Thursday, June 09, 2011

Taliban's chilling threat: We will not target your nukes we are going to take over your nuclear weapons and use them. OMG think of that world and unite!

There can be no refuge, they must be hunted down on both sides of the border like the dogs they are and killed or the entire world will pay the price.

At least 70 killed in 2-day battle on border of Pakistan, Afghanistan

Gilani's olive branch to militants

 over a year and a half ago now Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari removed himself from the nuclear chain of command, transferring his authority to the prime minister.

This is almost 5 years ago but be on the alert, JSOC and Blackwater are there killing Taliban, running the drone program, and authorized to secure the nukes if they think they are endangered by the Taliban. They include JSOC as well as many Blackwater now XE employees under General McRaven

I talk about it often that I knew we had a force in place in Pakistan to secure their nukes if we think they are in danger of falling into extremists hands. I do not think I knew that General McChrystal was in charge of that force or that he was in charge of Cheney's assassin squads. I did know he was the head of the Delta force but never thought about their clandestine activities. I invite you to read this and think about it all! Obama's General "now General McRaven has the job" but McChrystal was Cheney's chief assassin If nothing else give this a quick read it is mind blowing!

This is a long held plan: The plan is a detailed plan to secure Pakistan's Soviet style mobile nuclear force if it appears they are in danger of falling into the hands of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any other "perceived" militants. Key word perceived! American intelligence sources say the operation would be conducted by Joint Special Operations Command, the super-secret commando unit headquartered at Fort Bragg, N.C.

The Taliban think they are getting away with something but they are being watched closely by JSOC ready to pounce and take them out when given the command. I say give it now and save lives. At least for me until a year ago JSOC and what they are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan had not been divulged. I do not know if it is wise or not but Obama had let this out of the bag too. JSOC is the military's chief terrorists hunting squad and has units now operating in Afghanistan on Pakistan's western border.

A secondary mission is to secure foreign nuclear arsenals. As you know the mission has taken on added importance in recent months, as Islamic extremists have taken territory close to the capital of Islamabad and could destabilize Pakistan's shaky democracy. Pakistan appears to be holding off the Taliban threat thus the threat of the US too feel the need to act on defending their Nukes. Just in case the US Has Plan to Secure Pakistan Nukes if Country Falls to Taliban

Because of our secret plans to grab and secure Pakistans mobile nuclear weapons I long ago came to the conclusion that securing them and the plan along the Afghanistan Pakistan Border to take out the Taliban when given the go ahead is the reason we are hanging around in Afghanistan. That is more than enough reason. Just imagine the peril of the world if Pakistan's nukes fell into the hands of the Taliban and other extremists. The entire world better come together and realize their very being is under threat here and they all must come together and do their share.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Sounds like some fear mongering here Jim. Think about it for a minute. The Taliban has no air force or navy so any attempt to take the nukes would have to be with ground troops. I'd also bet that we know where they are and how quickly we could neutralize any threat. Also consider all the private armies that are in that area of the world that we're training.

an average patriot said...

i am sure there is. We have long had the forces in place in case they made the attempt. I wish we could just wipe them all out go home and call it a day!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Jim ... and thanx for the update on the cesspool over there, the vid's, and the read from "Wonders of Pakistan", I havent heard about this recent "woof ticket" sale, and of course it's no secret on how much I despise Pakistan to begin with, wishing in instance's like this, I only could have to deal with these SOB's. I started having concern's about Pakistan nearly a decade ago, when they were broke and had let the Taliban run their bankrupt school system, then get pissed every goddamn time I have to see Sec. Clinton get up on the news with that sad puppy dog look, and say/ explain, how many more billion's we need to give to this under- developed and under- civilised nation with it's raghead kissing and support, it's nauseating as it is that we spend $10 billion bloody dollar's a month in Afghanistan! I also seen a report on 60 Minutes recently on the Afghan side of the border, where 24/ 7/ 365, our troop's in Afghanistan are under attack from an endless stream of folk's coming from Pakistan ... YES ... 24/ 7! Then all the BS about not knowing about bin Laden, etc, etc ... and the endless dealing with these inbred ingrate's. I never liked to be in their country or even neighboring countries to begin with, and be damned if I would support any government whose final victory would include having folk's like Taliban in their government ... I mean, have who ya'll want, but dont expect a goddamn red cent from me, or even any trade. And I would have long ago told them (Pakistani Gvmnt) ... it is ya'll responsible to MAKE SURE that your nuke's dont get into the wrong hand's, because "IF" they do, understand that ya'll will have to pay the consequence's, meaning any attempt to use them on us and our allies, I will attack with such a vengeance, that there will be no doubt who the victor's of the battle would be, in less than a week! NO DOUBT whatsoever ... so ya'll sell all the goddamn woof ticket's ya'll want. Let me be frank here Jim ... I just dont like these MF's period, dont like their f'n culture, or any goddamn thing about them, period.

Thank You Jim ....

an average patriot said...

I have problems with the Pakistani's too RC but the Government and the military. I go tit for tat with Pakistani friends who do not know the truth so of course take amends and beg to differ with me. I just wish to hell we would just come home and we are not going to.