Sunday, January 14, 2018

The political system was designed to take the election out of our hands

The political system was designed to take the election out of our hands because we were not trusted to pick our own leaders

First I must admit that because of Bush I have found myself forced to learn about the political process from the ground up under duress. Most of what I have found is very distasteful. The Political system does not favor us the voter but is designed to clandestinely take the voting process out of our hands. We have been determined not to be trusted with picking our own leaders!

** Here's their story, in short: A few decades ago, Democratic leaders felt that sometimes, Democratic voters were choosing poor presidential candidates: campaigners who couldn't win elections, or even if they could, they didn't please Democratic kingmakers.

Jimmy Carter, for example, was an obscure candidate who developed so much popular appeal that he essentially forced Democratic Party leaders to accept him as the nominee, even though not everyone was thrilled by it. See?

So the party changed the rules for picking its nominee. They made the super delegates: a super class of super Democrats, each of whom could vote at the convention for a candidate of choice -- in effect, giving each of these Democrats the power of tens of thousands of average citizens.

Who are they? Democratic members of Congress, governors, big-shot party members: Bill Clinton, for example. The theory was that the super delegates could help steer the party toward solid, competitive candidates, and away from Monday morning regrets.

There are about 800 of them, and that's a lot when you can win the nomination with only about 2,000 delegates. Hence the controversy. Even though one nominee is winning more delegates in actual primaries and caucuses, Another is substantially ahead of him in the overall delegate count because many more super delegates say they will vote for that individual. Maybe that shouldn't matter.

The Democratic nominee is not selected by a sea of Americans voters, but instead is anointed by party leaders. Super delegates can change their minds. What happened to we the people choosing, picking, and electing our leaders? Any way you look at it we aren't.

** We have got to get involved, change the system, take it Back the right to pick and elect our own leaders!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

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Demeur said...

You have to wonder about the system. The right has moved so far to the right that even their hero Ronald Reagan looks like a socialist to them. And they've pulled the democrats right along for the ride. How they think that the majority of this country are bible thumping anti abortion anti regulation republicans is a puzzle to me.

But the sad fact is that most Americans are not knowledgeable enough to make a wise decision. You yourself admitted that you didn't know the process. And here's a little fact that's overlooked. Civics is no longer taught in high school. Until things change I'd be a bit leery of a process akin to picking a winner from "Dancing with the stars or American Idol". So put your cell phones away for now.