Thursday, January 25, 2018

Money laundering is legal in Politics, Man are we in trouble!

This is really sick! We just discussed this and now that this happened and some idiots gave the Republicans a supposed mandate to do more of the same I have to clarify why my last headline on this subject was "the best and the brightest are going to be our demise" First that ass Delay did the standard Political thing and said his money laundering is standard practice in Politics, not illegal, and like the rest of the guilty idiots declared he will be vindicated. Hell they are all guilty some have just not been caught yet! Former House Majority Leader DeLay Convicted of Money Laundering in Texas

Okay! Now I will clarify. I have a good friend I will invite you all to read his many works as he has touched us all and is known around the world. He is known on line as The Relentless Liberal His real name is Jerome Grossman, oh yeah he is 93 and he is behind the Vietnam Moratorium, the Council for a livable world, America's nuclear nonproliferation program, and many more programs and foundation's that touch us all.

I first met him at one of his routine lectures and he knows his subjects well. The problem lies in the fact that Jerome is principled and thinks all our Politicians are and in being so are the best and the brightest. At one time they may have been but not any more. They are in it for themselves, to see what they can take before we go down and their party. We are on our own!

As you know President Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility to suggest solutions to the nation’s fiscal problems.

He appointed two chairmen of the commission; Erskine Bowles, the Democratic co-chair with a big business background and a small government agenda; and Alan Simpson, the Republican co-chair, had been a US senator whose voting record was solidly cautious conservative. What a surprise they recommend screwing the needy and average Americans.

My youngest just got back from Afghanistan and called yesterday concerned with threats to their health care and their retirement age.

Cut needless weapons there are Billions of dollars worth. Jim is in control in EOD and fighting the bureaucracy there where there is that much just there. It will not change as long as they put company associated civilians in charge.

This militaristic corporatocracy really irks me. Anyway Bush's goal was to destroy the middle class and FDR's legacy. When I ever heard Romney campaigning for McCain and saying Democrats Social Security and us trying to take care of everyone was America's number one enemy I knew we were in trouble.

We are in serious trouble and we let the best and the brightest do it to us. I have come to realize they are all corrupt. They get into Politics to see what they can steal.

They are all corrupt! Who gets caught is dictated by who is in power. Republicans all came up dirty as the Democrats are now. Now it is the blacks!

Rangel, someone caught with $100,000 in their freezer, flushing $80,000, It matters not. The scum I mean best and the brightest say they will be vindicate.

This is sick and we are in serious trouble because we trusted the best and the brightest who only care about themselves and their party. You know I say consistently that average citizens of every country do not matter. They are only cannon fodder and tools to be placated until they can be used to serve the interest of the ruling party.

* No wonder trump is a low life and believes he is President and can do what he wants.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

and the only ones that can change it are themselves and it will never happen. we got bastards associated with the KKK being invited to the Colorado state capital to spew their shit on immigration. A repug invite.

an average patriot said...

Tom they will never change and it is sorry. This never ending stream of pompous corruption should tell even the brain dead we are run by scum and in serious trouble. You are right, looking at and listening to Boehner, Mcconnell, Cantor,and the rest of them it is very scary!

Demeur said...

It will be interesting to see when they start going after the Blacks in their own party. Oh that's right they want Steele out. So I guess they've already started.

an average patriot said...

Demeur yeah Steel might be the first one. I hate when people criticize over the Nazi comparison but that is the R party. They will turn on those that helped them as the Nazi's cleansed themselves of the Jews.

I do not like what I am seeing. Now they are going to shut everything down until they get what they want. This is going to be bad and I can't believe people didn't see it coming.

Dave Dubya said...

The police state is now in place. All that's needed for the final clampdown is one more terrorist attack, war or Republican President.

I wrote a bad little poem to help explain.

Brave New Amerika

Americans have long been indoctrinated
To revere wealth and the wealthy
They have been told they too may become wealthy.

Instead they are programmed to be mere serfs
In the looming neo-feudalist society
Their economic elite lords and masters
Shall rule by divine right of wealth

And the serfs shall be taught to believe it is God's plan
In the brave new Amerika Inc. of Republistan

an average patriot said...

Dave we were saying it under Bush but it keeps getting worse. Boehner, Mcconnell, and Cantor are scary as hell. We are so screwed.