Wednesday, June 02, 2010

China undecided on N. Korea's role in warship sinking seeks to defuse Korea tension

GLOBAL PULSE: Korea Family Feud

China undecided on N. Korea's role in warship sinking

China seeks to defuse Korea tension

A senior North Korean General calls the sinking of the Cheonan a hoax so the South can instigate war. Yeah, they sank their own warship killing warriors they need so they can start another war that will kill many on both sides. That is why citizens are protesting in Seoul wanting retribution for their loved ones death at North Korean hands.

China is critical in Asia's future and resolving the issues between the Korea's as we have said numerous times. I hope they step up!

As we discussed in the past, being North Korea's next door neighbor China has more at stake than anyone except North Korea. They must do more! China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now.

China is increasingly getting more clout in the world's finance structure and in Asia. I hope they step up here and do what they can to play peace maker and resolve this issue. They have a lot at stake here and I hope they step up because as North Korea's border neighbor defender and only area friend China being their main trading partner is critical in getting this resolved peacefully!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

A Rock and a Hard place for China.
They might be in the toughest spot of all involved. I can only guess what they are thinking but one thought might be shit if America gets involved and there's yet another War. We might not get our money back.
I think it seems to them, North Korea is the bastard child they let run loose and now they have to deal with it.

an average patriot said...

I know Tim! They really have to step in unless they want war there and they do not. They will get the refugees at the least.

Demeur said...

China really doesn't have to do anything. They are very much aware that North Korea doesn't have the assets to go to war. N. Korea can sabre rattle all they want but when they can't even feed their people they aren't going to risk a lengthy war.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I wish you were right but they get enough food and supplies to feed and supply one of the largest militaries in the world as well as screw with nukes. China is their biggest supplier and trade partner. It does behoove China to keep DPRK on their border without war and refugees.

Demeur said...

From what I understand China tried to give N Korea advice to get their house in order and Ill and company wouldn't take it. They also just went to China for a loan and were turned down. I think that speaks volumes.