Sunday, November 23, 2008

No economic leadership criticism as stock market soars because of Obama's leadership and he pledges 2.5 million new jobs rebuilding America!

Obama economic team set to establish 2.5 million new jobs by 2011, sounds like an FDR new Deal to me!

Undoing everything Bush has done for eight years Obama pledges to get rid of Bush's America and rebuild ours!

I can't believe it! New York Federal Reserve President Timothy Geithner is "on track" to be offered the treasury secretary post, two sources close to the transition team said Friday. As a result of this wise decision The Dow Jones industrial index staged a late rally after traders heard news of Geithner's possible appointment, rising by almost 500 points shortly before the market's closing time. sounds like leadership to me

Not only that but U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says he has directed his economic team to develop a plan to create 2.5 million jobs by January of 2011. Mr. Obama says details of his Economic Recovery Plan are still being worked out, but he vows to sign it soon after taking office on January 20.
The incoming president says the two-year action plan will spur job creation and lay the foundation for a strong and growing economy. During Saturday's weekly Democratic radio address, Mr. Obama says his plan will put people back to work rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, modernizing schools, and developing new energy technologies. President-elect Obama says the economic turmoil of the last week proves swift action is needed to restore the nation's financial health. He acknowledged passing the plan will not be easy, and asked for support and input from both Republicans and Democrats. Obama to create 2.5 million jobs by 2011

Despite all this, analysts lump Obama in with Bush saying no one is taking a lead in righting the economy! What do they expect him to do? He is not the President yet! He can not interject himself into the Current Presidency though I wish he could! CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger said Obama and his team are probably trying to gauge the totality of the situation, and many internal questions also have to be answered: Do we need someone younger? Would a former treasury secretary bring vital experience? Does it matter if the secretary has ties to Sen. Hillary Clinton? "I think they're having these kinds of conversations, and so I would expect, though, that we're going to see something on the economic team in early December, if not sooner," she said.

Anyway Borger said she thinks Obama is already working behind the scenes through his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and she doesn't think the Democrats would have postponed their decision on a Big Three bailout without checking with Obama. "you bet he is" Borger said she expects a "big push" from Democrats to find a way to save Detroit when the lame-duck Congress reconvenes in December, and Emanuel and Obama will be a part of it. "But honestly, you can't expect a president-elect, who hasn't even been sworn in, to use all of his political capital -- and, by the way, he's going to have a lot -- before he takes office," she said. There's a lot of risk involved in Obama pushing his economic agenda before he takes office, and it would be unwise to publicly state what the Bush administration should do, said Stephen Hayes, a conservative columnist and CNN contributor. "Politically, he wants to stay as far away from this as he can," Hayes said. "I think it's smart of him to say, 'We have one president at a time; I have got my four years.' " Analysts Analyzing nothing only to create work

Do not worry about Obama he will not disappoint. Give him a chance! He will give us back our America if given the chance but it will not happen over night and will be all the slower as Republicans endeavor to block his efforts. Bear with him Obama will not disappoint!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Anonymous said...

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Utah Savage said...

Thanks James, this is the kind of news I'm needing to hear this Sunday early afternoon.

Monique said...

People are impatient though. After a few years they forget what it was like under Bush and begin to feel disgruntled. It happened here only a few years after labour came in power. Short memories as to what the tories had destroyed.


Minnesotablue said...

Just hope the American public will be patient with Obama. After all he has eight years of despicable governing to undo.But now we have hope that because he is such a good and honest man all the evil that was done will be repaired. Hey AP I hope you have been doing well as well as your family!

an average patriot said...

I have been messing around with one of my sons home on leave. Sorry I took so long but just keep watching, Obama will not disappoint if given the chance. All shit aside he is our light we have been waiting for to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has us and the world in!

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
Long time no see it seems!i hat to say it but us and the entire world will not forget the immense damage Bush has done for many generations and it is much worse than most realize1

an average patriot said...

Hot ticket! Glad to see you, now I can get you back on my Blog roll! Lost everything after I switched over.
Anyway people will get impatient but all they have to do is remember the immense damage Bush has done to us the world and our future and remember in Obama we have a shining light whose goal is to undo Bush's damage and restore our and the worlds order.
Just give him a chance and trust him to do what is right for us and he will!

an average patriot said...

Hi Minnesota
Please do me a favor I forgot you have an invite only so can you send me whatever so I can link to you again?

Jacob said...

I think Obama has actually done a lot of good already, considering, like you said, that he is not yet the President. The financial markets are always "pricing in" different things with respect to what they think is going to happen in the future, and everyone is trying to look ahead. So, a pretty strong case could be made that Obama, even at this point, has more influence on the economy than Bush does. Thank everything holy for that!

an average patriot said...

I agree! I just put together a post on this for tomorrow because he has started leading behind the scenes. Someone has to!