Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Look at the big picture of the Gulf oil disaster as The planet is one life system and everything is interconnected

As you know, this is horrific and barely beginning.First a scientist from woods hole expects this deluge of hidden destruction to hit Texas and Mexico. It will get into the gulf stream and go around the world. I was ridiculed when I first said that but no one is laughing any more.

Scientist now believe 40 million gallons of oil might have erupted from this underground volcano to date and don't forget the deadly soup mixed with over a million gallons of death they call dispersant. I refuse to believe I was not the only one appalled when BP first said the so called leak was only 5000 gallons a day when I thought that was per minute. I mean come on! Anyway here is a visual of the results up close as Gulf Photographer Captures Oil Spill's Effects

I have some unheard realistic numbers for you coming from a retired cost manger estimating for a living, (me). We have not heard any honesty from BP and they take one boggled obvious to fail attempt after the other. I have finally heard an honest estimate of the oil BP's volcano is pouring into a very fragile ecosystem.

   We have heard the deluge in more like 798,000 gallons a day, I have firmly believed from the beginning that 1 million gallons per day is optimistic. They expect this to be under control some time in August. That is ap. 130 days times one million. 130 million gallons of oil people. It is not the worst in history but look where it is. It's impact will be the worst!

   130 million gallons of oil not to mention 3 million pounds of poisonous junk and millions of gallons of highly toxic dispersion chemicals designed to hide the oil under the sea until later. There is one monstrous plume 28 miles long and 300 feet deep off the coast of Florida. You can better there are many more and where?

Of course I have been following this from the beginning and knowing this whole thing from Cheney and Bush's dirty hands in the beginning to right now has been a total lie and misconception I could only laugh that anyone could think that any of these attempts could work quickly.

.   Will this get into other currents and oceans? What will its total affect be to the air, temperature, everything, the big picture? It is where this disaster occurred that makes its impact much more horrific.

It was obvious from the get go we were being placated once again. This is much worse than they will admit. The Gulf by many essential standards has had its finely honed ecosystem drastically alter on the very basic lower echelon of a life sustaining environment  and for many generations What are those people going to do? When this first happened I said it was going to the Gulf stream then around the world and it is.images of the Gulf stream current around the world

Remember where life began , this is a frigging oil well with billions of gallons not a pipeline,and I am sick that Bush and Cheney enabled this and no one realizes this affects not only the Gulf but life itself around the world as life is pyramidal. We have allowed BP to unleash a volcano of death in the bottom of our chain of life killing life in the ocean that gave life to us.

The planet is one life system and everything is interconnected, everything affected by everything else eventually. As I taught my kids, the ocean is like a giant washing machine. What goes around eventually comes around. Hurricane season is coming as you know and natures dispersion system will really get going and agitate this.

Why can't people ever look at the big picture, see the big picture, or think of the repercussions of their actions before they act? One word if applied by everyone before they acted would negate all problems arising and that is "consideration"

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma



Demeur said...

I was looking at a list of oil spills via Wiki yesterday. It's a wonder we still survive on this planet. Our only salvation is that 2/3 of the planet is water and constantly moving. But you have to ask yourself what is the tipping point?

an average patriot said...

I know! I was looking at a list of the worst and was stunned at what we have don just with the oil. What Iraq did when they left Kuwait blows you away. We have made a frigging mess out of this planet. Look at the global nuclear cover up. What a mess and we threaten to worsen it with more war at a time when we should be nurturing this planet.

Tim said...

we've hit the tipping point I'm afraid. Who was it, Nostradamus who said 2012 is the end. I dunno..could be

an average patriot said...

You should Google 2012 Tim it will come up. Funny you say that because I have a friend who said that and invokes it often. Nostradamus gave us two roads into the future and we have taken the wrong one but I will stop there.