Monday, June 28, 2010

Tax payers "you and I" are paying the Taliban not to kill us with our Taxes!

I just heard Main stream media discussing that our tax dollars are being used to pay off the Taliban we are fighting. I always say once they make an issue of something it is too late late. This being no exception I dug up what we discussed last November:

That really peeves me! We talk about corruption in Afghanistan and the Afghan Government. We have discussed often about corrupt President Karzai his corrupt Government, and his drug lord brother being on the CIA payroll. Now we are finding out private security is paying of the Taliban not to blow up our equipment and to not kill us.

First I want to say I guess we are not paying them enough. This is sick! Drugs and corruption seem to be Afghanistan's main industry! Think about the scope of this and the future ramifications as this so called terrorism progresses around the world. We are setting a very dangerous precedent.

I was stunned to find out if we do not pay the Taliban their bribes they blow up bridges kidnap people and generally create mayhem until they do receive their kickbacks. Also the Taliban actually keeps an office in Kabul to review major deals, determine percentages and conduct negotiations. That absolutely amazes me! Is the Taliban Getting a Cut of U.S. Aid? - World Watch - CBS News

Obama is looking at paying off the 70% of the Taliban who are not considered hard core and will switch sides for money as we have heard, They are called the $10 a day Taliban and with 15,000 of them costing $300,000 that would be a drop in the bucket compared to the 165 million per day we are paying to fight this war. Obama prepared to pay off the Taliban

We are paying off the Taliban not to kill us, the Government is totally corrupt, And they do not want to cooperate or fight for their country, no wonder Obama is stymied as to what to do next. I am not! Get us the hell out of this mess in an honorable withdrawal with heads held high. Our troops did their job, the Al Qaeda is gone! Afghani’s do not want us there, they do not want a Democracy, nor do they want a central Government.

* In closing: To top everything off trucking firms use DOD cash to pay off the Taliban, the US pays off the enemy not to attack convoys, Karzai cousins control the key routes to Kandahar, and we are now 9 years into this with no end in sight. Unless we bite the bullet and just get the hell out as our job of defeating Al Qaeda is accomplished we are going to be added to the roster in the graveyard of nations.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This reminds me of "Catch 22" where Milo strikes a deal with the Germans.
I guess this is what happens when you privatize war. Anything can happen. But this is not new. We did the same thing in Iraq with the Suunis.

an average patriot said...

I know! Ity is what they did in Iraq but it will not work here. That is there country, they are going too fight period. We are determined to join the graveyard of Nations!

Tim said...

And yet we still are fighting and dieing. From what I understand there's only about 50 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. I mean what the hell!!!
Meanwhile their cutting unemployment for Millions of people. We don't have money for them but we do for stupid Wars. Canada is looking better all the time...

an average patriot said...

You know Tim! I do hear Senators called on that all the time and their lame excuse to keep this frigging going is that we have to keep them from helping the Taliban and vice a versa. We in fact are facilitating that and at the cost of a billion $ a month.Bs man BS!

What I have long thought is we are hanging there to get Pakistan's nukes if need be. We have long had undercover troops in there to do it but damn it that would be suicide.