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China calls for punishment of the murderer in Syria

China's murderers Assad and The Shabiha who started off as racketeers and smugglers

Syria massacre: UN team reaches Qubair village: The observers, who were fired at near Qubair village on Thursday, arrived in a convoy from Damascus. The Qubeir massacre - which has yet to be independently confirmed as no foreign journalists or U.N. staff have accessed the village - was the third significant discovery of bodies in about a week. In each case, opposition groups say a combination of government regular forces and government-backed militiamen, known as shabiha, were behind the deaths.

Assad's regime, however, dismisses any culpability, claiming that "terrorists" - a word the government uses to describe opposition members - are behind the deaths. In Qubeir, the government says Syrian soldiers entered the village on Wednesday to find nine civilian bodies already dead, their bodies burned. Until the U.N. monitors can get into the village, the vastly different accounts of what happened in Qubeir coming from the regime and the opposition cannot be reconciled.

Syrian troops shell rebel city as full-scale assault feared: Syrian troops on Friday shelled a rebel-held neighborhood in the flashpoint central city of Homs as President Bashar Assad's troops appeared to be readying to storm the area that has been out of government control for months, activists told The Associated Press.

The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees had no immediate word on casualties from the shelling of Hom's Khaldiyeh neighborhood. Amateur videos posted online showed a small white plane, apparently a drone, flying over Homs.

Free Syrian Army fears because of their success Assad will use Weapons of Mass Destruction next: They are using WMD it is called Shabiha.

FSA fears al-Assad may use WMDs, Another massacre reported in Syria, almost half of the 108 killed were children, Syrian regime militias execute en masse again A week after a ghastly massacre left 108 people dead in one town, a dozen factory workers were hauled off a bus and executed by pro-regime militias, Video posted by opposition activists showed bodies purportedly from the attack, Shabiha, Wikipedia, Syria regime still killing, lying : cnn live video.

FSA fears al-Assad may use WMDs: A source within the FSA informed Asharq Al-Awsat that the FSA has killed more than 300 members of al-Assad regime forces and pro-regime Shabiha militia over the past week. FSA fighters also informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that they had killed more than 100 al-Assad regime soldiers, in addition to destroying a number of tanks, in clashes throughout Syria, including Damascus and Idlib. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Chairman Rami Abdulrahman also informed Reuters News Agency that Syrian rebel forces had over-run and destroyed a number of army checkpoints in Idlib Governorate.

He pointed to the FSA’s success in manufacturing short-range “Nimr-4” rockets, adding “today, after the regime has widened the circle of its operations to include villages and cities, in addition to targeting demonstrators, it has incited a number of battles. The FSA commander claimed that the al-Assad regime will resort to utilizing weapons of mass destruction manufactured by Syria’s Scientific Research Center in the forthcoming period.

Another massacre reported in Syria, almost half of the 108 killed were children: The Syrian army and militiamen loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are again accused on Thursday of standing behind a massacre of villagers, few hours ahead of a crucial meeting at the UN Security Council. At least 100 people, including 40 children and women, were murdered in the village of Mazraat al-Kabir, near Hama, in the center of the country. This latest development should increase pressure by the international community, but also intensify the risk of civil war.

But for now, the international community seems paralyzed by its divisions between, on one hand the West and the Arab countries, and on the other hand, by the three countries that support the regime of Bashar al Assad - Russia, China and Iran. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the village of Mazraat al-Kabir and the neighboring town of Maazarif, about 20 kilometers from Hama, had been bombarded by Syrian forces.

Assad says Syrian government not responsible for 'monstrous massacres': Syrian President Bashar Assad offered no new concessions Sunday from his embattled administration, instead assailing a “foreign conspiracy” against Syria and rejecting any government role in recent “monstrous massacres” across the nation. “The truth is that even monsters do not do what we saw, especially in the Houla massacre,” Assad said, referring to the house-to-house executions last month of more than 100 people, mostly women and children, in the central township of Houla.

The killings in Houla drew international repudiation of Syria. United Nations officials said evidence pointed to pro-government death squads as the killers. But authorities in Syria blamed the massacre on foreign-backed “terrorists” seeking to frame Syrian security services and undermine a U.N. peace plan. “The crisis is not internal,” Assad said, repeating his government’s long-term assertion that foreign powers are stoking the uprising aimed at ending his rule. “Rather, it is a foreign war with internal tools, and everybody is responsible for defending the homeland.”
Shabiha and their friends are doing it!

Syrian regime militias execute en masse again: A week after a ghastly massacre left 108 people dead in one town, a dozen factory workers were hauled off a bus and executed by pro-regime militias, opposition activists said Friday. The 12 workers were executed Thursday by Shabiha --or pro-government gangs -- in Bouayda village, outside the Homs province city of Qusair, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. They were lined up against a wall and shot, the group said.

Video posted by opposition activists showed bodies purportedly from the attack. A narrator said bullets holes could be seen in the wall. CNN could not independently verify the authenticity of the video. The latest gruesome report comes days after 13 people were discovered bound and slain in another turbulent swath of Syria. U.N. observers said those bodies were found about 30 miles east of Deir Ezzor, in the eastern part of the country, on Tuesday night.

Shabiha, Wikipedia  

Syria regime still killing, lying : cnn live video

*  Get the murderers China!

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