Thursday, June 21, 2012

War games in a war zone? Hold on!

Syria Iran Russia China land and sea war games in the middle of a war zone?

Putin no longer backs Syria's Assad in power: Britain's PM Cameron said Putin had shifted his view of the Syrian leader during talks with U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders at a Group of 20 summit in Mexico, and that discussions were now focused on a transition.

"There remain differences over sequencing and the shape of how the transition takes place but it is welcome that President Putin has been explicit that he does not want Assad remaining in charge in Syria," Cameron told reporters. "What we need next is an agreement on a transitional leadership which can move Syria to a democratic future that protects the rights of all its communities."

UN mission 'morally obliged' to stay in Syria: he head of the suspended United Nations' observer mission to Syria has told the Security Council his monitors were repeatedly targeted by hostile crowds, but that the mission is morally obliged to stay in the country.

Major General Robert Mood told the 15-nation security council on Tuesday that his 300-strong unarmed observer force was targeted with gunfire at least 10 times last week and nine vehicles were damaged, according to a UN diplomat who attended the closed- door briefing. The mission was suspended on Saturday after Mood, a Norwegian, said the risk to the unarmed observers was too great. Mood said that the UN monitors were "morally obliged" to stay in Syria even though escalating violence has halted operations.

This is really starting to smell like a setup. Remember our conversation of yesterday

From day one I have been warning that we are the target here. The US and our allies are the target and the Syrian people are merely the tools in this the opening volley in the battle against US hegemony and future dominance. Remember, when Bush was President Russia, China, and Iran, were the three main players in the force Putin was putting together to take on US war mongering around the world.

This is no coincidence! Putin may back Assad's removal but he and the Alawite's and their allies are going no where. Russia just sent in marines and 2 war ships to Syria to supposedly aid in evacuation of necessary. Russia and China are not going to allow themselves to be kicked out of Syria as would be the case if the opposition gained power.

Likewise, there is also no way Iran is going to let her ally and guard 'syria" fall to the opposition or more pointedly Democracy and US and Western influence. With that said Iran, Russia, China to stage massive joint military drill in Syria: Iran, Russia, China and Syria are planning to hold joint military drill in Syria in early July, according to a report published Tuesday morning by Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency.

Citing "informed sources," Fars reported that the four countries will conduct war games on land and at sea, with the participation of some 90,000 soldiers, 1,000 tanks and 400 aircraft. According to the sources, Egypt has agreed to allow 12 Chinese warships passage through the Suez Canal on their way to Syria. Iranian battleships and submarines, along with Russian nuclear submarines, warships, aircraft carriers and mine-clearing destroyers will also participate in the exercise.

This is no frigging game, this is no frigging joke. Under the guise of a war game I do not believe we have a choice but we are preparing to allow the 4 players to set up and have on station all the military equipment, hardware, and personnel, they will need when this "blows" even if they instigate it when "dragged into this" because "free Syrian Army" attacked one of their interests.

Does anyone else see what is setting up right before our eyes and we appear to be helpless to stop it?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

Syrian pilot defects after landing in Jordan

Demeur said...

Didn't know if you caught it but the CIA is providing arms. The problem? Since the FSA is such a splinter group they don't know who to give those arms to.