Saturday, June 30, 2012

Corporate welfare approved for the next 5 years

Amendments Trimmed, Senate Moves Ahead on Farm Bill: The farm bill tries to change policy fundamentally by eliminating millions of dollars in payments to farmers and farmland owners as a cushion against losses when crop prices fall. Instead, crop insurance, which guarantees revenue when there are drops in prices or crop yields, would become the primary safety net for farmers.

But unlike direct payments to farmers, crop insurance subsidies do not have payment limits. Several lawmakers, including Mr. Coburn and Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, have offered amendments that would reduce the amount of insurance subsidies that higher-income farmers could get. Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, has offered an amendment that would prevent anyone with over $250,000 in adjusted gross income from receiving any kind of farm payment.

This really pisses me off. If you read the story at the link my understanding of this mess is that they voted to screw those who may need the help when there is a natural disaster and to help the wealthy for another 5 years. They are trying to trim the budget by cutting the food stamps, son of a bitch! The farm bill would cut $ from agriculture programs, mostly by eliminating direct payments and cutting financing for food stamps, which the Agriculture Committee said would contribute to reducing the deficit.

I first became of this crap 5 years ago, last time they were okaying this corporate welfare program. I am stunned that in our current financial situation some of the scum that are supposedly trying to remedy it are still groveling in the corporate welfare money pit.

Farm subsidies Corporate Welfare, Dead Farmers get Billions, Corporations get millions! More spent than on Homeland Defense! Farm subsidies is the largest Corporate Welfare program with more given to them than we spend on Home Land Defense. Dead Farmers get Billions, Corporations get millions and needy farmers get nothing but for Willie Nelson! Remember how bad it was last time around?

Five years ago I became aware of this corruptive program I never realized before because it was well hidden by corruptive Politicians. I keep seeing more and more related information and because of all the unfolding corruption and problems this is getting no attention and it should!

Having gone to an Agricultural High School I am a Farmer by Vocation I worked on and managed many farms. Struggling small farmers was to me normal and just thought that was part of the hard but fun life of today's farmers. That was before I served my country, became an accountant, then turned to writing the truth about the world today and the ever growing corruption.

Thinking that Farm Subsidies were out there to help average farmers, I should have known better but I was really caught off guard when I became aware that Washington spends more on corporate welfare than on homeland security and farm subsidies are America's largest corporate welfare program.

Farms have come a long way since subsidies were introduced as a temporary solution to alleviate the effects of the Great Depression. Today farms have one of the lowest failure rates of any industry in the country. But that is because of the millionaire farmers subsidized by Politicians as the small farmer continues to be left to fail and helped only by Willie Nelson and Farm Aid.

If farm subsidies were really about alleviating farmer poverty, then lawmakers could guarantee every full-time farmer an income of 185 percent of the federal level ($38,203 for a family of four) for under $5 billion annually — one-fifth the current cost of farm subsidies. Instead, small farmers are largely excluded from farm subsidies. Farm subsidy payments are based on acreage, so by definition, the largest agribusiness's get the largest subsidies. Consequently, commercial farmers — who report an average income of $200,000 and net worth of nearly $2 million — now collect the majority of farm subsidies. Most farm subsidy dollars went to millionaires.

Supposedly the Senated voted in 2011 to end the subsidies for the wealthy and I am sure they hid it somehow because this Bill attacked the farmers and people that would need the help and kept alive programs favored by Republicans and some Democrats. As always In steps Willie Nelson and Farm Aid. I have to say that I never realized how valuable him and farm aid was to average farmers. His help is priceless and often the only way small farmers in "serious" trouble can turn.

Willie is still Working to keep family farmers on their land, Farm Aid brings together family farmers and citizens to guarantee family farm food is available to you. Together we can restore family farm-centered agriculture that ensures safe, healthful food, protects natural resources, and strengthens local economies. Please learn more about Willie and farm aid!

I guess when all is said and done it should be no surprise that every single program that can be used to help the wealthy, is and as usual if average Americans are to get help they cannot rely on the Government but must rely on private interests as Katrina and every natural and man made disaster has highlighted since, let alone the Governments mis-actions.

Are we ever going to be able to get our Government honest and helping those that really need it? These S.O.B's did not hit the sweet spot, they trimmed all the wrong amendments, they should still be condemned for screwing over the country and ripping off the people.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim, you ask are we ever gonna be able to get our politician's honest or whatever? I doubt it Jim, I mean, we dont hold them accuntable for nothing as it is, what's their incentive? If you were getting a $200K paycheck or whatever, tax write off for everything you do and eat, free rental car's, health and benefit's like no one else, and million's in donation's, funding etc, etc with people voting for you over and over, why would you change?

No, I really dont know much about this farming stuff (I worked on a farm 6 dayz a week for 15 month's once year's ago in Industry N.Y at a youth/ teen correctional place, that was my only actual farm work and it was hard work), but thanx for the read here on this bullshit, and I have no doubt that this crap is going on, because that is all this country is about as far as Washington these dayz and their Wall St affiliates. All I know is that in this mega farming/ agricultural stuff, there is a fortune of money in it, but not really sure how it worx or who is milking it ... I know it aint no cow farmer's up the road though milking it, so this make's total sense. I just dont trust mega corporation anything these dayz Jim, and you see why. That's probably why this "Farm Aid" was needed, cause all the money goes to the wealth. I would reckon too, they would like alot of small farmer's to go broke, why? ... to but them out, like they do everything else. Again, the land of milk and honey is only now the land of "milkin money".

Later Jim ....

an average patriot said...

Correctional Institute that's funny! That must have sucked but I loved it. 100, 110 hours a week and I never worked just had a ball. While attending classes it was just 40 and 60 hour rotating weeks at $1 a day and room and board at school. If I was late I got docked the $1 but I still had a royal time. Man that was great.

You made me remember, my best friend in Germany did time in the same institute as Bob Dylan as a kid.

Trisha Springstead said...

As an RN...the food that is being given to our patients is terrible. How do we expect to help get them well by giving them GMO's.
Same goes for the prisons, you do not feed them appropriately, they will never be able to function.
I have dealt with Wackenhut, take a look at who they own. I was harassed, arrested and threatened by Wackenhut Guards in the Gulf when all I was trying to do was help.
Big Oil, Big Agra and Big Pharma are not doing a service to the people. We are the ones we have been waiting for and we must get these ASSHOLES out of office.

Trisha Springstead said...

Get on Board with Jeffrey Smith.