Saturday, January 27, 2018

Republicans, the part of the American family we hate to admit to But...

We have to live with them if we are to succeed as one country and progress into the future. You can't live with them and you can't live without them it seems so we might as well train them to work for us. Michael Steele, Howard Dean revisited! We got it together, why we need the right too!

Since the Right first announced Michael Steel as the new face and head of the Republican Party he has been self destructing! He is just saying one wrong thing after the other at least as far as the Republican Party is concerned! I really like his stance on abortion. At least the first one before he corrected himself after alienating Republicans.

Like Howard Dean use to do Steele gives his view not the party's drawing contention. Howard Dean learned now it is Michael Steele's turn. I happen to agree with him here but I am a Democrat! Steele says what he believes before he thinks or remembers who he represents! I was loving the fact that he is self destructing and the Republican Party is in turmoil but now that I know McCain is positioning to take over as head of the party and I fully expect the old man to run for President again in 2012 I am very concerned. I do not like any of them but Jindal, Palin, Steele, they are all imploding leaving McCain to take over and I am concerned of a McCain Romney run in 2012.

Steele said he was pro choice on abortion! he said he wanted to knock off Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins (both of Maine) and Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, promising all three a primary for Supporting the watered-down stimulus Bill of President Obama! Attacking Limbaugh was a big mistake as he alienated half his party and had to apologize. He is being to assertive saying he is the leader and no one else instead of being an all inclusive uniter.

Rahm Emanuel successfully drove a wider wedge in the Republican party, one they created. With Limbaugh's over inflated ego Rahm was able to successfully use Limbaugh's inflated big head against him and the Republican Party! The Republicans are still self destructing. They are still the Party of no! The obstructive party! The destructive Party! The days of that succeeding are over. We have had enough! They better wake up and smell the coffee. After 8 years of having their way and changing our societal order they know they have to change or fail once again but they just cant.

The Republicans are like little kids! Like spoiled little kids their response is to hold their breath but it will not work this time. They as usual cry loud and often. They jump up and down hold temper tantrums do what they can to screw up Obama and turn the people against him and success in reclaiming our America but not this time! For our own good they are our competitors but if we are to succeed they must get it together.

* Let me explain! I am not interested in Republicans getting it together or winning anything because we can no longer afford to have them in control but we do need them to support us as we lead and for the good of the country. I do not like them, to hell with them but we do need them to get it together and to have their games stop if we are to succeed! They destroyed our America and our functioning societal order and replaced it with the hell you are watching grow every day and it is still just starting! They destroyed our America and are proud of their accomplishment.

Bush was the Destroyer in Chief! He sat unflinching at Obama's inauguration even though everything Obama listed in the daunting list of problems he had to address and instantly was because of his so called success. He was proud of his destruction of our America and replacing it with his Republican Fascist version and flew into the unset stating that he was proud of listening to no one and doing what he thought was right! I was remembering him saying once he would listen to no one but would rather listen to his dog as his helicopter lifted off He did nothing right for average Americans and we live the scum's worsening success every day.

His destruction is going to be playing out for generations even though he rode off into the sunset. The Republican Party is not as lucky! They better get it together because they will not be riding into the sunset though many of us wish they would. I shudder at the thought of Reid and Pelosi getting in Obama's way and functioning or malfunctioning unchecked. I do not think they are on our side either but are interested only in their own selfish agenda which is not ours or Obama's!

That said like it or not we have to hope for our own sake that the Republicans get it together. Not just mask the same old destructive do nothing policies they must actually successfully reinvent themselves and start to be constructive. It is not for them but for the United States! Your version or not we must join together see that Obama succeeds and successfully move forward if we are to have a future! I would rather see Steele succeed than fail and have McCain take over.

The Religious Right had given Steele a choice choose life or abortion. They said choose life or get out of the way! He must re read Republican Party policy!Like it or not whatever he thinks does not matter. He represented the Republican Party and their beliefs. They have to get it together or go away and they won't go away. It is a dire necessity in order to succeed in an increasingly tenuous future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think the republicans are stuck. Steele must pull them back closer to center a difficult task. The party seems to be fighting back tooth and nail. I think they will continue in their obstructionist MO as they have nothing left to offer.
But the real issue is whether Obama can hold the lobbyists and corporate interests at bay until he can get his plans in place. The stimulus is just the start. Whether the republicans will continue and use their last scrap of power the filibuster to stymie Obama we will see. If they do and hold up progress then they will end up like the Whig party. Destined to a page of history books.
It may not be a question if we need them or not. The adults must take over the government send the kids to their room and the clean up must continue.

an average patriot said...

That is funny! I think except for Wexler Obama and Biden are the only two adults in Washington.

Obama more than has his work cut out for him! He is on his own. Pelosi and Reid are idiots on their own selfish agenda.

It is paramount that the right get their act together but should never be in control again but rather back up the Democrats!

Someone said it is nice to have adults in Washington again but we need them all to grow up not just a few!

One Fly said...

I think you may be hoping for too much from the repug's Jim. When the time comes they will lie cheat and steal and whatever else is needed to get elected and then it will be business as usual. I will never trust them not even for a second.

Brother Tim said...

I think the damage McCain can do will be minimal. Don't worry about 2012. McCain is history, we're just wating on the ink to dry. If his melanoma doesn't reappear, senility has a firm grasp on him. His days as a political force are short-numbered.

Larry said...

Steele is an airhead and a token in a party full of spineless racists and warmongers.

an average patriot said...

one fly
I am afraid I know you are right but we must somehow impress upon them the dire importance of cooperating for the good of our survival to hell with the Party's for now!

an average patriot said...

I hope you are right but if he still has a semi clean bill of health they will nominate him! He is right now looking at taking over for Steele and positio0ning himself for 2012.

an average patriot said...

I agree! So isn't Jindal but I hope when they get rid of Steele Blacks and others realize those scum have not changed and jump ship!