Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Support for marijuana legalization growing, advocates say

 Support for marijuana legalization growing, advocates say:  "We're encouraged and more convinced than ever that we will eventually prevail," said David Sloane, a spokesman for DFW Norml, a North Texas group that promotes marijuana legalization. "Prohibition is far more harmful to our communities than marijuana ever will be, and taxpayers are sick of their money being used to support failed drug war policy." 


 Wooldridge, a former Keller resident who lives in Washington, D.C., helped found LEAP in 2003. Wooldridge said he expects other states to move forward with ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana during the next election cycle. A former police officer who worked in Michigan for more than 18 years, Woolridge said some police officers believe continued marijuana prohibition takes resources away from pursuing dangerous criminals while helping fuel a growing drug war south of the border.

Kill the growing drug violence on the Mexico US border, change the US forever, think about it! Legalize marijuana at least then follow with the rest, maybe! That would kill much of the incentive for Cartels to be waging a war on drugs and save us Billions and free up millions of wasted man hours. Yes there is cocaine heroine and other drugs but marijuana is America's number one cash crop too! That blew me away.

According to official Government figures The value of the annual harvest exceeds that of corn, soybeans, or hay, the country's top three legal cash crops with an annual crop value of $35 Billion. There have been an estimated 100 million pot plants destroyed between 1981 and 2006 yet production has still increased 10 fold to 22 million pounds!    Marijuana is the countries number one cash crop Yes it is time to legalize and put this wasted war against pot behind us.

While California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, and Washington are the top producing states, pot is the top cash crop in 12 states and among the top three in 30 states. "There is a lot of demand for marijuana in the US, and it's only natural that production would increase here,"Marijuana is the countries number one cash crop, legalize it nation wide and collect the much needed taxes.

"This is a monumental step forward," Dale Gieringer, an Oakland resident and marijuana activist said. The measure, which pitted small and midsized "gardeners" against larger producers, initially allows the large farms to sell only to medical marijuana dispensaries Gettman told Drug War Chronicle. California is right to legalize it and capture the tax dollars. I just love it, imagine this country wide. This could reinvent America!

With our 100 year drug war and guns being purchased here and sent to Mexico then drugs being sent here feeding this drug war. This has not spilled over from Mexico it has spilled over from the US. I reiterate: eastern California, southern Arizona and New Mexico are clamping down and National Guard troops are being requested!

We keep hearing that Mexico's war on drugs is spilling over into the US. We have been fighting a self professed war on Drugs for one hundred years! I wish someone would be able to figure out at what cost. It seems to me that the drug war has spilled over the Border with Mexico. However it went north to south. It is our drug war that has spilled into Mexico. It is us that have made Mexico the narco State it is.

I do believe we should at least put American military on the border and do not really understand why it is not. That would go a long way in stopping the problem so I do not understand why they are not on the Border unless it is because a certain political interest still does not want the border secured to enable illegal immigration? Why else? A desire to keep this war going? For gain? of what?

I do believe we can end this! Put our National Guard on the Border in shifts! After I got out of the military I joined the reserves. I do not know how it works today because our troops are flat out. Besides one week end a month we use to be required to do 2 weeks as a unit somewhere to train. With 50 States they could all do their required 2 weeks on the border doing one thing or the other. The other half of the equation:

Legalize marijuana, follow California's example, secure the border! Just imagine what it would be if it was legalized. Regulate it like alcohol, sell it in package stores! Tax it! Look at the potential revenue. Legalizing marijuana would end a hell of a lot of problems and create exactly zero! Think about it!

The number one abused drug in the world is legal, Alcohol! It destroys numerous lives! What sane argument is there against legalization? None, none whatsoever! All we are doing with this insane war on drugs is driving people and not just kids to experiment and find a legal way to get high with common household products. We are only making the problem exponentially worse. END IT! LEGALIZE! All States!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

As you may have known our state just legalized pot. But there's a few flies in the ointment with the passage of that referendum. First off the state has no idea as to how to produce regulate and distribute pot legally. No other state has done that yet other than the medical variety.
I looked into the currently passed state laws on this issue. That too presents a problem. It is now legal to posses pot in quantities up to an ounce however it is still illegal to sell or even give it away for free. In addition to that pot still remains illegal on the federal level. That should present some interesting problems when the state opens up its' first pot stores and the DEA comes by to close them down. The federal authorities here have said as much when this passed.

Now I'm not one to pee on somebody's parade. I could care less what they do in the comfort of their own homes, but the pot we have these days is nothing like the days of old. Then there is the issue of driving under the influence which could get quite costly as it involves blood tests and some type of standards and limits. Gives new meaning to that little ditty "One toke over the line."

Lastly it's a sad fact that Johnny can't read or do basic math these days. And even though the required minimum age for the purchase of pot is 21, you know this will easily filter down into the high schools and below as kids sneak a joint or two from the old mans' stash. So I think making it more easily accessible is not necessarily a good thing. We may eliminate some of the problems with legalization but then we'll create even more in the long run. I'd sure hate to think that the surgeon operating on me had just smoked a big doobie before the procedure spaced it out and left his cutting tools inside me.

So until the feds decide to change their minds on the issue I say decriminalize it but don't legalize it.

an average patriot said...

Hey Demeur! Sadly I can never see the Fed changing their minds on pot.

There is no sane and practical reason for its illegality but acting insanely never stopped them b4.

I have to tell you, from the level of society I come from I do not think I ever knew one person who did not try it. About 95% smoked as kids and most still do.

Funny most of the pot heads do not drink or smoke cigarettes. As for driving high I also know no one that did not.

I think the roads are more of a danger due to driving legally impaired due to prescription drugs and other legal methods.

Trust me, I have never heard of a person overdosing on pot, if you have let me know. I also never met the person cop or not who could not smell pot in a car even hours after it was smoked or on a person.

You are right there are a lot of problems to be worked out but they can do it. Personally I would like to see hemp legalized as it would put industry as we know it out of business and they know it that is why even though George Washington grew it and when the colonies were first settled the first law passed everyone must grow it, in our infinite lack of wisdom it is now illegal.

We have a lot to work out and could but due to lack of the ability to do the right thing setting ones own feelings aside it will never get done. Alas!

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