Friday, January 26, 2018

Our Government the Best and the Brightest will be our demise!

As you know President Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility to suggest solutions to the nation’s fiscal problems.

He appointed two chairmen of the commission; Erskine Bowles, the Democratic co-chair with a big business background and a small government agenda; and Alan Simpson, the Republican co-chair, had been a US senator whose voting record was solidly cautious conservative. What a surprise they recommend screwing the needy and average Americans.

My youngest just got back from Afghanistan and called yesterday concerned with threats to their health care and their retirement age.

Cut needless weapons there are Billions of dollars worth. Jim is in control in EOD and fighting the bureaucracy there where there is that much just there. It will not change as long as they put company associated civilians in charge.

This militaristic corporatocracy really irks me. Anyway Bush's goal was to destroy the middle class and FDR's legacy. When I ever heard Romney campaigning for McCain and saying Democrats Social Security and us trying to take care of everyone was America's number one enemy I knew we were in trouble.

We are in serious trouble and we let the best and the brightest do it to us. I have come to realize they are all corrupt. They get into Politics to see what they can steal.

They are all corrupt! Who gets caught is dictated by who is in power. Republicans all came up dirty as the Democrats are now. Now it is the blacks!

Rangel, someone caught with $100,000 in their freezer, flushing $80,000, It matters not. The scum I mean best and the brightest say they will be vindicate.

This is sick and we are in serious trouble because we trusted the best and the brightest who only care about themselves and their party. You know I say consistently that average citizens of every country do not matter. They are only cannon fodder and tools to be placated until they can be used to serve the interest of the ruling party.

* Now we have the childish inept pathological idiot screwing us up around the world and proud of it. He made a hollow sound at Davos Economic Forum as he isolates the US from the word and this fake man and President, the worst in the world will continue until we are no longer a threat. God help us!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

There is not much of anything done the way it should be Jim without noticeable conflict of interest.

I'm sure you;ve seen there was some shooting going on in the Korea's.

an average patriot said...

Tom I just added to a story I put together on Korea but will keep watching. Knowing the Kim's just visited China I think China is pulling the strings of conflict to keep Democracy off their door step.

Also with us, nothing is done for us or without conflict only for the parties or selfish interest. It really is sick to watch. One of my brothers called last night disgusted but we are so screwed and most people just do not give a damn. They are taking us down too!