Friday, December 08, 2006

Israel disputes connection to Iraq as Hizballah and Israel prepare to ratchet up the connection

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Israel’s prime minister said on Thursday that he disagreed with the Iraq Study Group’s linkage of the turmoil in Iraq to the need to resolve the conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors. There is a connection but not the way they think. We have discussed it often in the past and will again in a minute.
He also took issue with a recommendation in the report by the bipartisan commission on Iraq that urged talks involving Israel, the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon. Man, that will never happen. These people do not want diplomacy they want, man you know what they want. They want Israel obliterated and Israel is helping Bush create what they think will be a new middle east order. No one wants to talk!

Since their last bout ended in August, both Israel and Hizballah have been gearing up for a possible Round 2. Israeli, Arab and Lebanese sources hostile to Hizballah told TIME that the organization has been busy restocking its arsenal with help from Iran and Syria. Hizballah has taken delivery of Syrian-made Katyusha missiles with a range of almost 60 miles, able to strike the Israeli port of Haifa and maybe the northern outskirts of Tel Aviv.
The Israeli military estimates that Hizballah's arsenal now has over 20,000 short-range missiles and hundreds of medium-range ones. This arms pipeline starts in Iran, where shipments are usually loaded onto trains as disguised cargo, and wend their way across Turkey to Syria. From there, they are taken over the mountain passes to Lebanon by trucks, often smuggled under loads of vegetables. Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers, working from a military base near Damascus, direct this arms flow, these sources claim.
On both sides of the border they watch each other make preparations and eager recruits for Hizballah are going to Iran for further military training. Hizballah will do its share to drag Israel into this further. And Israel will do its share to reciprocate and hopefully draw the U.S. into this further.

From the get go I have tried to point out the connection between Bush diverting from the so called war on terror in Afghanistan in order to attack Iraq and start his share of a new middle east order while Israel was also doing her share in Lebanon and Palestine. Also Israel will be the excuse Bush will use to have to further this middle east breakdown as he will come to their rescue.
There is a connection between what Israel is doing and what Bush has done to Iraq .At this point both parties are just serving to fuel anger against them and nothing will stop that. This middle east breakdown will not be stopped by anything. It is going to happen because Bush and Israel are on one side fighting for their new order and the so called Islamists want their own.
It isn't that Israel has a direct influence on the breakdown in Iraq. It is Bush's, and Congresses fault for constantly rearming, financing, and turning a blind eye to what many view as Israeli aggression in furthering their and Bush's desire for new middle east order. It will fail and while the Iraq study group is faulting Israel, it is Bush's fault once again.
Regardless of what is done or who is blamed nothing will avert the sectarian violence and it will continue unabated. Bush's so called democratic intervention in the middle east has taken on a life of its own and will continue for many years beyond anyone's control or worst imagination.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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