Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Help fix Bush's messes around the world China, float our Debt as Bush sinks the ship called America...

Help us fix Bush's messes around the world China, float our Debt as Bush sinks the ship called America, But give us what we want or your screwed!
Bush administration Monday criticized China's record on opening its markets and said the U.S. would not hesitate to seek economic sanctions if that record does not improve. Knowing this misadministration I find that really fucked up!
Calling China's record "decidedly mixed," U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab released a 100-page report that accused the Chinese of failing to live up to commitments it made five years ago when it joined the World Trade Organization. Five years ago! Why make threats now? What is the ulterior motive?
The annual report, which is required by Congress, said that stronger action was needed on the part of the Chinese government to crack down on widespread copyright piracy.
It said China should also work harder to eliminate government policies that unfairly discriminate in favor of Chinese companies...

and block U.S. exports and hinder American financial and other service companies seeking to do business in China.
Gee! China is favoring their companies. Sounds like a U.S. policy used on us. I don't have to remind you but think of all the demands we are making on China just in helping to solve Bush's messes around the world and he expects them to cooperate while he is threatening them on the other hand. What the hell is up with this freaking messadministration?
At last count to me china was buying 2 Billion dollars worth of Bush's successful debt every day. They are floating while he is sinking our ship called America!
Bush is threatening China with their skyrocketing economy, sky rocketing military that now routinely holds war games with another Bush friend, Russia.
Bush is threatening China while he deflates America and China is gaining influence and prominence around the world.
Bush is threatening China while his friend Chavez and others are giving China more of the oil that was once given to us.
Bush thinks it should be a good time to threaten china while we are begging them for help out of the mess Bush has created with his misDiplomacy with North Korea.
Bush has attacked Iraq destabilizing the middle east and with Iraq's breakdown soon to embroil the entire middle east including Iran, Bush sees this as a good time to threaten China as he asks for their help in sanctioning Iran in an attempt to keep nuclear capabilities out of their hands.
I must say that China in many instances deserves to be sanctioned if it is worth anything but not only should it have been done a long time ago but is it the right time to be threatening them with sanction while Bush has put us in such a vulnerable unenviable poition around the world?
It is MHO that this is just continued stupidity and Audacity of Bush's misadministration and mispolicies. Bush due to his misadministration of the world is in no position to be making demands of anyone. However nothing stops this idiot from screwing up. What the hell?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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