Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mans future: sadly It is in our hands and man can't manage himself

As we watch world events every day Syria has taken center stage in our fight for the future and attempt at world dominance as we destroy the planet. I have been in a funk watching the Syrian people being sacrificed for nothing. This is a waste and is way to old. This is way beyond the trivial battles being waged by the common man. When the powers to be are ready the sky is going to fall but on who?

The day I started high school and all my world endeavors I saw what was happening and my friends thought I was crazy in 1970. It can no longer be denied!Not to get too involved now but after what has happened since Bush and our past as a warring depleting destructive country and all the crap happening right now I came to the conclusion that man is not the planets savior but his role is to bring the whole life cycle full swing and he is. A Time Line of Life's Cycles and Where We Are in Them and 

Life's cycles, the final stages

Under Bush it was so hard to watch and it keeps getting worse. We are at a point in man and the planets life cycle called the nurturing stage "the end" if we do not take the right steps and we refuse to accept it.

Instead we just had the Gulf of Mexico now Japan and though the time where war is sustainable is over we continue to push for more and make this planet so that no one can live on it.

We hear there are millions of universes and since we are destroying ours you have to think someone knows of another planet for us somewhere. We can't be this stupid or so you have to hope.

Did you ever read China's nasty surprise for us known as "assassins mace" or read about our "HAARP" You can Google it or I have the links having used them numerous times but not good.Here it all is from a discussion we had 3 years ago now

If we have the space war no one supposedly wants but we are prepared for we are all stuck here. HAARP has been in progress for a century, do you remember when a couple years back the entire middle east went dead except for the US and Iraq? That was no accident.

Remember when a Russian and US satellite bumped into each other over Russia? That was no accident either. Read Assassins mace,it is in the link above, not good!

Also remember around 2 years ago when China took down her own satellite to see if they can? Well Russia, China, and the US can and much worse. Just the other day a tiny piece of that junk had us afraid the space station was going to be hit and they were preparing for it.

In a nut shell if they have a space war and destroy each others satellites we are all stuck on mother earth that they are destroying.

So much is made of oil and weapons but whoever owns space owns the future. Take out the satellites and aircraft carriers are dead in the water like the rest of the navy and entire modern military. "the best laid plans of men and mice" All we can do is shake our heads and go for the ride because we do not matter!

As we follow the path of the Roman Empire it will all get worse as it is and those who can pilfer the ship as they are before it sinks as they are every day and we can just watch. What a future huh? AAARRRGGGHHH!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Take your tin foil hat off Jim. Scientists have been trying to figure out a way to control the weather for generations. HAARP as large as it may be can't do any more damage than a solar flare. In fact I'd be more fearful of the sun's power.

A few of our failures:
Tried to blow up or melt icebergs - fail
Tried to stop hurricanes - fail
Tried to prevent tornadoes - fail

As for hitting something in space it would be easier to hack the computer systems as we saw Al Qaeda do to our drones.

The HAARP project is no secret but a consortium of universities studying the ionosphere. As Groucho would say "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

an average patriot said...

I wish you would have looked at the links before you commented. They have been working on HAARP for a hundred years.

Don't you remember during Iraq every country over there lost all communications except for us and Iraq. That was no failure or accident. They blamed it on a ship hitting a cable.

Don't you remember when China took out its own satellite in a "test" about 2 years ago or when a Russian satellite bumped in to an American one over Russia.\

That was no frigging accident. You better read the link Assassins mace and wake up before that bridge falls on your head.