Friday, June 17, 2011

Libyan rebels head to Tripoli behind Nato as Canada joins recognition states and Tunisia threatens to as Russia and China tell us to back off

Whispers in Tripoli: Opposition activists in government-controlled Libya have told the BBC that Col Muammar Gaddafi is more unpopular than ever but is clinging on to power through intimidation and murder.

Analysis: Gaddafi losing friends and influence in Africa: Muammar Gaddafi is losing friends in Africa, the continent where his largesse once bought him the title "King of Kings" but which is now turning to other foreign allies to help shape its future. Moves by countries including Senegal, Mauritania, Liberia, Chad and Gambia to distance themselves from Gaddafi are partly a gamble that NATO-backed rebels will finally succeed in ending his four decades of authoritarian and quixotic rule. 

Libyan Rebels Advance West Towards Tripoli: Libyan rebels have advanced beyond their western stronghold of Misratah towards the capital Tripoli where Nato have resumed their airstrikes.

Libya: Area near Gadhafi compound struck in raid: Hours after NATO airstrikes pounded the area near Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's compound again before dawn Thursday, Russia's envoy to Libya turned up at a bombing site while on a visit to Tripoli for talks on ending the civil war.

Russia, China warn West on Arab states: RUSSIA and China oppose outside interference in the unrest in the Arab world, the two presidents said in a declaration. I find it interesting that Russia and China of all people say any change should come from Democratic reform. What is that a call to revolution to be suppressed by the dictators? We really better drop a bunker buster on him and go home!

British officials say they have finally hit the point where they are considering sending so-called "bunker-buster" weapons, capable of destroying underground shelters in which Gaddafi and his family might be hiding. They should have done that on day one! Do it and in a mass attack of every site he may be at whether he is shielded by civilians or not. If they are stupid enough to be around Gaddafi they have made themselves targets.

I just want to end our commitment and head home where we should be. We have enough to do and Yemen and the Gulf of Aden the next front in the so called war on terror are heating up as we speak and getting reads to explode.

They "the forces loyal to Gaddafi" are not going to relent period. We can not get any deeper than we are so I am happy to see the rebels making gains but leery with Gaddafi forces encroaching on Tunisia and attempting to widen this war or whatever you want to call it.

Gaddafi and his son Saif will never leave their Libya while they are alive so fulfill Gaddafi and Saif's desire to die on Libyan soil though the rebels do not want that as they do not want Libyan soil polluted but at any rate that would barely be a start to the cleansing that will be necessary but by the rebels not us. So sad especially when you look at the large picture of our future.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Afternoon Jim ... The "large picture" of our future? I dont EVEN want to see that today, then be on the road for hour's tomorrow in the middle of nowhere having time to ponder on it ... Geeeezzz!

Russia and China, I can even figure that one out, some of this crap Jim is so twisted, I dont know who the Hell is on who's side anymore. And another thing Jim ... you have mentioned the bunker buster method before several time's, you also said that you believe they had a target on where Mudflap was from time to time, what I wonder, is why the dragging out and not utilizing that, as far as giving it a couple tries? Sure as Hell is alot less hour's or fly time, other method's and what seem's to be endless strategies, sometime's I feel like some of these event's or what they call "non war's" are purposely dragged out, for what is another thing ... contract's ... oh ... maybe to use the action as a realistic exercise, eh? training of some sort, eh? ... you would know more about that though. Me not having the military background, and knowing nothing beside's how urban gang's and drug cartel's operate, have a much more simple approach to these so called war's Jim ... and that is to eliminate the threat/ enemy, period, I like living, in other word's. I dont "like" nuke's for instance, but not because of death/ casualties from them, but because of the damage to the enviroment/ eco is all, human's can replenish like f'n rabbit's, would our enemy not do the same to us? Probably chop off my f'n head on video in a public square, and put it on YouTube while they dismember my body. Put it this way ... I dont like them (nuke's), but we have them, if the opponent/ enemy ever threatened and/ or attempted to use them, I would feel justified to retaliate with the same, period ... and frankly dont give much concern what the Hell any of their neighbor's think, these same folk's would stab us in the back in a heartbeat. It appear's that Mudflap (Momar) is a warrior, and if he give's in at all, I would be shocked ... I mean ... why would he Jim? What has he to lose that he already hasnt? might as well go all out, is what I am saying.

an average patriot said...

Gaddafi Is not going to quit that was obvious to an idiot on day one. They are going to have to kill him, Saif, and all his supporters including his mercenaries.

This has more than a lot of potential to dwarf Iraq and Afghanistan combined and don't forget Iran and Syria and oh yeah North Korea and China amongst others. Sucks doesn't it? I just got off the phone with my career EOD son and he agrees there is a lot more coming and calls it job security. I call it insane. Happy Fathers Day by the way

Ranch Chimp said...

Happy Fathers Day Jim ... I was on the road the entire day and night, and congrat's to your son at least on the job security, I understand his perspective ... after all, it's a paycheck and in demand.

an average patriot said...

Happy Fathers Day to you RC, sorry I missed this. I know but that son is a mad man, without equal at what he does but still a fucking mad man. Be careful what you ask for you know. He has a frigging family and he insists on being the absolute leader and putting himself in harms way.