Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Report: Iran, Russia, China to stage massive joint military drill in Syria in July

joint Russia china Iran military exercise in Syria

Report: Iran, Russia, China to stage massive joint military drill in Syria amidst Claims of Free Syrian Army planning to attack Tartus, Russia sending two warships to Syrian coast: report: shipment of attack helicopters and missiles stopped out side of Scotland on way to Syria,

Report: Iran, Russia, China to stage massive joint military drill in Syria: Iran, Russia, China and Syria are planning to hold joint military drill in Syria in early July, according to a report published Tuesday morning by Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency.

Citing "informed sources," Fars reported that the four countries will conduct war games on land and at sea, with the participation of some 90,000 soldiers, 1,000 tanks and 400 aircraft. According to the sources, Egypt has agreed to allow 12 Chinese warships passage through the Suez Canal on their way to Syria. Iranian battleships and submarines, along with Russian nuclear submarines, warships, aircraft carriers and mine-clearing destroyers will also participate in the exercise.

Claims of FSA planning to attack Tartus: The website “” reported that the FSA leadership, from its base on the Turkish border, was preparing "to launch a military campaign against the northern coastal town of Tartus, which is currently being protected by thousands of Syrian officers and soldiers. It serves as a base for a sizeable proportion of the 100,000 Russians who are deployed in various northern areas and in the capital Damascus, where it is rumored that Syrian missile and chemical arsenals are located.

Western countries such as France, Britain, the United States and Canada believe that (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad's regime would not hesitate to use these weapons against any Western-Arab military intervention in his country, and against neighboring countries like Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, if he realized that his downfall was inevitable." The same website reported that "a FSA officer revealed the plans to move the battle to Tartus and its port, the location of Russia’s only naval base in the Mediterranean Sea, and that it is only a question of time."

Russia sending two warships to Syrian coast: report: shipment of attack helicopters and missiles stopped out side of Scotland on way to Syria

Russia sending two warships to Syrian coast: report: "Two major amphibious ships -- The Nikolai Filchenkov and The Tsezar Kunikov -- are preparing to be dispatched to Tartus outside of their schedule," the Russian news agency quoted an unidentified officer from the Russian naval headquarters as saying.The two ships will carry a "large" group of marines, Interfax added. There was no official confirmation of the report from the navy or the defence ministry.

The Tsezar Kunikov can carry 150 landing troops and various armaments including tanks, while The Nikolai Filchenkov can carry up to 1,500 tonnes of cargo and equipment, the report said. Interfax said that the ships could be used to evacuate Russian nationals. "The crews of The Nikolai Filchenkov and The Tsezar Kunikov and SB-15 rescue tug together with marines on board are able to ensure security of Russian nationals and evacuate part of the property of the logistical support base if need be," Interfax quoted a source as saying.

Vladimir Putin's strong support to the Syrian regime, and Barack Obama, whose country called for the departure of Bashar al-Assad also said they were "united in the idea that the Syrian people should be able to choose their future in an independent and democratic atmosphere" . Vladimir Putin has declared he found "numerous points of agreement" with Barack Obama on how to settle the Syrian crisis.

Washington also hopes that Russia will eventually facilitate a solution to the crisis in Syria, despite its refusal to support resolutions at the UN Security Council, condemning the regime for its repression of the revolt. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also accused Moscow last week of delivering gunship helicopters to President Assad's forces. Russia then replied that it had only repaired them in accordance to contracts signed before the crisis.

Russian shipment of attack helicopters and missiles stopped out side of Scotland on way to Syria

Russian Syria-bound arms ship turns back: Britain: The Curacao-flagged cargo ship Alaed, last seen off the north-west coast of Scotland this week, was believed to carrying Russian weaponry to Syria, according to an insurer which said it had withdrawn coverage for the vessel.

Britain's Foreign Office had said earlier it was aware of a consignment of refurbished Russian-made attack helicopters heading for Syria, but did not say if it was referring to the same vessel.  "I am pleased that the ship that was reported to be carrying arms to Syria has now turned back apparently towards Russia," British Foreign Secretary William Hague told parliament.

