Thursday, December 14, 2006

Highly recommended Diaries on How to Succeed in Iraq are a waste! We have other fish to Fry!

Highly recommended Diaries on How to Succeed in Iraq are a waste! Bush screwed up, we have other fish to fry!
The U.S. has already lost Iraq! We are also losing the war on terror around the world but we can not if we want a future! That is what we better start concerning ourselves with, not Iraq!
It is very dismaying knowing that Iraq was lost ever since Bush diverted from the so called war on terror in order to attack Iraq and start to implement his due to fail from day one, new middle east order. no one, I don't care what their credentials are, can prevent Iraq from the total chaos it is in and it will encompass the entire middle east. Then it will get worse from there. It is beyond control and I am sick of these idiots thinking they can stop anything.
Bush screwed up and no one can stop the breakdown Bush started by attacking Iraq. The hell that would happen as Bush keeps threatening, will happen anyway and as he bragged about freeing 12 million people and freeing Iraq into hell, The credit is all his and he better not forget it. No one can pull his head out of his ass and we better concentrate on the bigger picture because this is still just getting started.
I have been saying for years now, like it or not, this is a world wide war against Islam years in the making and it is by their choice as they feel now is the time for payback!
We must wake up to this fact. we must remember it is not just Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S. it is the entire world and it will not be quelled with so called Diplomacy.
Russia is battling Chechens fighting for Religion and The rebels make no bones about their ultimate goal of uniting the Caucasus region of southwestern Russia into an Islamic state.
China now labels as terrorists those who are fighting for an independent state in the northwestern province of Xinjiang, which the separatists call "Eastern Turkestan." The government considers these activists part of a network of international Islamic terror, with funding from the Middle East, training in Pakistan, and combat experience in Chechnya and Afghanistan.

A government-controlled newspaper in Afghanistan has accused Pakistan's government of equipping the Taliban and sending them into the country.
Afghanistan's Karzai has been crying uncle! Israel's PM Olmert seemingly threatens Iran with nukes who says they are threatened and Israel will soon be wiped off the map, again. Palestinian gunmen further their cause by killing a Islamic Judge and Hamas Commander.
Somali Islamist forces and pro-government troops dug in on Wednesday on either side of a frontline in the divided Horn of Africa nation which has this week slid closer to all-out war.
Regional power Ethiopia, however, scoffed at an Islamist vow to attack Somali government lines.
I wouldn't be laughing. This as we should all know, adds up to a global war between and on Islam!
England has more than its share of problems there. We know Basque separatists want their own Islamic Nation there.
This so called global war on terror whether we like it or not is in fact a world wide war on Islam. It is wanted worldwide by so called Islamist's. They want total anonymity and nothing less. I hear worthless debates all day long on every channel all night long. Look at the big picture. Iraq can not be won, neither can the middle east, and unless someone wakes up we will not win the war on terror.
One positive thing I can see out of all this is that as Islamist's step up their efforts in China, Russia, and around the world on all interests is that it might be the only thing that will keep Russia, China, and the U.S. from war amongst themselves.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

A wonderful post, AAP! You might add to that that this is a Christian war against Islam, which is nibbling around the edges of nonbelievers around the world and here at home as well.

an average patriot said...

Glad to hear from you. You know, you are funny but I thought I would spare that as I have said so many times that we have perverted unridled Religiosity on both sides of this with Bush having done to Christianity and America what he accuses the Islamists of doing to Islam. With Perverted Religion on both sides os this it will be the longest and the worst ever seen and it is still just getting started. Then it gets worse! thanks again!