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There are many! What do you Question?

The New World Order? was posted to Question It Now by F. Anderson on 8/24/05.
The following Questions were posed, followed by my answers. I would like to hear your input!

1.What ever happened to the war on poverty?

2.What happened to America's commitment to human rights?

3.What is happening to education in America?

4.When will politicians tackle healthcare costs?

5.Is the USA losing its lead in the world?

6.Is the Cold War over?

7.Is America more secure than it was before 9/11/01?

8.Is Communist China the next Super Power?

9.Will we preserve, protect, and defend America?

What do you think?

Having written my own Doctrine of fact/Bush uncovered 3 years ago. I believe you read it so ignore it but I told you I had the unequivocal answers to all those questions and more.

1. the war on poverty fell victim to Bush's new societal order. It is not a concern of his. He still has a way to go in implementing his plan but as you see, he is well on his way. He still has a way to go in lowering the plight of the lower classes. With his laws passed to their demise and to help the rich and the poor getting poorer with food stamp use alone up 33% since he took office, he has done a good job but not for us.

2. Human rights too is no concern to Bush and counter to his new societal order in which his illegal's play an important role being the foundation for his new society

3. Education while supposed to be the cornerstone of Bush's Presidency is also a victim of his new societal order. Educating the lower classes is also not in his interest. He does need to educate those required to fill his technical and upper class positions. Those are coming from the upper Colleges, the lucky few, or better educated legal or illegal immigrants that he plans on legalizing which again has been part of his plan from the beginning.

4. Politicians will not tackle health care costs unless Dems are in control of the issues. Healthcare costs are a bigger issue than most realize. This too is part of Bush's plan for new societal order. Little by little he is excusing Industry and big business from their obligations. More people are having to be picked up by the Federal program which will soon be bankrupt. The healthcare costs are increasingly being handed over as the responsibility of individuals or volunteer free programs and not companies.

5. The USA is losing its lead in the world and Bush in his relentless pursuance of his new world order has only sped us up on the road of the Roman Empire.

6. The cold war is not over! Only in the minds of Bushco who use that impliance as an excuse to further their cause of new middle east, and world order. Just look at North Korea, Russia, China. All and more are clandestinely increasing their arms in order to be used against us in the future. It is all building and Bush continues to ignore it because again, he must in order to finish his plan to prosecute the very new world order that you know has been his plan from the beginning. Saying he is purposely pushing us towards world war is only recognizing reality. It is the final step in his creation of disorder necessary in order for him to replace with his new order. He can then implement his new world order. It will happen but not as he thinks and it will be more painful and convulsive than most realize.

7. America is not more secure than 9/11. Bush has increased terrorism and our insecurity. Instead of denying this he should tell the truth and I don't think he realizes what that is! He might but he must ignore reality and stay the course in order to prosecute his new societal, middle east, and world order. the so called terrorists have been increased but since this is all still beginning, It would have happened anyway. Like it or not we will be taking on Islam as they too want a new order as you know and it is counter to Bush's.

8. Before all is said and done China will emerge as the next superpower. I have done many posts pointing out that the non aligned Nations now number 118 Nations. 2/3 of the world. Bush will minimize them as he does . But, with the many enemies he is creating as a result of attacking Iraq and destabilizing an already unstable middle east coupled with the fact that Bush has humiliated China and Russia who are not holding joint military exercise for their health or to combat terrorism. One must realize they will side with the middle east, the non aligned Nations, and others that want to see our demise. that will put Israel, Britain, and the U.S. against the world. What a coincidence! Just the perfect scenario so that if Bush does complete his new world order, those he wants to rule it are all on the same side.

9. We will preserve, protect, and defend America but it will come at a lot higher price than most realize and the new world order will not be as anyone realizes are wants.

* Now tell me what you think!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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