Friday, April 25, 2014

What Putin Is Costing Russia is their greatness

 What Putin Is Costing Russia:  New statistics from the Central Bank of Russia indicate that almost $51 billion in capital exited the country in the first quarter of 2014. The exodus, says financial website, is largely the result of investor jitters over Russia's intervention in Ukraine and subsequent annexation of Crimea.

President Putin is currently riding a surge of popularity at home, propelled in no small measure by his assertive moves in Ukraine. When tallied in mid-March by state polling group VTsIOM, Mr. Putin's approval stood at nearly 72%, a gain of almost 10 percentage points from earlier in the year.But the longer the crisis over Ukraine lasts, the higher the economic costs to Russia are likely to be.

Putin's goal for the last 10 years has been to steal an unprecedented 3rd term as President so he could reassert Russian greatness and lead the fight against US hegemony.

Bush and Cheney rubbed Russia's face in the fall of the USSR. Putin's goal from day one this time was to rebuild a new Russia. He has already said that not just Crimea but all of Ukraine will be part of the new Russia.

Putin is clandestinely pulling the strings so ha can have the excuse to take Ukraine. He is undermining any deals and attempts at unity and succeeding in blaming it on Ukraine. 

I remember heard when I heard the statue of Stalin who ruthlessly murdered millions of fellow Russians is being put back up in his home town of Gori Georgia.
We have not learned a god damn thing from the embarrassment we put Putin and Russia through in his first term or the fact that he stole a second Presidency to be at the helm during the ending of U.S. Hegemony. I mean look at the damn facts. 
Remember when Putin was rallying and uniting the world to take on Bush and his drive to dominate the world? Absolutely as the world's mayhem ensues amidst its drive to dominate as we move through the 21st century is Putin's only agenda. It is an old thought. I remember when term limits made him have to leave last time. There was immediate speculation as to him taking back the Presidency.

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