Lavrov said Syria is their strong ally and they do not have to and will not tell the US anything. Not good. I told you of the dangers of Putin to the world and our future! US hegemony is the real target in Syria. What we are watching unfold is the first salvo in the war for future dominance. Russia is not going to let us have our way here. I hear they will stop short of WW3 but I would not count on that.

Remember when Putin was rallying and uniting the world to take on Bush and his drive to dominate the world? Absolutely as the world's mayhem ensues amidst its drive to dominate as we move through the 21st century is Putin's only agenda. It is an old thought. I remember when term limits made him have to leave last time. There was immediate speculation as to him taking back the Presidency after his term as PM. Putin is not to be trusted and Russians have felt his grubby little hands around their necks for 12 years as he intimidates and tries to control Russia's future for his party.

Be scared be very scared! The USSR's Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that Russia risks six lost years when Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency, echoing rumblings of dissent over his Kremlin comeback. I always find myself agreeing with Gorbachev but that is putting it mildly. This is bad news for the US and the world!

This is very concerning. I remember back in 2008 when Putin was going to try and be President for life. He was not alone. Leaders aligned with Russia were all trying to get permanent leadership so they could be at the helm of their prospective countries to take on then President Bush when his war mongering hit the point where Russia, the 135 non aligned Nations, Iran, and others were prepared to join forces and take him and our allies on.

I remember when Bush first met Putin and he said he shook his hand and looked him in the eye and saw a man of compassion, a man who was true to his word, and a man he could work with. I shuttered at Bush's stupidity. I looked at Putin and saw a man deceitful to the core who was not to be trusted period.

We were too pompous then and were pushing the world towards WW3 with our take it or leave it, my way or the highway, interference around the world. Putin was determined to head us off, to directly confront us when we were on Russia's front door trying to instigate war by installing the so called missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and return Russia to the role of a world leader.

Personally we blew it when Russia broke up and the Berlin wall came down. We were the world leader and had the perfect opportunity to be humble, show we were the leader, and bring the world together to proceed successfully through the 21st century.We egged on the likes of Vladimir Putin who understandably chaffed under our we are the boss do what we say take it or leave it, it your face tactics of Bush and Cheney.

I had great hope when we elected President Obama who set the reset button with Russia and Russia who had elected Dmitri Medvedev who agreed to work with the US to proceed through the 21st century as partners instead of heading towards WW3 as adversaries. With the return of Putin to the Russian Presidency I am again very concerned and see an end to a partner country whose leaders words and actions we can trust and a return to a confrontational relationship with Russia. I do not like the man, I do not trust the man, and I am very concerned as to which direction Russia and the United States are headed now and at a time when China is surging militarily.

I am a little worried that China too is getting a little too heavy handed and abusive with her new position of power and beginning to take what she wants instead of being content with what she has which is what I constantly lecture has to be the case if we are to have a future. The time when man and the planet could handle war is over, period or else! Be very concerned for our future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Jack Jodell said...

This is a most ominous sign, and one that will have our own paranoidal neocons foaming in the mouth. We must adopt a very cautious, yet watchful approach to what will happen over the next few weeks in this potential tinderbox. Putin is a snake, to be sure, and the Chinese are not much better. But their actions pale in comparison with our criminal actions in Iraq, cieca 2003, and may very well be the end-result of such blatant aggression...

an average patriot said...

Hi Jack! Yes we were criminal in Iraq right from the illegal attack. That said, it in no way justifies what we are seeing in Syria.

Something dawned on me last night about all this and when I can get to it I want to write about the set up.

We are the target. Putin stole back in to get together with China and end US hegemony.

Hopefully we can stay out of a war at least for a while but China and certainly Russia is racing right into it.

The middle east break down that was guaranteed by the scum Bush is coming too quick, the sides you can see for yourself as I see no one opting out.

Demeur said...

I would take that report with a grain of salt Jim. Have you seen the current state of the FSA? They can't even take and hold small towns much less one that's fortified.
As serious as they looked at the summit I think Obama and Putin have something worked out. As I've said before this is about money not ideology. I just hope Obama didn't give away the store in the deal.

an average patriot said...

I know, everything today has to be taken with a grain of salt. I am very concerned about that huge so called military exercise planned with Syria China Russia, and Iran in Syria. I mean WTF?