Monday, November 17, 2008

The world is showing its Love and hopes for President Obama: Cooperation! Agreement! Deals! Approvals! But what will change?

Bush and Summit leaders agree to cooperate better on Bush's created world financial collapse!

Moscow aims to restore trust with US!

World leaders pledge to revive Global economy Bush destroyed

You have to wonder how this will ham string Obama in Iraq and the timing of an An agreement to keep American troops in Iraq 3 more years

More Obama influence: An admission by Pakistan of don't ask don't tell about unmanned attacks in Pakistan by the US as long as there are no ground assaults! A senior Pakistani official said that although the attacks contribute to widespread public anger in Pakistan, anti-Americanism there is closely associated with President Bush. Citing a potentially more favorable popular view of President-elect Barack Obama, he said that "maybe with a new administration, public opinion will be more pro-American and we can start acknowledging" more cooperation. attack agreement admitted by Pakistan in anticipation of President Obama

What I mentioned about Russia when Obama was elected seems to be bearing fruit! Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said he hopes US President-elect Barack Obama will help rebuild the strained relations between their two countries. In a speech in Washington, Mr Medvedev said that a new US administration might be able to address what he described as a lack of "necessary mutual trust". He said he wanted to meet Mr Obama soon after he takes office in January.

As I mentioned: The Russian leader also indicated that Russia might accept a compromise over a planned US missile shield in Europe. Two weeks ago, he said Moscow would neutralize the possible deployment by the US of a tracking radar in the Czech Republic and missile interceptors in Poland by stationing short-range missiles in its western enclave of Kaliningrad. Of course Bush lies as The US insists the shield is incapable of threatening Russia and is designed solely to guard against missile attacks by "rogue states".

'Encouraged by signals' In his speech to the Council on Foreign Relations following the G20 summit on the global economic crisis in Washington, President Medvedev welcomed the election of Mr Obama on 4 November. "US-Russian relations lack the necessary mutual trust. We pin such hopes on the arrival of the new US administration," he explained. Mr Medvedev said Russia had a strong "strategic partnership" with China, "a very good, full-fledged, friendly exchange". "Of course I want to have the same kind of relations with the United States," he went on. Mr Medvedev said he had been encouraged by signs that Mr Obama was less enthusiastic about the shield than President George W Bush. amidst visit to Cuba Russia too pins hopes on Obama

* President elect Obama is already making a positive difference in the world and as time goes on he will not disappoint. The world must just show restraint and not respond to Bush's instigation until he is hopefully gone and we have In Obama a listener and thinker at the Helm and not just a close minded decider as in Bush!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

At least with Obama we and the world have a chance at stability rather than the threat of retaliation. The world wants this too!

an average patriot said...

Hi Tom
Yes the world will not be disappointed! His bed was made for him and he will not be able to do much more than react to the numerous crises set in motion by Bush but he will be on our side and the side of right!

an average patriot said...

I have to get ready to go run errands but I will be back!

Jacob said...

Putting a "missile shield" in Poland to protect Europe against Iran makes about as much sense as putting the shield in Nebraska. Bush really is a warmonger, and made that very clear when he recently said that what he would miss the most about being President was being coomander-in-chief.

an average patriot said...

You know as well as I do that, that is as stupid an excuse as any they have used to instigate further war and it will work unless Obama intervenes!


What a disaster Bush is leaving behind. That was one man who wasn't fit to be president -- he's as bad as Palin.

And I agree with you, he should be brought to the dock!


Btw, off topic -- how's Tom of Politics Plus? His blog is gone. Is he alright?

an average patriot said...

Welcome! I will never understand or get over it! I mean the idiot has been a lying filure and loser his entire life never succeeding at anything except becoming an alcoholic so they friggen elect the scum!
I do not get it unless you believe that this entire mess has been done on purpose and they needed a cheer leading fool to push it through as is the case!

an average patriot said...

Hill blogger
Thanks for asking! Yes Tom is okay and I will tell him you asked for him. We have not talked since the election but he is due to call back soon!
He was being harassed and since he could not get on the computer decided to delete it and start another if and when he was able to. Take care and stay in touch!

Cujo359 said...

Re: Pakistan - that sounds like an awfully iffy proposition. An attack by the Obama Administration, particularly if it went badly, could turn Pakistani opinion against us for a long time.

Still, it's a new chance, as it is with much of the world. I hope we don't blow it.

an average patriot said...

Hi Cujo
We have been put in a hard position largely by Bush and his FU attitude and bullying!
The majority of the Pakistani people are against us and always will be because of the anti American religious fervor fostered in Madrasas.

It is no secret and I am sure you know by now that Pakistan's ISI was paying some of the original 9/11 attackers and with the complicit CIA allowed and fostered Bin Laden's escape from Tora Bora, incidentally which the CIA built during the Soviet invasion.

There is so much and it is so convuluted! I have written on it extensively in the past in relation to the lie we are living in the United States that you can query anything on this site and find information on it!
Or let me know and I will get you whatever you are looking for.

Suffice it to say Pakistan hates us and I have been told by a writer /Politician in India that if we attack Pakistan they will unite o repel the infidel. Us! There is a convoluted relationship with Russia aiding them militarily as well.

It is also no secret we have 4 or 5 aircraft carrier attack Groups in the Gulf at any given time capaable of attacking Pakistan, Syria, Iran or anywhere alse at any given moment.

Russia also has capabilities there ready to defend against us if we do something against there interest. This is not any easy situation Bush has set in motion for Obama and the world. Then there is the Bankrupting of America Bush has purposely allowed and the timing is no coincidence!
Obama is in a tough position but will send American troops back into Pakistan on the ground if need be as they already have been. They have also already attacked in Syria which is also old news.

The world must exercise great restraint Because of what Bush instigated and allow the righteous "peace loving future desiring Obama to work his magic. He is not the war mongering Decider. He will do the right thing for the US and the entire world if given the chance. Take care and stay in touch!