Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Geezuz H Christ think of the implications as Iran offers escort for Gaza ships

Just yesterday I wrote once again about Gaza, Palestine, Ahmadinejad, and the Israeli blockade and how it will end in war. If the Revolutionary Guard escort those ships that have promised to continue to try to break the blockade that will begin this war period. I thought I better reiterate in part what I just said, this is not good.
Clinton warns Iran not to pull stunts

Iran offers escort for Gaza ships   That would certainly be a game changer. What would happen then?

Iran's red crescent to try and break Israeli blockade That will do it too. This is getting ready to break open!

Israel was created in 1948, after UN Resolution 181 partitioned the territory of the British Mandate for Palestine into two states for Jews and Palestinian Arabs. At the time, there were approximately 1.2 million Arabs and 650,000 Jews in all of Palestine. The Arabs objected to the creation of the Jewish state and fought a war against it. The Arab side lost the war, and the Palestinian state never really came into being.

The territory allotted to the Palestinian state by the UN partition resolution was taken over by Israel and Jordan. About 780, 000 Palestinians became refugees, many of them living in the Gaza strip as well as in the West Bank. Background and map of Palestine Netanyahu rejects UN proposal for joint US, Israel, Turkey probe Israel wants the truth hidden and we will let them!

You know, first reading how Israel and Palestine was allotted their territories in 1948 I do not condone that Israel has not been forced to adhere to that resolution. We, the US Britain and Europe especially are as guilty as Israel for not insisting Israel adhere to UN Resolution 181

You know I say often that we are Israel's lap dog, her pit Bull that will do the fighting for her when she gets in trouble. Israel I came to realize is the worlds chief warmonger and the US the enforcer. It became obvious that coming to Israel's rescue would be how the US has the excuse to go after Iran.

The Israel, Palestinian, Iran, Syria, Middle East issue will never be resolved peacefully Knowing that I have to agree with Ahmadinejad when he said if the US and Europe felt so bad for what happened to the Jews during WW2 then they should have given them part of their country.

The best we could hope for is an adherence to UN resolution 181. That will never happen either and all I can see is a total Middle East breakdown that Bush guaranteed when he attacked Iraq to help Israel set up their buffer zone. If the Iranian Revolutionary Guard board those ships and escort them to break the Israeli Blockade of Gaza as they have offered to do it will guarantee war with Iran, take the heat off Iran and the dissidents protesting the corrupt regime, guarantee US involvement and worse. I would take Iran's offer wouldn't you? This is not good!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Vigilante said...

State-sanctioned piracy - that's what the Israelis are engaged in.

Vigilante said...

Would you buy a steak that looks like this? If you were served it would you eat it?

Demeur said...

My question is why try to run ships when Egypt has already dropped it's blockade? Why not just run everything through Egypt?

an average patriot said...

I think it was Karen that mentioned Gaza was about gas and I just found what I posted January 08 from Chossudovsky on that. Gaza War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields by Michel Chossudovsky

an average patriot said...

Demeur Iran wants the heat off their problems at home and off their nuclear issue. Israel won't back down and this appears like the way to get this war going!

Tim said...

What the hell can you do. All the righteous religious leaders have wanted this forever. Time of the Rapture and all that bullshit. There's no reasoning with any of the involved parties.
Our Country most of all want this biblical Prophecy to come true. Bush held it was God telling him what to do.It's a one track rail to doomsday.
All Aboard!!!!

Urban Pink said...

What do these nations want? Does Iran and the Arab Middle East want the destruction of Israel? Does Israel want gas and land? Do you really believe we are looking for an excuse to war with Iran? Really? I've got to think every rational person knows that is a nightmare for our nation, let alone Israel. The fertile crescent is Jewish history, it was not decided that by the U.S. or England. The Jewish state was, just as the American state was. Perhaps we should go back to the original U.S. boundaries when our nation was founded? And maybe the President of Iran can get some of his surrounding nations to offer land to the oppressed Palestinians. The logic here makes me think any future nations will just wipe out whatever populations they wish to replace; it's easier than the ongoing PR battle, huh? Turkey's genocide is still getting a pass, and so is ours.

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