Saturday, August 26, 2017

Welcome to the Age of Denial: Part 1; Religion


Evolution verse creationism again but why?

I am hearing more idiocy about Religion and it blows me away. First I remember watching CNN and someone actually said if we are not careful this could blow into a Religious war. What the heck do they think this is? We have perverted Religiosity on both sides of the so called war on terror "and we know Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest" and we are in a Religious war right here amongst ourselves with those who have perverted Christianity to deny the obvious fact of evolution. I mean come on!

Remember this ? Tea Party star Christine O'Donnell thinks evolution is a myth

First the ditz that is right there with her screwed up stances like her idol Sarah Palin made the opening skit of SNL (Saturday night live) Look at their line on masturbation, read what they have to say then watch the video. I am stupefied that idiots like O'Donnell and Palin make total fools of themselves and then think it is funny being ridiculed by SNL. have a laugh

Anyway thinking about this continued debate on evolution which absolutely amazes me I remembered that this was an issue a while back (5 years ago to be exact) and I wrote about it from an unbiased viewpoint. Here it is in response to Bush's intervention and Pat Robertson who has proven himself to be a major quack. Until these idiots came out of the wall and started voicing their idiocy emboldened by the fact that Bush was their champion I never heard or paid attention to these perverted Christian zealots.

I refuse to believe anyone with half a brain can deny evolution. If you believe in intelligent design "God "invented" man okay but you can not deny evolution unless you have a selfish interest and must deny the truth. That has become the mantra of being a Republican. Less than half a brain I have to laugh O'Donnell does qualify! The more things change the more they remain the same: A little Bush era perverted Christian fundamentalism history!

Thankfully to me Bush had proven once again the danger of Christian fundamentalism in our society. I had to talk about this because I thought as the President he had no right to inject his beliefs into a religious debate. Then we heard from another crackpot that God wouldn't help the town of Dover because they didn't want divine intervention taught in their Schools. what happened to the god that loves everyone? what happened to the god that forgives all? What do they think churches are for?

Those Fundamentalist seem to worship the same God as the Islamists do and that is extremely dangerous as we have said many times. We have discussed in the past the theory of intelligent design. I do not believe in this for Religious reasons but rather for common sense. like most, I happen to believe in evolution. I also believe in what we call intelligent design. There are unexplainable "bumps" in mans evolution.

Both if thought about unbiased are fact. However due to personal bias most take one side of the issue or the other. Both views however are part of the whole which is man today as we know him. Religion should not be taught in our public schools. However, in teaching one or the other you are just giving half the equation and thus injecting your own personal agenda. Bush was speaking up for his base the fundamentalist Christian Right to lifer's and he had no right to advocate any principle and neither does O'Donnell, she should just keep her idiocy to herself and go away.

Evolution is an undeniable fact, so too is some kind of intelligent design. The question is what or who is what we call "God"? We must remember that in the end our selfish bias should not be the measure. Right or wrong, the truth, the whole story, should be the only measure.
 We must get back to Thomas Jefferson's ideal that once you became a member of society you would automatically obtain common sense and do the right thing for that society not your own self interest. Forget about it today.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

Interestingly I was doing some research today about Syria. I found another parallel to Iraq. Yes I know Iraq is not the same situation but here's the scoop. Iraq was made up of a Shia majority and being run by a minority when Saddam was in power the Sunnis. In Syria it's just the opposite with a Shia minority running a Sunni majority.
But I think the biggest issue here isn't so much religion it's more about economics and inequities. With the sanctions on Syria and the current world recession it's almost a given that something had to give.
As for the evolution thing I wonder how they teach microbiology at a christian university without teaching evolution? It's an undeniable fact that viruses mutate (evolve).