Friday, June 25, 2010

I am sick of hearing how much BP spent, they cracked the gulf floor, $100 billion would be a down payment

BP spill costs hit $2 billion; debt offer due

BP said Monday its costs arising from the continuing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico hit the $2 billion mark as the environmental disaster reached the grim 60-day mark and as the oil major reportedly set plans to float $10 billion in debt. That's a joke! They cracked the sea bed floor, wait until we hit the 2 year mark and they realize they will have to nuke it and 100 billion is a pittance. Think about that!

undeniable video showing they cracked the sea bed floor All right I have to tell you! You know from day one BP has been lying about what they did and how bad this is and will get. This is no exception! I was using this video and showing it to others for days. All of a sudden no matter where I go including cnn or what I do the video is dead. You can still see the story at the link but when you try to watch the videos you get a message that the connection has timed out.I think I have it back so please take a sobering look, there are many videos

Meanwhile, BP said more than 65,000 claims have been submitted and more than 32,000 payments have been made. As you know BP agreed last week to create a $20 billion fund to pay for costs associated with the spill, but the company repeated Monday that it is too early to quantify other potential costs and liabilities. The company is also in talks with banks on arranging another $20 billion in loans, on top of this week's $10 billion debt offer. A final $20 billion is expected to come from asset sales over the next two years, according to reports.

I am sick This is so bad and they are still trying to hide the truth until as became practice under Bush, it becomes reality and they have to confront it. Like it or not even they are not big enough to handle this financially and they will have to file for bankruptcy.

Industry experts warned that the out-of-control well will go on spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the next two years or more if all attempts to contain or plug the gusher fail.The estimates, based on new figures supplied by Hayward, suggest the potential environmental and economic devastation would far outstrip the damage done so far by the ruptured well, which has been spewing for 68 days.

So what does he do? The idiot went back to England and watched his yacht race around the Isle of Wight. Someone better make believe if they have to, that this oil disaster in the gulf is a life changing, planet changing, epic man made event and make a serious effort to put this out. Instead everyone including the Government, main stream media, and Tony Haywire treat this as usual.

They no longer know if it can even be stopped. Think about that and the Gulf stream for a minute. It is time to give some serious thought to dropping a low grade nuke on the well and turn the sea bed to glass. It will end life as they know it in the gulf but like it or not that has already happened. There is said to be a billion barrels of oil there, just imagine that entering the gulf stream and going around the world. You do not think life and the planet will not be changer forever? Come on!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Chuck said...

Nuke the Oil Well? Nuclear Option:
While BP continues to be permitted to sit on both the situational and geological data about the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill, it is impossible from a distance to determine the extent of the threat that we face, or, what will work to end the spill. Under these circumstances all options should be studied. A leading expert on Peaceful Nuclear Explosives, Milo D. Nordyke, has given an interview on a possible nuclear option:

Tim said...

As we entertain thoughts of Nuclear solutions and ponder possible Methane gas explosions. I shake my head at the complete lack of morals form some.
All this and they want to sue the Government in order to keep new drilling active. No moratorium so we can determine how to make things safer. Of course like Maddow said, where we going to get emergency equipment if a second one shits the bed. Everything is currently being used.

an average patriot said...

Hi Chuck welcome! Even thinking about it tells you how desperate the situation is. I heard it suggested that turning the sea bed to glass to seal the well might be the only option.

Today the first fisherman committed suicide over the loss of his life, They are killing the plankton and everything needed for sea life. The gulf as they need and knew it is dead so they better do what they have to in order to end this period!

an average patriot said...

By the way thanks for the link Chuck it will be interesting to see what an expert has to say about it.

an average patriot said...

Tim I understand the financial loss with the moratorium but it has to be. If they do not want it then interested parties should fast track inspections and that's it. I refuse to believe Jindal has not suggested it! They are done as far as their fishing life so oil is their best option but if this happens again? and that was not even the worst well!

an average patriot said...

3 of the 4 times a nuke was used it was successful. We could damage other wells too, damn!

Demeur said...

On the nuke idea - ain't going to happen. Ask any scientist what happens when you set off a nuke underground or water. The bomb is set off. Within seconds intense heat melts the sea floor causing it to glassify. Also created is a very large bubble moving mega tons of water upward. When all that weight comes back down it would smash the glassified sea bed and you have the problem of massive and now radioactive leaks.
The nukes the Russians did were above ground where air pressures are uniform.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I can do better than that. At the top of the story click on the US nuclear expert who specializes in nukes used for peaceful purposes. He explains how to do it and no fall out or ecological impact as it would detonate miles beneath the seabed. However he explained it was done four times and successful 3 so no guarantee. WTF?

an average patriot said...

Demeur I'm sorry, It is at the end of the story!