Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Idiocy and Audacity that anyone thinks they can stop Bush's middle east Breakdown!

Okay, so the Iraqi study Group has branded Bush's policies the failure that it has always been, was destined to be, and their proposals are worthless! The troop pullout will not happen, Bush will continue to waste American lives for his lost cause, and the use of advisors we have been saying, should have been done long ago If we were to learn anything from Vietnam. In Nam We went in as advisors first, sent in combat regulars, and then got thrown out.
We should be doing just the opposite now. We went in hard, and should already have turned most forces over to advisory roles and started withdrawing. However, it no longer matters. no one can stop the Iraqi middle east breakdown that Bush guaranteed when he attacked Iraq.
There will be no bipartisan Diplomacy from us or more importantly from the Shiite's and Sunni. They don't want it. They want their own sect to have their way and that's it. That's the way it has always been and Bush isn't going to change that but rather reinforce it.

The experts keep saying Bush must listen unless he wants to pay politically. He could care less. He isn't running any more. If he had any intention of listening to them he wouldn't have assigned his own group to tell him what he wanted.
Regardless, no one can stop what Bush started when he diverted from the so called war on terror to attack Iraq to start to implement his new middle east order.
Failure was a given from the start and no one can stop this breakdown now. This is still just getting started and will get a hell of a lot worse and spread throughout the entire middle east. Then it gets worse!
Bush will also go against his own party then he can say to Iraq I told you I wouldn't abandon you and I didn't. After we leave he will also stupidly insist that if we had stayed we would have won but no way in hell!
He had a plan from the beginning and no one is going to alter its end now!
From 9/11 he has been following a plan. Fighting terrorism was not it. It was just the reason he needed to attack Iraq and start to implement his new middle east and world order.
As you may remember, Bush was looking for something to happen that would put the country and the world behind what he already had plans to do and it wasn't fighting terrorism as he wanted you to think. 9/11 gave him that something. He has been lying and misleading right from the beginning.
He had plans right from the beginning to establish a new middle east order.
He used the excuse of 9/11 to attack Iraq and unsettle the middle east guaranteeing the loss of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the entire middle east. If fighting terrorism was his goal he would have stayed in Afghanistan or gone after Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. He lied to our troops and us from the beginning. Nothing and no one can stop this now. It is beyond anyone's control and it will get a lot worse. He did this so he could further his idea of a new middle east order. Of course lying all the while and whipping up as much support and frenzy as he could in the media and minds he controls until he can fully implement his plans. However they were doomed to fail from conception!
At this point it behooves him to continue to ignore reality and continue to whip up a frenzy so he can continue staying the course in order to further prosecute his new middle east order. However it has already failed and no one can turn it around.
We are all shamelessly being used so Bush can follow his plan for new order and he will not be denied. I wrote this 3 years ago but it is more obvious today. Let me know what you think? I won't get any deeper but it gets worse from here.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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