Friday, December 22, 2006

Turkmen ruler Dies so EU calls for Democracy in another Muslim country, tell me it ain't so!

Turkmen ruler Dies so EU calls for Democracy in another Muslim country rich in oil and Gas and borders Iran and Afghanistan: tell me it aint so!
A terse report from state television said President Saparmurat Niyazov has died at the age of 66.
Niyazov had led Turkmenistan since 1985, when it was still a Soviet republic. After the 1991 Soviet collapse, he retained control and created an elaborate personality cult and turned Turkmenistan into one of the most oppressive of the ex-Soviet states.
A man after Bush's own heart he even ordered the months and days of the week named after him and his family.He was also the author of a book of the soul that was required reading in schools and children had to pledge allegiance to him every morning.Bush must have been envious!
He crushed all opposition drawing condemnation from the west and human rights groups and also encouraged the Turkmen language over Russian and banned access to Russian-language media. This is not going to be good!

He was President for life too and there was no line of succession setting up for a very volatile situation in a very critical part of the world.
Unbelievably to me the European Union called for the restoration of democracy in Turkmenistan on Thursday following the unexpected death of Niyavov. In a brief terse statement the EU external relations commissioner said they hope that Turkmenistan will again embark on the road towards democracy when a new leader comes to power in the country.
In light of the fact that Turkmenistan Borders Iran and Afghanistan. I am blown away hearing that we can even think about wanting another Democracy over there knowing that Turkmenistan is 89% Muslim. Knowing that it is strategically set right in the middle of the action, on the Caspian Sea and bordering Iran is bad enough.
Then realizing that many feel Bush attacked Iraq and destabilizing the middle east was all about oil I learn this. Extensive hydrocarbon/natural gas reserves could prove a boon to this underdeveloped country if extraction and delivery projects were to be expanded. The Turkmenistan Government is actively seeking to develop alternative petroleum transportation routes in order to break Russia's pipeline monopoly.
Knowing that Turkmenistan was annexed by Russia between 1865 and 1885 and was part of the Soviet Republic until it dissolved in 1991. Can we possibly think that Putin will allow the west to get their mitts on something so valuable to them. Check out the Turkmenistan fact book. It's quite interesting.
Yesterday I felt pretty good about the fact that Iran and U.S. citizens have voted out the warmongering conservatives. Prior to that I have always said that when all is said and done in the middle east Bush will find a reason to attack Iran and Russia and China would come in on their side. After hearing this I am again very concerned.
Couple all that with another carrier Group heading to the middle east, more troops heading to Iraq, and Bush now wants a larger military, you have to be very concerned with the chief idiot at the helm. What is he going to do next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Controversial Colin said...

ALQUEDA or the Taliban will probably move into Turkmenistan and take the place over.

More problems for the global shit pile.

Everything is going FUBAR on this earth.

Take care Jim..

an average patriot said...

Hi Colin
Unbelievable! I am putting together an update on this. Many people thought I was concerned for nothing. I just got my hands on how volatile it is there.
Russia won't let us get our hands on Turkmenistan, Bush wants it and its plentiful resources as does Russia, it is on the Caspian, and being that it Borders Iran and is 89% muslim, they too will be exerting their influence.
couple all that with another carrier group heading to the middle east, Bush wanting more troops in lost Iraq, and now he wants a larger military. What the fuck is next? I'm sure he will find his excuse to attack Iran.
I don't know how far back you go on my posts but I have said all along in the end we will be facing Russia and china too as well as the 135 NON. You're right FUBAR, more shit to the pile, and we are fucked. Take care!