Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Todays Example Of Mind Blowing Right Wing Bringing About The End Of The World!


Trump is now  President so you better worry more than ever and that is a sad fact.trump seems to have a propensity for war especially with North Korea.

In response to my post "10 YEARS AGO" on Lebanon Being the latest entry in Bush's idea of a new Middle East and World order.

Sandy Says this:
Why is no one surprised you are blaming Bush for everything? Do you realize how foolish you look?
This whole war thing is Biblical. It has been prophesied for over 2000 years. Get a clue kids. Read the Bible.

The end times are near. I am prepared and going to Heaven are you?
*Please recommend this so this gets coverage! This Stuns me!

Hi Sandy
I guess it is worthless to ask you to stop the harmful to America childish rhetoric. I have obviously read the Bible and comprehended it more times than you have. As A Mormon, a Catholic, and a practicing unbiased Christian.

This is Biblical but the Bible has been purposely mystified as has the Koran, in order to compete against other Religions and gain converts over the years. There are parts that cannot be explained for a reason. They are not right! That is why it is left up to you to come up with your own interpretation.

I believe in the Bible and the end of times but God will favor no one that brings it about purposely, that which is his to do. Bush has sided with the Israeli's because he thinks they are the chosen ones. They both think they are doing Gods work. But so don't the Islamist's.

Bush had perverted Christianity as the Islamist's have done to Islam. as a result we have extreme perverted Religion on both sides of the war equation. Religious wars as you might know are the longest, most horrible, and most deadliest there is.

The end times may be near but it will not be the way Bush or you think or will like. The end of times according to Holy books, is up to God not Bush, The Jews, or the Islamist's.

I have been calling for what is happening right now in the country and around the world for years. A total breakdown of societal and world order. However, I did not foresee it being put on the fast track by Bush.

I am sorry if it always boils down to Bush but he believed he was doing Gods work and god told him to attack Iraq and straighten out the Middle East. He might be talking to someone but I don't know who because it isn't God and he will not like the way this is all going to work out!

One last note! I am beyond prepared. I have a role to play and life on earth for some is just a preparation for the next step of furthering the universe.

If you believe in the beliefs of Popes and other worldly Religious believers whatever you practice, then you might have some understanding but you have got to cool the childish rhetoric. That does not help or further the right cause. It only works counter and is in no ones favor!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Michael J. Farrand said...

As for "The End of Times, I've made a poetic rant of it from the Book of Revelation which reads well aloud.