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The Life and Secrets of Water: What are we doing?

The Life and Secrets of Water: Experts in the scientific communities as well as homeopathy and holistic sciences have proven the “Memory” of water; the carrying capacity of water for “energy,” and the ability of water to “remember”.

Experts realize that water retains information, even after the most stringent purification and filtration processes. This is termed the energy signature or vibrational imprint. The vibrational imprint of toxins (mercury, lead, chromium, etc.) can be picked up by the water molecule and are in turn passed on to living organisms. As you see from the pictures below, words, thoughts and sounds directly affect the water in your body and all living organisms.

How can the world ignore this knowledge and the importance of pure fresh water to all life and continue to selflessly destroy man and the planet.I would assume the increasing mining of oil sands is largely responsible for Canada's water problems. That said if this can happen to Canada which I always thought of as pure and close to the land how can the rest of the world be improving?

Clean Water Scarcity in Canada: Fresh water: Canada has more of it than almost any other country on earth. And it's accessible. According to the United Nations Development Program, over 99.8 percent of Canadians have access to pure drinking water and safe sanitation. But try telling that to Mike Gull.

"Our water smells like raw sewage right now," says Gull, head of the water treatment program at Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario. "It's very septic. … There's lots of bad stuff in here, lots of dead organic matter. Chief Connie Gray-McKay of Mishkeegogamang First Nation, 500 kilometers northwest of Thunder Bay, has similar concerns. "Our water smells like iron and magnesium. People have allergic reactions to it, and their laundry turns yellow."

In the weeks leading up to the U.N. observation of World Water Day (March 22), U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced a major achievement. Nearly 90 percent of the world's population now have access to clean drinking water, up from 76 percent a decade before. But the benefits of that water are still elusive for hundreds of millions.

Despite steps forward over the past few years, Sub-Saharan Africa "remains at the back of the queue" in terms of drinking water and sanitation, says George Yap, executive director of WaterCan, a Canadian NGO active in East Africa. He says access to drinking water goes hand in hand with access to improved sanitation and hygiene education, which is much less widespread. "We talk about drinking water, but we don't talk enough about sanitation," adds Anais Mourey of Coalition Eau, a French partnership of NGOs dedicated to increasing water access. "It's a taboo subject even though it's natural. … We all go to the toilet."

Yet we say everything water wise is looking up? UN says 2 bln more people get safe water to : More than 2 billion people have gained access to better drinking water sources, such as piped supplies and protected wells, between 1990 and 2010, U.N. officials said on Tuesday.

The figure means the world has met the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to halve the proportion of people with no safe drinking water well ahead of a 2015 deadline, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) said. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said this was "a great achievement for the people of the world" and noted it was one of the first MDGs to be met.

Clean water for the entire world an ambitious goal but thanks to man an impossible endeavor
Access to clean drinking water planetary wide projects: Boy are we in trouble

I must admit this is an enviable goal but thanks to man clean water for all is an impossible endeavor. It is much easier to bring water to all which in itself is impossible though over a year ago I wrote on the UN's declaration of clean water as a basic human right and its impossibility. Once again this is another issue getting worse every day not better.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 UN declares access to water a basic human right, man are we in trouble!

UN declares access to water a basic human right

We are grossly failing ourselves and the world and we won't even get into the worlds growing water wars! Please look at it though water wars are a rapidly growing world crisis

* In closing we are running out of potable water regardless of what they say and at the same time much of our chemicals we use to grow our food ends up in the ocean along with all our other debris.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

That's going to be a big problem for India. When Monsanto introduced GMO crops to the country the insects have become resistant. They now have to use more pesticides which is getting into the water and food supply. You would think we'd learn by our mistakes. Then there's fracking but I leave that for you for another post.