Friday, December 15, 2006

Please get well Senator Johnson the future of Iraq depends on you!

President Bush said Wednesday he will not be rushed into a decision on "a new way forward in Iraq," but pledged that his new strategy will give troops there all the tools they need to "complete their mission."
In a message for the troops, Bush said, "I am listening to a lot of advice to develop a strategy to help you succeed, a lot of consultations. I will be delivering my plans after a long deliberation, after steady deliberation. I'm not going to be rushed into making a decision."
Bush said that during his consultations he had heard some "interesting" ideas, but would not specifically address them.
This delay in his so called important speech on a change of direction in Iraq is very dangerous and not just to American troops in Iraq! Bush pushed back his announcement date until January in the hopes that buying more time would give him more time to hear what he wanted. McCain gave him that yesterday.
As you know,McCain wants to send 30,000 more troops potentially to their death in Bush's failed Iraq and Lieberman agrees!
Sen. John McCain said Thursday that America should to deploy 15,000 to 30,000 more troops to Iraq to control its sectarian violence, and give moderate Iraqi politicians the stability they need to take the country in the right direction. I have to tell you, I million more troops would do nothing but bring more violence.
McCain made the remarks to reporters in Baghdad, where he and five other members of Congress were meeting with U.S. and Iraqi officials. Sadly Bush will assumedly move in this wrong direction!
"The American people are disappointed and frustrated with the Iraq war, but they want us to succeed if there's any way to do that," McCain, a possible 2008 presidential candidate, said at a news conference at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq's heavily fortified Green Zone. There will be no success period!
Iraq was lost the day the chief idiot diverted from the so called war on terror in Afghanistan and attacked Iraq to destabilize the middle east in order to establish what he stupidly thought would be his new middle east order. There will be a new order but it will not be his or anyone else's. It will be total disorder and sending more troops to Iraq will do nothing but add one more Vietnam nail in the coffin. No one or nothing can turn around the Iraqi breakdown that will soon encompass the entire middle east that Bush stupidly set in motion.
I have to say though if and when the blind sheikh dies things will get worse not only there but around the world.
With Senator Leahy and others making subpoena threats i.e. The incoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that he would subpoena Bush administration officials if they refused requests for documents and testimony, including two long-sought memos detailing its detention and treatment of terrorism suspects overseas.
I hate to say it but so much rests on the life of Senator Johnson. As you know, he is recovering from brain surgery and the balance of the Senate rests with his life or death. As you know, if the Republican Governor from South Dakota gets to replace his replacement it will be another Republican giving the Senate a 50, 50 split with Cheney giving the senate back to the Republicans.

The very future of Iraq is dependant on Senator Johnson. All our plans to help America all rests on the life of one man. Oh whoa is me! Please get better Senator Johnson. We need you here!

James Joiner

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