistan Pakistan Border to take out the Taliban when given the go ahead is the reason we are hanging around in Afghanistan. That is more than enough reason. Just imagine the peril of the world if Pakistan's nukes fell into the hands of the Taliban and other extremists. The entire world better come together and realize their very being is under threat here and they all must come together and do their share. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim ... I actually agree with Karzai also ... he know's what the deal is here, I have a niece over there. Actually Jim ... I even question alot of these troop pullout deal's, as far as who and how many we will pull out, it's just hard for me to believe that we will just "walk away" after all we have invested here, and I also believe that this is all part of a corporate special interest's venture that goes all the way back to the fall of the Soviet's to occupy this land, the mineral/ resource's wealth, the link of trade between India and China, pipeline's from Russia or what have you, and American's stupid enough to think we are there to save women from rape (as Laura Bush told folk's) and to stop terrorism, call me crazy Jim, (or anyone else) ... but I actually believe that if we werent into all these folk's affair's in these land's, we wouldnt even have to worry about domestic terrorism, I actually believe that we only have terrorism, because the terror group's are against the same force's that dictate us, and rob and rape those land's, set up puppet gvmnt's, etc. We even spend million's to tear out opium and replace it with marijuana, which was recently changed by us from evil to good, yet over half the opium export's are intercepted by Iran, who has probably one of the largest supplies of uncut opium in the world, and you know where that is going, but I will shut the Hell up on that, and I reckon everything else as far as that. But thanx for the posting Jim.

Ranch Chimp said...

Just one more thing Jim ... because of all this that I "think", I actually wonder if we would pull out even if we were told to? I would actually love to see that take place, just to see if we would actually pull out when straight out asked to (?) and/ or what our politician's would feed us as far as lies to reject/ deny their request's(?) ... our gvmnt Jim is so full of shit, you can be in Los Angeles and smell the stench from Brooklyn!

an average patriot said...

First I see a vote for ending the drug war and you know I agree!

I personally believe we are purposely instigating wars and call this Bush's forever war.

I no longer trust why we have been in one war or the other almost since our inception.

I use to think our stupidity allowed our so called leaders to get into war whenever they wanted.

At this point I realize we do not matter and they go to war when they want.

You know 3 of my sons have been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan so many times you can't count them but pull out right now or not this forever war is barely beginning whether we like it or not.

Jim calls it job security, Tom is indifferent, and Joe has had enough.

an average patriot said...

I would hope so RC but who the hell knows. I am sickened knowing we are being set up to hear Iraq wants us to stay longer. That will be the Custer's last stand I keep talking about. I wrote about it but I will track it for a week to see what happens before I let it go.

Ranch Chimp said...

You know Jim (something else a tad out of subject maybe, but connected to intervention in these region's) ... earlier on CNN I was watching a video for instance of a Pakistani teen getting executed on camera on the street by Pakistani secuity, another of 5 executed, I believe 2 gal's and 3 guy's, etc. But just this country for instance ... I am so lost now Jim, I frankly dont even understand who we are supporting anymore, who we pay, and to do what, etc. That is why I been trying to get a grasp on shit reading your stuff, since you keep on the up and up on this, but I am TRUELY confused as shit, I dont know who is being called the good guy's and who is being called the bad guy's anymore I am so lost ... I mean this same security force wasting the teen, as far as I know, we pay them. Just something I wanted to add, since I'm stuck at the house all day.

an average patriot said...

I saw that, that soldiers did that but didn't read into it but now I will. " Many of the soldiers are extremists too and who knows what those people did"

You know how it goes, as in the middle east and north African countries, as long as they do our bidding we literally let the dictators get away with murder. Hell Saudi Arabia is the beheading capital of the world.

Anyway once the people get pissed off and have had enough and the rebellion looks like it may succeed we switch to their side.

Anyway researching our war History I no longer trust our reasons for going to war or why we have been in almost perpetual war since our inception.

Demeur said...

This is all smoke and mirrors. Karzi doesn't want us to leave. He's making a killing as are so many contractors. I had the opportunity to go there when this thing started at $1000 per day.No thanks. Hitting a pot hole here is bad enough for me. This was back when they where beheading contractors.
On another note I just heard that a six pack of Coke goes for $45 and is made in Saudi Arabia. Tell me they aren't making money hand over fist.

an average patriot said...

oh I know Demeur, I think I just let go the post no maybe not but get rid of us try it on your drug money and we can go home and watch from the drones. Hell man do it now, today!