Friday, June 04, 2010

Obama's Presidency defined by Bush Legacy of world financial disaster, unnecessary war, and corporatocracy and the oil disaster

President Barack Obama, his presidency bogged down in the Gulf oil spill, lashed out at Republicans Wednesday, linking their deregulatory philosophy to misdeeds by bankers, insurers and oil companies. Bingo, it's about time now put Rahm Emanuel in Louisiana and in direct control of BP and the Gulf clean up and get this done right!Speech Highlights: Obama Hits Republicans, Pledges to Find Votes for Energy

Take over BP president Obama, take control of their assets, and put them in receivership or conservatorship. Though James Cameron is a movie director he is known as the expert in dealing with the technology needed to fix this growing BP caused oil disaster. He said after 2 weeks of watching the BP circus his first thought was that they were morons and we can all agree with that!

BP has done absolutely nothing right period from the get go or this never would have happened. They obviously have never used the necessary technology to deal with this disaster they just got the equipment so they could use the lie that they were prepared. Nothing has gone right! Minimizing the ecological damage and helping the people whose lives they have destroyed they could care less about. Minimizing their financial liability and staying in control of their disaster is all that matters.

BP has no clue what they are doing nor do they want the people to know how bad this is or how bad the affect is going to be around the world. Originally BP's worst case scenario was this would go on until August, I automatically thought October, and now we are hearing it could be Christmas. Can anyone say 1 billion gallons of oil destroying the gulf, heading to Texas and Mexico then around the tip of Florida into the Gulf Stream up the East Coast over to Europe and around the world? We have a world disaster here, BP wants to hide it and the world does not know it!

BP is poisoning the cleanup workers with their oil and poisonous dispersant mix and they are trying to say it could be food poison. I mean cut the crap! These people have been on the sea all their life and never been sick a day in their life and some of them are still down for the count. James Cameron called a spade a spade by saying BP was a bunch of inept morons so though he is the expert they turned down his offer to help.

Seize BP's assets, take over control of this mess, the Government should be in control of this oil war not the proven inept BP. I think even the small Government Republicans will agree with that. Obama was right when he lashed out at Republicans Wednesday, linking their deregulatory philosophy to misdeeds by bankers, insurers and oil companies. John Boehner's immediate response was to continue to cry and play childish political games. Concern for our America and the world has got to take precedence over the every day childish politics. We are in serious trouble here, grow up!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

You got it my friend. Yes they mucked it up so far. There are plenty of ideas out there. The BP site itself has a spot for ideas. Of course It's limited as to how much you can write. One of those, in 120 words or less, fix the world. They then bitch there not getting to many written ideas. Lots of electronic response's though. They have "experts" sorting through it all. Yeah, I'm sure these people are brilliant..Robert Reich had the best way to handle BP and you touched on it. Put them into receivership. Have BP start working for us, instead of their stock holders.

an average patriot said...

I heard this morning this could be in SC by July! Then it gets much worse watch. The Government should be directing this from the front. Screw inept BP!

Vigilante said...

You're right on, Patriot. We all believe in regulated free enterprise. Corporations are too large to regulate. Their whole raison d'etre is to regulate government. Bust'em (up) should be our custom, going forward.

Good Graphic!

Demeur said...

The problem? About half of these people aren't properly trained. I'd never work in that situation for 10+ hours a day without at least a half face respirator with chem filters. Remember you're breathing the same components as gasoline on a large scale.
And they still won't park a supertanker with a vacuum out there because they're too greedy.

an average patriot said...

You know vigilante, as you know, at one time we broke up monopolies the railroad is the one that stands out. Today we seem to go out of our way to makr them too big to fail. This is not a democracy we have become a corporatocracy!

an average patriot said...

Demeur the oil is bad enough. Mixed with those deadly chemicals that even warn on the container not to breath and you have a deadly mix. Clean up people should have special equipment and I thought a lawyer for one of those sickened won that in a restraining order.

an average patriot said...

Tim I just went to your site and got something from wordpress welcoming me to my new blog so I got out of there before I caused myself a problem.