Monday, April 14, 2014

They do not call Orca's killer whales for nothing

California delays ban on orcas for year:A California legislative panel Tuesday put off action on a proposed ban on captive orcas, choosing to study the matter. Sea World Entertainment Inc., owner of the namesake theme parks, said it would seek damages if the measure is enacted. The shares rose the most since January.


"If you ban them, you buy them," said Scott Wetch, a lobbyist for Sea World, which is based in Orlando, Fla.The legislation, if enacted, would force the company to close its signature show in San Diego, one of three company parks in the United States with performing killer whales. BS!

They do not call Orca's killer whales for nothing.

Sea World justified in court endangering trainers working with the likes of Tillicum the killer whale a 3 time killer, now they are fighting OSHA's ruling against them.


SeaWorld challenges ban on whale-trainer contact

Theme parks, zoos and aquariums across the nation are casting a wary eye on a hearing in Florida as SeaWorld Orlando fights penalties it drew after a trainer was drowned by a killer whale. The Orlando Sentinel reports that SeaWorld is appealing a $75,000 fine, "but far more than a financial slap on the wrist is at stake for SeaWorld, a $1.2 billion-a-year business with namesake marine parks in Florida, California and Texas."

That particular whale has now killed three times. There is no way in hell It should still be active or SeaWorld justifying working so closely with killer whales or any wild animals. Sea world was at fault for the trainers death: Have some damn sense!

It's a frigging fish! Leave the fish alone! They should have held sea world libel for being idiots. I watched the video of her with the whale just prior and it blew me away. What the heck do they think? How did this not happen years ago? After I watched it I was livid and said to my wife that it was her fault, sea worlds fault for not knowing the nature of the beast they were working with. Her death is on their heads!

I listened to the sea world representative telling the public about the adjustments sea world implemented immediately at their three parks. I heard Jack Hannah hit the problem but not the way he should have so the problem was not addressed.

He said he was not sure what Tillicum the orca was thinking but I damn well do. In the final analysis you always want to walk in another mans shoes to experience how he thinks and feels the way he does. It is extremely critical and as you see detrimental to your well being if you do not do that with wild animals which this 12000 pound killer whale is.

Most of you fish or have fished. You know how to get them to attack your hook. Lure him, wiggle a worm in front of them and he will grab it. That was not an attack that was an orca doing what comes natural to them. I watched the tape of trainer Dawn Bronchia feeding Tillicum just before the incident. My first thought was no wonder he grabbed her pony tail, it was a tease.

I heard the spokesman say there are no plans to ban pony tails or set limits on hair length but they better put themselves in a killer whales position and revisit that decision or this is going to happen again.

Former trainer said mistake triggered orca attack It was scary watching her wave that pony tail in his face and hug him before he grabbed her. He's a frigging fish damn it! I hope at the very least they are smart enough to keep those people out of the tank with them.

They better have smartened up! Just remember what they have yet to employ, ENGAGE BRAIN! I do have to say I watched that show 10 years ago and it made me nervous. Also if a dog or anything else killed a person they put it down. I disagree with using that Orca any more and firmly believe he should be put back out to sea to fend for himself!

I should not be surprised but I do not believe SeaWorld is really sad for Dawn's death and only worried about endangering their $1.2 billion dollar profit and that banning working closely with killer whales will lead to wider bans in their parks and in other zoos and parks around the world. Sea World dropped the ball and there is no way people should be allowed that close and it should be allowed to justify more important profits.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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