Saturday, December 30, 2006

Now that Saddam is dead Look at the hell that is getting ready to occur!

You thought it was bad before, now watch!
Saddam's attorney's we're wasting their time as they asked for U.S. intervention! They filed documents Friday afternoon asking for an emergency restraining order aimed at stopping the U.S. government from relinquishing custody of the condemned former Iraqi leader to Iraqi officials, a spokeswoman for a federal court in Washington D.C. said. That is the only thing that would have halted the total breakdown that will occur not that Saddam is dead.
You have to believe that hanging Saddam will only serve to further the hell Bush has created for Iraq. India and Russia are right to be concerned about furthering the division in Iraq. They did not want to see Saddam hanged and they felt correctly that it would obstruct the course of reconciliation and delay the restoration of peace in Iraq. Now the hell Bush created in Iraq will now be on full bore!
We hear threats every day from the Baath party that they would have retribution if Saddam was hanged. Now that he is dead despite tightened security with 31 recent dead the worsening violence is just beginning. I also saw on the news that there was a rush of volunteers to be the one to pull the lever on the Shiite side! Also that the men who led him to the gallows were hooded so they couldn't be identified. This wasn't a victory for the Iraqi people. This was merely vengeance. If they cared about a unified Iraq they would have kept him alive regardless of how distasteful.

As you know from past experience every single time Bush declares a victory for the Iraqi people the hell Bush has created in Iraq increases. The elections under gunpoint, the creation of a Government under duress, the killing of Zarqawi, have all served to bring the sectarian violence to the next level with thousands and thousands more murdered every time Bush declares a victory for the Iraqi people.
They can't survive any more of Bush's victories! With the Baathists threatening retaliation against Americans and Shiite you have to believe Hanging Saddam will make the sectarian war in Iraq unstoppable though I think it already was. Now it will get worse! This will be the trigger that sets it off full scale. The hanging of Saddam will be the final step to total chaos and breakdown of any chance for order in Iraq! All the stops will be pulled by both parties and all hell will now break out! That is a fact not a possibility!
Remember, this is at a time when this threat supposedly from Al Qaeda in Iraq was recently received. This will be bad! The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, said his fighters were now launching a new offensive. Baghdadi's speech appeared aimed at establishing the credibility of the previously declared "Islamic state" among Sunni Arabs, locked in increasing sectarian violence with Iraq’s Shiite majority. It will now get a lot worse! Sunni Arab insurgents hold sway in parts of western Anbar province and some towns and villages of Diyala province northeast of Baghdad; in some districts, they have even tried to enforce strict versions of Islamic law on residents.
With support supposedly growing for an Islamic State and Baghdadi actively recruiting former officers of Saddam's army and the fact that Bush of course will ignore warnings and is going to add more troops to his failure to be needlessly killed, this is going to scare the hell out of you! .
Addressing the United States, al-Baghdadi said: "We are announcing today our orders for you, so obey them before you regret it."We order you to withdraw your troops immediately, using troop carriers and aircraft, and taking only your personal weapons. Don't withdraw any heavy weapons. Instead you should hand over those and your military bases to the holy warriors of the Islamic State," he said.
He has extended an offer for a one month truce for the withdrawal, He said the withdrawal period should not exceed one month, and during that time "we will allow the withdrawal to proceed without being attacked by explosives or any other form." Washington had two weeks to respond to the truce offer, he said.
Just remember amidst all this there is another carrier group heading to the middle east and Bush appears to be promising to send 20,000 or 30,000 more American's into the hell he has created. It is asinine to me to hear that Bush is planning to put our troops on the street corners to keep the streets secure while in actuality all it will do is make those poor soldiers target practice for an increasing amount of snipers and increase and further the wasting of American lives on a cause that was a guaranteed failure from conception.

To top it off we are also hearing of recruiting mercenaries overseas in trade for U.S. citizenship. Bush is getting desperate but No matter what anyone says or does no one will turn around bush's Iraqi breakdown and it will spread throughout the entire middle east! Bush refuses to realize the gravity of what he has done and what he is still doing!

In closing I must say that since last night I have been seeing multitudes of posts on the issue of Saddam's hanging but I feel it necessary to post this still because what Bush has started in Iraq will not be controlled and their is no turning it around. It is not a question of whether or not the violence will in crease or be quelled. It is a question of when the chief idiot will ever realize he screwed up and we better get out of there?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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