Thursday, August 17, 2017

Under our eternal vigilance of our Democracy we put the Wolf in charge of the coup and had it stolen. We must foil this one world Government and...

Under our eternal vigilance of our Democracy we put the Wolf in charge of the coup and had it stolen. We must foil this one world Government and get our Democracy back!

This video as to the inevitability of the denied North American Union and the purposeful death of our America is stunning so I will list it again as it is very important and sadly only a small part of the whole. Lou Dobbs on the NAU and the loss of our Democracy

Nothing will be turned around because there is only one Decider. I received this video along with another from Dave Dubya a couple of cays ago and yesterday from Larry and Lydia. I included it in an update I sent to Jerome and Danny to illustrate how bad things are and that we better act quickly. I hope they look at all this and realize how serious this is. "democracy requires eternal Vigilance" And under our vigilance we let ours be stolen. Now we must take it back.

I have been up since 2:am thinking about my upcoming meeting with Danny and the relentless liberal. I have been sending Danny updates as I said but last night it dawned on me that the end of every article Jerome writes is ended with a Quote from Thomas Jefferson " Democracy requires endless vigilance"

Well we lost it as you know. While Politicians continue to play their childish games we have dropped our vigilance and put the wolf in charge of the coup. I am going to put something together today when I have a chance to illustrate why the worthless cheerleader was put in power and the eternal vigilance has been sidetracked. we are not a Democracy and this entire country and world wide mess is just beginning. Our eternal vigilance better be focused instantly on turning around what the Deciding life long loser cheerleader has well underway in his Fascist one world Government. I will be sending this update to Danny and ask him if he and Jerome have been reading the updates and links? If not they better because they are otherwise wasting their time. This has hit critical mass. I am sorry to say it but I have obviously been saying that too for years and wasting my breath.

First the latest example that Congress is useless and they will do as the Deciding Dictator tells them as he is the only one that matters. The White House must release its visitor logs and cannot hide behind a shield of privilege, a federal judge ruled Monday. The Bush administration has resisted public disclosure while it fights a lawsuit over alleged political influence by conservative Christian leaders. U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth concluded the information is part of the public record and is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act as "agency records."

He ordered the Secret Service to produce records within 20 days. The White House claimed exclusive control of the documents, subject to the complete discretion of the president over their release. The White House and the Secret Service in 2006 signed an agreement that visitors to the White House complex were not subject to public disclosure. That "memorandum of understanding" was disclosed during legal action over the Abramoff records. Another federal judge in Washington ordered the release of Secret Service logs of visitors to Vice President Dick Cheney's office. Cheney claimed those logs were subject to executive privilege. That ruling is being appealed.

This is really sickening. Bush just said hands off the CIA for destroying their torture tapes and that's that. Congress has proven over and over to be useless. This is no longer a Democracy but a hybrid Fascist Dictatorship in search of a forever war to implement a one world government. Tyranny, obstruction of Just, lying "the new truth" are all standard fare in this endeavor to destroy our America and emplace a one world Government. To that end this forever war is just beginning. All under "our eternal vigilance" and we better activate quickly to recover it as time is quickly running out!

This is worsened by the fact that some of us saw through Bush before he was elected and have had to watch the proven underhanded liar be handed everything he needed to follow his handlers plan. We know Bush is not bright enough to conjure this up himself! It was a setup from the beginning and will be right to the terrible end unless we the people who no longer matter can activate, come together, and stop this now!

I have said it so many times I am sick of saying it but We are no longer a Democracy or a Government of the People by the people for the people facilitated by society. We have in fact become a hybrid Fascist Dictatorship, a Government of the Politicians by the lobbyists and the affluent by the legal system facilitated by the media.

Let me give you some highlights of this nightmare as the set up unfolded right before our blind trusting eyes as we were reeled in hook line and sinker. Whoever the real powers are behind all this we will never know but they have had the plan for years but lacked the right raw material to push it through. All of a sudden they saw the obvious! the life long loser became electable despite the fact that he lied about his military service and the majority of his life
He got the teacher of underhanded dirty Politics to get him nominated despite the fact he could barely talk and was an obvious liar. Now they needed a VP so what a surprise, the real decider was chosen to pick a VP and Cheney the little Nazi chose himself. The set up begins!

He stole the first election we didn't elect him. 9/11 was allowed to happen so Bushco could get the country and the world behind what he was about to do. with fighting terrorism as his excuse he now could proceed to emplace this so called new world order with a one world Government. To do so he needed more power and an excuse to get back into the middle east. Passing the Patriot Act gave him the excuse to steal legally and illegally all the power he needed and he is now the sole decider and congress, the Senate, we the people, we are all powerless to stop him!

With the power he has diverted from the so called war on terror as he finally found a lying excuse people would fall for so he could get our military back into the middle east. As you are witnessing, he will not leave until he lies and finds a way to start his war with Iran as was only one part of the original plan set up before him in 1996. Attacking Iran is a given and I expect it undoubtedly before his time is up so he can take total control over every aspect of our lives and our America. This will initiate his necessary WW3 but I don't believe it will turn out as planned unless the top secret HAARP program is to disable the rest of the worlds satellites. Despite what most think as blunders everything is going like clock work. There is no way I see elections for 2008 unless they are to be stolen once again to finish this ill plan. If Bush was to attack Iran first and get this going full swing the decider will stay in office and see this nightmare one world Government scenario through!
The time is now for someone to step forward and even though it will be laughed off like every other outed reality and this nightmare will only continue. If our America and our Democracy is to be regained we must convert our "eternal vigilance" to "eternal action" Immediately!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


an average patriot said...

I have been trying to get through to Lydia's site but can't get through for some reason?

Wally da Weasel said...

I agree with you on everything but 'they allowed 9-11 to happen'. They made it happen. They did it. The American populace just doesn't want to believe that ANY American President is capable of treason. With all we've seen, heard, and read about, they are not only capable, but more than willing to do ANYTHING.

Brother Tim said...

Ditto what Wally said. ;)