Sunday, June 05, 2011

Drug gunmen force down Mexican police helicopter: drug gang shootout in Nayarit state kills 28

Drug gunmen force down Mexican police helicopter: Mexican police say one of their helicopters was forced to land after drug cartel gunmen opened fire on the craft, wounding two officers.

Mexico gang shootout in Nayarit state kills 28: A shootout between rival Mexican gangs has left at least 28 people dead, officials say. self eradication would work for me! Anyway I understand 34000 have been killed since 2006. That is insane!

Our 100 year drug war is tearing Mexico apart but unlike us I think they can win it! After 40 years the front line is now the entire US covering every State and all of Mexico. It has now engulfed and is endangering the very being of Mexico as a country and safety for its citizens. However this is not Nixon's 40 year drug war but the US 100 year drug war and we are losing! Saving Mexico

With our 100 year drug war and guns being purchased here and sent to Mexico then drugs being sent here feeding this drug war. This has not spilled over from Mexico it has spilled over from the US. That said, I think it is great that the cartels arte killing each other over drug routes but I do not like civilians endangered. I would rather there be no drug routes and no problem. I just wish it was possible for the drug runners to eradicate themselves.

I reiterate: eastern California, southern Arizona and New Mexico are clamping down and National Guard troops are now involved! With 560 kidnapped last year Phoenix has become the kidnap capitol of the US! The cartels now operate in every State in America.With a reported 100,000 foot soldiers many of them trained military soldiers who have deserted to fight on the more lucrative side this is a formidable force! What about the Mexico mafia?

We keep hearing that Mexico's war on drugs is spilling over into the US. Now Congress is meeting about it. We even had National Guard troops called to help because Mexico's drug war has endangered Border States. Weapons are being purchased from gun dealers around the United States and being smuggled into Mexico to be used by the Drug cartels to fight Mexico's military in fighting Mexico's drug war. I have a few questions for our brain dead Politicians as they are once again in denial!

First I want to say when you work with the US you are taking on a lot of trouble. Anyway if I remember correctly our authorities have bragged for years that they are fighting a war against drugs! war on drugs the price tag, updated for 2011 It is $4 trillion by now, America can not afford a war on Drugs and neither can the world, end it!

We know they do not but you want to say don't they ever think? They are purposely feeding the violence on the border they are supposedly very concerned about? If you buy marijuana in the US you are fueling the cartel drug wars in Mexico. Are they doing this on purpose? Last year there was 7,000 killed there. So far this year thousands more have been added to those Butchered, beheaded, murdered, for what? Juarez, New Mexico on the Border with El Paso, Texas is a battle zone. It is the hot spot in the cartel's fight for smuggling routes. The drug cartels and those officers and military not bought off by the cartels are in a full blown war.

Of course there are big fears of our drug war that spilled South to Mexico now spilling back to our side of the Border as violence and it is happening The violence is only there and fed by our insatiable hunger for marijuana and other drugs. We can end this! We can control the border as we still are not and put our military on the border. That is where they should be not on 733 US bases around the world.

Forget poor Mexico, forget Nixon's 40 year war on drugs, end America's Own 100 Year Failed War on Drugs!

We have been fighting a self professed war on Drugs for one hundred years! I wish someone would be able to figure out at what cost. It seems to me that the drug war has spilled over the Border with Mexico. However it went north to south. It is our drug war that has spilled into Mexico. It is us that have made Mexico the narco State it is. I do believe we should at least put American military on the border and do not really understand why it is not. That would go a long way in stopping the problem so I do not understand why they are not on the Border unless it is because a certain political interest still does not want the border secured to enable illegal immigration? Why else? A desire to keep this war going? For gain? of what?

I do believe we can end this! Put our National Guard on the Border in shifts! After I got out of the military I joined the reserves. I do not know how it works today because our troops are flat out. Besides one week end a month we use to be required to do 2 weeks as a unit somewhere to train. With 50 States they could all do their required 2 weeks on the border doing one thing or the other. The other half of the equation:

Legalize marijuana at least then if it works follow with the rest! That would kill much of the incentive for Cartels to be waging a war on drugs. Yes there is cocaine heroine and other drugs but marijuana is America's number one cash crop! That blew me away. According to official Government figures The value of the annual harvest exceeds that of corn, soybeans, or hay, the country's top three legal cash crops with an annual crop value of $35 Billion. There have been an estimated 100 million pot plants destroyed between 1981 and 2006 yet production has still increased 10 fold to 22 million pounds!

Legalize it, secure the border! Just imagine what it would be if it was legalized. Regulate it like alcohol, sell it in package stores! Tax it! Look at the potential revenue. Legalizing marijuana would end a hell of a lot of problems and create exactly zero! Think about it! The number one abused drug in the world is legal, Alcohol! It destroys numerous lives! What sane argument is there against legalization? None, none whatsoever! All we are doing with this insane war on drugs is driving people and not just kids to experiment and find a legal way to get high with common household products. We are only making the problem exponentially worse. END IT! LEGALIZE!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

We have gotten to the point where this is a major industry. It's poisoning the mexican side of the border with corruption. Those that try to fight it down there either join with the cartels or are killed. On our side of the border it's become an industry in itself with the DEA getting larger by the year and security companies wanting to sell our government more expensive solutions.
As I see it if we legalize marijuana then the cartels would have no choice but to promote other drugs like heroin speed and cocaine which they sell now but to a lesser extent. No the real issue is lack of education and lack of opportunity on the mexican side. Average salary of $5 a day isn't going to feed a family.
What really needs to be done is for the mexican government to step up and start providing better education and job opportunities.

an average patriot said...

You're right about Mexico's Government Demeur and you are right about the drugs. I have heard it proposed before and I know there is a legal market and at the very lest Governments can pay going prices to keep the drugs off the market "it would be a hell of a lot cheaper" but they propose legalizing all drugs not just marijuana.

Jolly Roger said...

Unless the Mexican system itself should change, they aren't going to win any "War on Drugs." Corruption is so ingrained in Mexican Government that the bribe IS the law. And the dope runners have the bribes handy.

The only way to take the money out of their hands is to decriminalize it. When the risk isn't there anymore, the profits won't be either.

an average patriot said...

All right JR how the hell are you! They are wicked corrupt and you are right. Decriminalize everything and control the market one way or the other. Once again the world has it right and the US has it wrong.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the posting and Buenos Dias Jim! I cant comment on this, but it is a trade/ industry that I know very well and Mexico.