Thursday, November 27, 2008

Because Bush is the lamest Duck Americans seek morning again from Obama so vetting Historically fast And Obama taking charge earlier than usual!

I have written numerous articles on the fact that Bush has been following what I know as the Russian Doctrine of Destruction to get rid of existing order and replace it with a new version. In doing so you must create chaos and then appear to fix it by emplacing your new order. In doing so Bush has made a hell of a mess not only of the US but of the entire world. I have written many manifestos and documents stating we are still waiting for our shining light to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has led us down with his fear mongering. We now have our shining light in Obama and he impresses me more every day! Our citizens know Obama is our shining light and lame Duck Bush has now become the lamest Duck!

We have "only one President at a time," Barack Obama said in his debut press conference as President-elect. Normally, that would be a safe assumption — but we're learning not to assume anything as the charcoal-dreary economic winter approaches. By mid-November, with the financial crisis growing worse by the day, it had become obvious that one President was no longer enough (at least not the President we had). So, in the days before Thanksgiving, Obama began to move — if not to take charge outright, then at least to preview what things will be like when he does take over in January. He became a more public presence, taking questions from the press three days in a row. He named his economic team. He promised an enormous stimulus package that would somehow create 2.5 million new jobs, and began to maneuver the new Congress toward having the bill ready for him to sign — in a dramatic ceremony, no doubt — as soon as he assumes office.

That we have slightly more than one President for the moment is mostly a consequence of the extraordinary economic times. Even if George Washington were the incumbent, the markets would want to know what John Adams was planning to do after his Inauguration. And yet this final humiliation seems particularly appropriate for George W. Bush. At the end of a presidency of stupefying ineptitude, he has become the lamest of all possible duck. It is in the nature of mainstream journalism to attempt to be kind to Presidents when they are coming and going but to be fiercely skeptical in between. I've been feeling sorry for Bush lately, a feeling partly induced by recent fictional depictions of the President as an amiable lunkhead in Oliver Stone's W. and in Curtis Sittenfeld's terrific novel American Wife. There was a photo in the New York Times that seemed to sum up his current circumstance: Bush in Peru, dressed in an alpaca poncho, standing alone just after the photo op at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, with various Asian leaders departing the stage, none of them making eye contact with him. Bush has that forlorn what-the-hell-happened? expression on his face, the one that has marked his presidency at difficult times. You never want to see the President of the United States looking like that. Bush defined by intellectual laziness

As a result of the mess Bush has made of everything and his perceived ineptitude as he purposely set out to destroy existing societal and world order and replace it with his new version not to to say anything about the world but Many Americans may be long on enthusiasm for President-elect Barack Obama's history-making election but may be short on something he's asking for: patience regarding the economy. "The economy's likely to get worse before it gets better. Full recovery will not happen immediately," Obama said Monday. How much time will voters give the new president to turn things around? With the magnitude of the crisis sinking in, the public may be giving the future president some breathing room. In the meantime, Obama might be guided by President Reagan's experience in the 1980s.

No sooner did Reagan take office than the economy began to get a lot worse. Unemployment jumped to more than 10 percent, the highest level since the 1930s. It's about 6½ percent now. By 1982, voters were getting anxious. Republicans lost 26 House seats in the midterm election. President Reagan's response? Stay the course. A lot of voters stuck with Reagan because he had defined a course. By 1984, their confidence paid off. "It's morning again in America. Today, more men and women will go to work than ever before in our country's history," a 1984 Reagan presidential campaign ad said. Obama seems to be channeling Reagan's optimism. "[We need] to summon that spirit of determination and optimism that has always defined us," Obama said. More important, Obama has to rally the public behind his economic plan. Thanks to Obama morning is coming again

Because of this President-elect Barack Obama is already making presidential history by naming -- or at least his transition team is leaking to the press -- his Cabinet picks faster than nearly all of his predecessors. "If we do not act swiftly and boldly, most experts believe that we could lose millions of jobs next year," Obama said Monday. With an economic crisis spiraling out of control and a lame duck in the oval office, presidential scholars say the next commander in chief simply had no choice.

"This is really unprecedented. But it's an unprecedented situation," said Larry Sabato, a presidential scholar at the University of Virginia. "Obama is doing what the public and the markets demand be done -- and that is to show that the next president is really in charge before he even takes the oath of office." The conventional wisdom by observers was that the Obama transition team's vigorous vetting requirements would slow down the selection process, or scare away talent altogether. After all, in addition to the already invasive FBI background check, the Obama team is requiring prospective candidates to complete a seven-page questionnaire that requires the disclosure of nearly every last private detail. In addition to the obvious questions involving past criminal history, candidates are asked about personal diaries, past blog posts and the financial entanglements of extended family members.

"This questionnaire they've been giving to people who are thinking about signing up for a government job is extremely invasive," said David Gergen, a CNN senior political analyst and adviser to four past presidents. "I've never seen anything like this at the presidential level before -- the FBI asks these kind of questions, but to have the presidential transition team asking these questions requires ... great volumes of records that have to be checked out." Cabinet vetting historically fast and invasive

* Because of the underhanded Republicans and their search for dirt to destroy the process of repairing the damage Bush has done to America and the world this is what we have come to! Obama does not have any time but this historical President must take historical action long before day one and he has started. Behind the scenes while the lame Duck Bush continues to act stupid and play his mindless childish games Obama has already taken control to right the ship called America that Bush has purposely put on the rocks. We have our shining light and I now have hope for the future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma



The free world should and must give support to President-elect Obama. Because he is the incoming leader of the nation that's considered the world's most powerful, I do believe that a "test" on him is a "test" on all freedom loving nations.

Mauigirl said...

This is indeed an unusual transition - I've read quite a few opinion pieces and op eds (to say nothing of blog posts!) saying it's too bad Bush can't just step down immediately and let Obama take over.

I'm glad to see the great leadership that Obama is showing in the way he is taking charge while he still isn't officially in charge - he is definitely going to be a great leader.

Happy Thanksgiving to you James!

Utah Savage said...

Happy Thanksgiving James.

Monique said...

I saw that pic of that fortunate turkey pardoned by Bush. What a beautiful creature. Do we have to eat them?

PS You are missed on facebook

an average patriot said...

You are entirely right! We must give him a chance! I just responded to Jerome about this and I included his link in my story for tomorrow. Obama will not disappoint!

an average patriot said...

I agree 100% The worthless Bush has effectively stepped aside. Obama is running things from the sideline until hopefully he is inaugurated 1/20th. Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

an average patriot said...

Hi Utah!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too! One of my sons has been home on leave since Sunday so we have been giving Thanks since usually with lobsters and steeamers. Trice and I had to go eat at the nursing home today and that was tough but oh well! Hope you are having a nice day!

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique!
Bush is playing with Turkeys while Obama is trying to save America from the side lines. Did you see the utube video of Palin Pardoning the turket while they were being butchered in the background?
Sorry Monique I thought you qwere giving me a break or comething as I have gotten no notification from facebook. I have been caught up in something new, allvoices which is world wide civilian media! Bear with me!

Dave Dubya said...

Amidst our dwindling things to be thankful for today, we can share a grateful thanks to American voters for removing the Republicans from the White House.

Have a happy one, Jim.

an average patriot said...

Hey Dave
Hope you too had a nice Thanksgiving1 Yes we can be Thankful for Obama that seems to be about it! Funny but I was just having a conversation with me son home on leave talking about the continued idiocy of Some Americans despite Obama being elected and how his and future generations have been purposely and needlessly hung by Bush the imbecile!