Friday, November 21, 2008

The promisor of change Obama continues to get criticized for picking insiders, Just remember who the Decider of change from the inside is!

I see many reports on the fact that Obama promised change and it looks like he is filling his cabinet with Hawks and insiders so I feel it is time for another reminder that he is the purveyor of change and the new Decider but it is imperative that he staff himself with people in the know! This is his chance to shine and he will! President-elect Barack Obama is poised to restore the United States' image in the international community, but experts say the president-elect must show the world that his actions will live up to his rhetoric. Receiving a warm welcome is not the same as maintaining one, and Obama has a lot of work to do to improve the U.S. brand.

America's image has declined in nearly every region of the world in recent years, but Obama's victory "enables the United States to start again with a clean slate," according to John Quelch, the senior associate dean at Harvard Business School. "Americans can actually go to dinner parties and cocktail receptions around the world today and not have to apologize for the United States the way they have had to do the last several years," he said. "The election has made life a little bit easier for Americans living and traveling abroad to hold their head up high again."

The United States' tarnished reputation has been fueled by a combination of factors, including opposition to U.S. policies like the invasion of Iraq and alleged torture and abuse of prisoners, the perception of hypocrisy, unilateralism, lack of contact with Americans and the perceived war on Islam, according to a congressional report released last summer. Obama represents a "clean break" from the past, and his election is the first big step toward change, said Dick Martin, author of "Rebuilding Brand America." "Changing America's standing in the world was going to be the work of a generation, and it would have to start with some kind of grand gesture that demonstrated that things were changing. His election in itself is that kind of grand gesture," he said. Obama set to rebrand America

Obama will rebrand America and change the world for the good but he needs insiders "people in the know" to do it! President-elect Barack Obama's top choice to lead the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, two Democratic sources confirmed to FOX News on Thursday. According to other reports, Obama has also selected billionaire Chicago businesswoman Penny Pritzker as commerce secretary. She was his campaign finance chairwoman, and is credited with Obama's breaking all political fundraising records. two more well thought picks

With that said Obama as you know is being criticized for picking insiders as he should! President-elect Barack Obama promised the voters change but has started his Cabinet selection process by naming several Washington insiders to top posts. Obama is enlisting former Senate leader Tom Daschle as his health secretary. Hillary Rodham Clinton seemed more likely than ever to be his secretary of state. Clinton is deciding whether to take that post as America's top diplomat, her associates said Wednesday. Obama is ready to announce that his his attorney general will be Eric Holder, the Justice Department's No. 2 when Clinton's husband was president. Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff , is another veteran of the Clinton White House.

Republicans sniped at what they saw as an unwelcome trend. Alex Conant, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said, "Barack Obama is filling his administration with longtime Washington insiders." Obama wrongly criticized for picking insiders

* I remind unbiased non Partisan thinkers to remember you must staff yourself with people that know the system. A good leader surrounds themselves with good people! Just remember who the Decider is. The promisor of change! Barack Obama!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


libhom said...

A billionaire as Commerce Secretary????

That is just sick and wrong.

an average patriot said...

Welcome! Hate to say it but yoou are right but the way things are done today that kind of ridiculousness does not matter. In a lot of instances Obama it maitaining status quo. I do hope with average Americans and our America he does the right thing as i expect.
Anyway from what I understand Penny has not been offered the job and says she may not accept it if offered but I expect she will!

Jacob said...

It has been a common trick for new administrations to pick young and surprising people as cabinet members in order to energize the political process. A good example is Tony Blair. In some countries, even inexperienced celebrities are picked to achieve this. In the end, such tactics usually turn out to be detrimental to the administration.

For Obama, and for the country, the stakes are so high that he must obviously pick the smartest and most qualified people he can find.

Monroe Anderson said...

Jim: A couple of days ago, I was on a local radio show making the same argument you've just posted. I was up against a conservative who was snipping at the change theme while complaining about all the regulars Obama was appointing. On the other hand, of course, he was criticizing Obama for not having enough experience. From the right's perspective, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't imperative.
If the President-elect selects experienced insiders, then where's the change? If he were to pick a bunch of newbies, then he'd be criticized for surrounding himself with a crowd that was unproven.

Ingrid said...

speaking of which, Obama picked Hillary Clinton for secretary of State. ugh..
so Bilderberg continues..
and on another note, you did know you were tagged by Utah for the music meme did you? Check it out and post some music Jim, 'we' want to know more..
have a good weekend,

ps..are you moving any time soon or did you already?

an average patriot said...

I have faith he may pay off IOU's but he will make sure he has the best! Someone criticized the choice of Penny for commerce Secretary because she is a Billionaire! As long as she is good and she has not accepted or been offered yet according to her!

an average patriot said...

It makes me laugh! The change doesn't come from the necessary experienced insiders. The change comes from their Boss the Decider of change!

an average patriot said...

Wack me! I know Utah tagged me but I told her a few and forgot all about it because I got caught up in something new. It is right up my alley and when I have a moment I will let you in on it.
It is civilian world wide media called all voices!I just broke a story! You know me, I write OP Ed and I get paid for it here plus once I settle down I have to call the Washington post and the New York Times but they want exclusive and I am not ready to give up my Blog regardless of the money. My wife does not understand that but oh well. Bear with me!

Monroe Anderson said...

Jim: I made the boss is the decider point on the radio program. The conservative up against me argued that the boss can't babysit the cabinet members' departments so the bureaucrats will continue to function in a non-change way.

an average patriot said...

Screw them and their childish games. He is not there to baby set and he will not!
He is there to set the standard and make the ultimate decision.
If they do not play his game as stipulated from the beginning they are gone period!